Jingle & Mingle 2023

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❄️🎄❄️ Meet 14 Festive Podcasters 🎄❄️🎄

Watch the replay and meet 14 of our festive podcasters. Check out their podcasts to be inspired and get connected. Hosts Jennifer Henczel and Angela Feser welcome entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, and creators of all kinds to this fun annual community event.

Transcript & Links

[00:00:00] Jennifer Henczel, Founder of Women in Podcasting Network: Welcome everyone to our annual jingle mingle hosted by myself, Jennifer Henczel and my sister in life and business, Angela Fezer. If you missed our 12 days of giveaways, we have 24 gifts to help you level up your life and boost your business. You can still get in on those for a few more days at.

[00:00:18] Elevating.biz or SocialBlissBlueprint.com. Now let’s put on our holiday hats and see you in the party.

[00:00:32] Welcome everyone. My name is Jennifer Henczel and I’m a podcaster, author, and founder of the women in podcasting network and elevating leaders club, and I help others with monetizing their message and generating extra income. From their expertise for more impact and influence. My mission is to elevate women’s and people’s voices everywhere and their stories.

[00:00:53] So I love creating opportunities for people to connect and collaborate in meaningful ways. So thank you all for being here. It [00:01:00] really means a lot to Angela and I and my co host is Angela. Say hi.

Angela Feser, Social Bliss Blueprint Club: Hi everyone, Angela Faser. I’m a digital content creator and social media manager. I own Social Bliss Blueprint and the Social Bliss Content Club, and I help business owners online create communities and engaging with engaging content.

[00:01:20] Uh, you can find me at socialblissblueprint. com. Yes, and who, who’s here who’s been in the 12 days of giveaways that we’ve been doing? Yeah, so some of you have been doing that. Great. Yeah. So if you haven’t been doing that, you can go to either of our websites and find those. We actually decided it was going to end today, but we decided to keep it up through the weekend.

[00:01:40] So we have actually 24 gifts all together that you can download. They’re all up there now because we had 12 days ending with today where we were adding gifts every day. So if you haven’t grabbed those, go to either of our website and Angela is going to post those links in the chat for you to grab those.

[00:01:58] Angela and I also have created a [00:02:00] masterclass to help you magnetize and monetize your message or your podcast or whatever you’re doing that you’re up to your business. And so we’ve created a masterclass that’s free to watch and you can go and grab that as well. Angela is going to add the link to that as well.

[00:02:14] We’ll put all our websites in there. You can find me at elevating. biz and Angela is at socialblissblueprint. com. We have some quick housekeeping notes that we’ll get through and then each of you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us about you. I’m just so excited to connect with each of you.

[00:02:32] I appreciate every single one of you from the various communities that you’re coming in from the Women on Podcasting Network and the Elevating Leaders Club. So thank you so much for being here and for all the connection and collaboration that we’ve done over the last year. Many of you, I see so many familiar faces.

[00:02:47] We’ve done lots of collaborations over the last few months and I really appreciate it. Each one of you. So if you’re new to this and you want to brush up on your, on your pitch, on your elevator pitch, we do have a free masterclass. Did anybody watch the free [00:03:00] masterclass? So if you’re missing that, you can check that out.

[00:03:05] Angela is going to add the link in the chat if you want to look at that. If you just want to look at the checklist, if you haven’t seen that before, it gives you a nice, you know, a flow of how to do your introduction or your elevator pitch if you’ve never worked on that before. You know, we welcome everyone here, whether you’re a newbie or a long time seasoned pro, we welcome everyone.

[00:03:24] So don’t be nervous if this is your first time or you’ve never done an introduction before, that’s okay. That’s okay. Everybody’s welcome. You don’t have to be, it’s not about being perfect. It’s just about being concise so that you can write down your words and then say them in a way that’s going to be most authentically you, right?

[00:03:42] Because when you have a little bit of time to think about it, then it helps you to prepare. So that’s just a tool to help you with not only this meeting, but you can use that skill in all the networking and meetings you do in the future. And so we’re also going to have an order to the people that we bring up to do their introductions.

[00:03:59] So when you’re [00:04:00] ready. To do your intro, we’ll have the elevating leaders club and the social bliss blueprint club. People come up first. So if you’re in either of those clubs, then you can raise your hand and we’ll have you come up and do your introduction first. If we don’t have anybody from that, then we will go to the women and podcasting network.

[00:04:18] So if anybody here is a women and podcasting VIP club member. Elevating leaders club is 27 a month, and you get access to all of my most popular Canva templates to use my workbooks with your own clients. You can put your name on it. You can do all your own branding, your logos and things like that. And then you can use those with your own clients.

[00:04:37] So it saves you time. I have a background in curriculum development. So all of the things I’ve created are professionally designed and professionally created from an adult education perspective. And so I help you to, um, you know, Accelerate your process and getting programs together and working with your clients.

[00:04:54] So that’s $27 a month. That’s Elevating Leaders Club. And then I also have the Women in Podcasting Network and that’s $7 a month. And so if we have any of those people here, then raise your hand first and you’ll come up and do your introduction. Yeah. Jennifer Quick, of course, come on up. So I talk a lot. I might as well start.

[00:05:14] Jennifer Quick: Yeah, I’m part of the Elevating Leaders Club and Women in Podcasting Network. I just joined that. So I’m really excited. I’ve watched you from, well, you know, we go way back. So I’m really excited to be part of it this year. I am Jennifer quick and I’m a soul clarity coaching. I help people make sense out of all their emotions, their thoughts, their spirituality, their past lives, their current lives, where they want to go, their visionaries, everything cosmic.

[00:05:42] That’s me. Um, I work with the Akashic Records. I work with healing modalities. Um, I work in activating karma and, or, Healing Karma, activating Dharma, and um, all those type of things, but I also ground them into a really practical way of living in [00:06:00] our physical world. So that’s who I am, and uh, this, I just want to do this coming year, I’m looking to be a podcast guest, and hopefully in January I’m also going to start my own little podcast.

[00:06:13] Thank you so much for being here. That’s wonderful. Yeah. And Jennifer Quick is an awesome guest and speaker. I’ve seen her speak many times. She’s absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for a guest, I highly recommend Jennifer Quick. We’re both from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. So that’s how I know Jennifer, through local networking and now online networking.

[00:06:32] So thank you so much for being a member and for being here. And Jennifer’s trained me on a lot of different things. So, um, Awesome. Thank you. So up next, Fatima, come on up.

[00:06:57] Fatima Bey: Good morning, everyone. So I’m Fatima Bey. I’m in upstate New York, um, and I’m a podcaster. I am also a guest. Um, my podcast, I’m a mind shift coach is what I do. And, one of my subjects is teens. [00:07:00] So my podcast is for teens and the adults who work with them. And my podcast works at bridging the very large gap between adults and teens. And I’m really enjoying the journey. So where can people find you, Fatima? What’s, what’s your website address? Uh, Fatimabey.com, it’s my name.

[00:07:18] fatimabey.com/podcast. Also, slash podcast is, is if you want to go to my podcast page. But I actually do a whole lot more than that. Um, you can see that if you go to my website. Um, yeah, and I have a YouTube channel. And I, I do a lot of other things with it. But that’s the main thing as far as the podcast goes.

[00:07:39] Jennifer Henczel: Oh, that’s great. And, and so we have chats in the Women in Podcasting group on Facebook. We have about 10, 000 members in there and we have chats that go and Fatima is really active in there. And the number of people have said how great of a guest you are, Fatima. So if you’re looking for a guest, another great guest here, Fatima, and you know, Jennifer quick, I forgot to ask you your link.

[00:07:59] So if at the [00:08:00] end, if everybody could tell us where people can find you.

Jennifer Quick: Do you want me to? Okay, I can drop it now. Um, it’s easy. There’s two. There’s jenniferquick.com or soulclarity. ca.

Okay, great. T. R. Garland, come on up. I’m so glad to meet you face to face because we’ve been connecting through email.

[00:08:17] T R Garland: There was an unexpected event last week that kind of caused us to postpone our one on one. However, I am just thankful for the invitation to play and participate in your world, um, for everybody’s. Benefit of just kind of hearing the background. I’ve recently been recruited to step into the role of editor in chief for podcast magazine.

[00:08:39] And my sole role is to curate content, cultivate community and create conversations between professionals who podcast talking about podcast hosts, podcast guests and other professionals that are curious about the power of podcasting. So I’m here. Simply to experience Jennifer’s [00:09:00] experience.

Yeah. And we’ve been collaborating with podcast magazine for a long time, the women in podcasting network, and we just love it.

[00:09:07] I’ve advertised in there a few times I’ve been featured in the magazine. And it’s a really great public publication, very high quality. And so thank you so much for being here and for supporting women in podcasting. The podcast magazine has always supported women in podcasting. So thank you. All right.

[00:09:23] Who else is a member of one of our clubs or networks? Paid member, yes. Come on up. Tell us about you and your podcast if you have one.

I’m Mischelle ONeal and actually I had been a part of one of your What one of the group the group and, um, I rejoined so I’m excited about that. And I’m inside your groups to in the chat chat groups.

[00:09:49] So, um, it’s a great community to be a part of. I really enjoy the 2 of you and and being in there. I love the way you police your, [00:10:00] your chats. I know, I know it sounds weird, but I love that you do that because you keep everyone honest. Oh, thank you. Yeah. We want podcasters to connect with other podcasters and expert guests.

[00:10:13] That’s the focus. So thank you for that. Yeah. So tell us all about you. I am an emotional wellness coach and, um, a life coach certified life coach. My name is Michelle O’Neill and I work with, if you have heard the term before the sandwich generation. And what that is, is I work with women who are in the workforce.

[00:10:33] They have possibly, uh, teens or preteens, uh, because of their age between 40 and 59 and they unexpectedly are now thrown into taking care of an aging loved one. And so they’re wearing 4 hats, you know, it’s it’s family. It’s kids is work. And as your elderly parent, and so, um, I helped them prepare. I helped them prepare for the journey ahead, you know, [00:11:00] understanding boundaries and self care and understanding, you know, how to be resilient and how to be emotionally fit.

[00:11:08] So that as you move through the journey, because most times it doesn’t go away quickly. It’s just a process that you have to live through or go through and then how to deal with it gracefully. And I just think it’s so important. I, you know, people ask, why will I do it? I love kids and I love the elderly.

[00:11:28] I just don’t have the skills. It takes special people to be able to take care of our kids and our elderly and I have kids. And so I love supporting those who have those special skills and, and that special personality to take care of those that we love. Oh, that’s so amazing. So are you, are you, do you have a podcast or are you, I do have a podcast, the caring corner, um, which I, I’m always giving tips.

[00:11:57] And 1 of my favorite things is to give [00:12:00] tech tips because we don’t understand it’s how do we use the technology that’s out there today to help us be more efficient and then help our elderly to simple things like, uh, medicine, being able to take care of your medicine and, and things like that. But, And how to make it simple.

[00:12:21] You know, for your mom or your dad where they’re not beating the phone or, you know, it’s, it’s funny when you watch them, you know, they beat the phone and you’re like, mom, just, just touch it is touch it. It’s okay. You know, so, you know, I, I love just talking about all those things, but I’m also looking to be, uh, a guest.

[00:12:41] You know, to, to sing the, the wonderfulness of my audience, you know, to everyone to understand just what they’re going through and how important and to help them. And so for guests, what I look for are people who have [00:13:00] expertise in the areas that I don’t, but can help. My people like financial. I’m not a financial person.

[00:13:05] So I look lawyers, you know, all that is a part of that journey, you know, that you go through. And so someone was talking recently about kids. Who was it? It said they take care of kids. Yeah. One of our other people. I still have kids at home. I thought it was Fatima, but it was, I thought someone was talking about that, that they take teens, that they take care of teens.

[00:13:27] It was, I thought, because that’s the age group that my women usually deal with. And so I’m like, just think about this. How do you get your team to understand what their grandmother or grandfather is going through? Were you married that were there a part of the caregiving process? Yeah, so where can people find you?

[00:13:50] You can find me on meet MischelleONeal.com. So it’s just a matter of spelling my name correctly, which is not easy, but . [00:14:00] Yeah. Feel free to put your link. This is not O’Neill dot com. Okay, perfect. So feel free to put your link in the, in the chat. Okay, and everybody’s welcome to do that so that everybody can see where they can connect with you, either whether you want to be a guest or to be a guest on your podcast or to listen to your podcast, feel free to put all your links in the chat.

[00:14:20] Who is up next? Who else is a member of any of our clubs or networks? No, okay. How about if we have Lucy and Alex come up next? How you guys doing?

Lucy and Alex: My name, my name is Alex and we do a podcast called Daddy Daughter Bookworms. Uh, it’s, it’s geared towards kindergarten on up. She is a third grader who reads and we do book reviews.

[00:14:47] A lot. And we just, we’re supposed to be podcasting right now, but we’d rather be with you folks because I wanted to show her how other podcasters work, um, on my real job, because I have [00:15:00] to sponsor this podcast. I, I, uh, own my own safety company. It’s called care first training group, and we teach parents professionals on how to save a life.

[00:15:10] I have about, I have two other podcasts. One’s a movie podcast or a show podcast. And then I have daddy daughter, and I’ve also guessed it on health and safety type things. Um, I’ll put the thing in the chat if you need to get my contact information. It’s carefirstcpr. com or daddydaughterbookworms.com. And, you know, we’re just, uh, hopefully the profits will go to some college fund, because We got nothing right now.

[00:15:38] So, uh, I know I have a friend down there and Paula and one of the other things I did want to mention. I’m one of the moderators. If you guys are on clubhouse. For the morning podcast chat, as well as at nine o’clock. I’m the main host with Cynthia on the evening podcast chat. I know I took too much longer.

[00:15:56] So sorry. Oh, that’s okay. We didn’t have as many show up as what [00:16:00] RSVP’d in the event. So we have a couple more minutes time for everybody. So that is amazing. So Lucy, can I ask you, do you enjoy podcasting, Lucy? Yes. That’s great. Good for you. But I’m very busy. She’s a very busy girl. Very busy. That’s the problem.

[00:16:17] We’re a little too busy. We’re dealing with times tables right now, so it’s a little bit harder than that, than reading and reviewing, but we try to get it done. Yeah. Yeah. What’s your favorite book, Lucy? What’s your favorite book right now? Owl Diaries. Even though I finished the whole series. Owl Diaries is one of her favorites.

[00:16:37] And we haven’t reviewed those yet, but. We, we’re going to be doing Christmas episode this weekend and we’ve done Halloween. So we’re just trying to keep it going. Well, Lucy, you’re an inspiration and welcome to the podcasting community. Thank you. You’re welcome. That’s amazing. That is amazing. Okay. Who wants to come up?[00:17:00]

[00:17:00] That’s pretty cool. Isn’t that cool? Who wants to come up next?

Dr. Alexia Meller: Yes. Hi, I’m Dr. Alexia Meller and I am the host of the new podcast, Mystic Dog Mama, which is a podcast for soul led dog mamas, where you’ll discover how to best nourish your dog. And yourself, mind, body, and soul. And I am a Reiki master and an aspiring canine nutrition professional and animal communicator.

[00:17:31] And so one of the missions that I have is to help women who are walking the spiritual path with their dogs, deal with the practical and esoteric aspects of that through learning how to best nourish themselves and their dogs. Oh, wow. That’s so interesting. Well, welcome. And I’ve seen you start to post in the women in podcasting group.

[00:17:52] So good for you. Looks amazing. Really good job. Thank you. I just launched my first episode last week and the second episode is [00:18:00] coming out tomorrow. So very brand new. And if anyone wants to connect with me, you can find me on Instagram at mystic dog mama and I’ll leave the handle in the chat. Oh, well, congratulations on starting your podcast, and I bet you and Jennifer Quick could have a few things to talk about.

[00:18:15] Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. Thanks for hosting this too. It’s really fun to meet up with other people because it can be, despite the fact that we’re putting everything out online and connecting with so many people, when you’re doing it yourself, it can be kind of isolating. So it’s nice to have that opportunity.

[00:18:30] So for that. Yes, totally. Absolutely. That’s why I did it. That’s why I did it. I It’s selfish. I wanted to connect with all of you. So Yeah. Okay. Who wants to come up next? Paula. Paula, did I see you raise your hand? Yes, but I also saw Anna Anna Lyons, her hand was up before me. Oh, okay. We’ll have Ann next.

[00:18:56] Paula: Hi everybody. My name is Paula. I’m the host of Talk Shit with P. It started as a safe space for people to talk their shit, uh, including mental health. I’m a mental health advocate because of battery depression and my podcast started because of my battle with depression during COVID.

[00:19:18] And then as it was, as I was growing and loving the world I’m in and attending Podfest and being in women podcasting, like all these communities that help you see how podcasting is amazing media. I shifted the gear, changed my logo. And turned my podcast into a creative journey, a place where people come and share their creative journeys and their battle with mental health because we know why you’re going to this creative journey, building something it does train your mental health, especially when it comes to support and being committed and just finding the right people to To share this journey with.

[00:19:58] So I wanted to have that space, my podcast to be that space so people can come and share their journeys. So somebody out there who’s feeling lonely or doesn’t know how to get into this journey or they feel like they need to have a lot of money to find themselves in this journey can understand that you can start it anywhere, anytime, no matter the age, no matter the financial.

[00:20:19] And there are people out there who I’ve been through those struggles and I keep pushing and there are communities for you to belong to so. And I’m available anywhere on social media and any platform as TalkShare would be. Oh, that’s amazing. And you’ve been doing this for quite a while.

[00:20:38] You’ve been in the women in podcasting group for a long time now. So how long have you been podcasting? Um, it will be four years next year during COVID. Uh, but I have a different plan for next year. I’m gonna. step back as I’m writing my book and it should be coming out next year. So I have some backend things I want to clear before I get back into podcasting, but I’ll be doing a lot of [00:21:00] lives.

[00:21:00] On YouTube and IGs and then, uh, I’ll get back to podcasting. So, you know, anybody who wants to chop it up on IG Live or YouTube, you know, hit me up. I’m looking for people to do lives with next year, so. Well, you can always broadcast your lives through your podcast too. Yeah, so that’s the plan because I don’t want to, because I normally pre record and do them in seasons.

[00:21:22] And, um, The process has kind of been draining me because it reaches a point where I really don’t want to deal with social media. So the purpose is to do the lives and then I just, they’ll be broadcasted and then just take the audio and put it in the, uh, Spotify, Apple and whatever without really bothering much on the promotion side since I was live.

[00:21:44] Yeah, that’s online. Oh, that’s great. Well, it’s so nice to meet you face to face because we’ve been connecting through the group for quite some time now. Yes. Thank you for having this. Thank you for sharing this space and y’all with your hats and Christmas. Y’all look amazing. I love the spirit. [00:22:00] Awesome.

[00:22:00] Thank you so much. So Anne, come on up and tell us about you.

Anne Lyons: Oh, hi! Thank you so much for organizing this. Um, Um, my name’s Anne Lyons. I’m from Gundaroo, which is a little village just outside of Canberra in Australia, the capital of Australia. And I’m a mindset mentor and an executive coach. And I work in the leadership space.

[00:22:21] And, uh, what I do is I work with, um, overworked, tired CEOs and senior execs, and I help them to de stress, work. a day less a week or 10 hours less a week. And then I also try and help them, uh, work with them to get their drive and, and their passion back with the work that they do. Um, so that’s, that’s me in a nutshell.

[00:22:43] And I, um, I run a range of goals clubs as well for women, um, senior managers, women, senior managers in mainly in Australia at the moment. Um, but my, my other work is international and I’m looking at. Um, becoming a podcast guest [00:23:00] this year. That’s my, that’s my goal. One of my goals that I’m setting myself for 2024.

[00:23:04] So, and I really enjoy the community. I’m part of your women in podcasting community. And I, I haven’t sort of dipped my toe in yet, but I keep reading the chat and stuff. So that’s me.

That’s awesome. Thank you for being here. What time is it there now? Uh, it is 10 30 in the morning on Saturday. Oh, okay.

[00:23:23] Okay. Yeah. So it’s, it was actually quite a good time sometimes between the U S and America. And it’s, it’s not always good, but yeah, it’s, it’s pretty convenient actually. That’s great. That’s good. Well, yeah, it’s three o’clock. Well, just after three here in, um, in the Vancouver BC, Canada area. And then my sister is back.

[00:23:43] So Angela and I are sisters. I don’t know if we mentioned that. Yeah. And so Angela is back east. And so she’s on Eastern Time. And what is it there, 630 Ange? Yeah, so it’s 3. 30 here, 6. 30 there. It’s 6. 30, yeah. It’s a good time across, I think, yeah. So, [00:24:00] um, we’re just a day ahead, that’s all. In, in the future.

[00:24:05] Yeah, that’s right, exactly. That’s great. Well, thanks for sharing about you, and I’m sure, There will be a ton of guesting opportunities for you and especially through the group. And I don’t know if you’ve joined the network yet, but inside the women and podcasting network, which is just 7 a month, we have a huge package to help people get guesting gigs.

[00:24:24] So we have all the letters and all the ways to connect and you know, all the information you needed. We have a whole course on it. So if you’re interested in that, you can find our membership at womenandpodcasting. net. Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. So who else would like to come up? Who’s, yes, Julie. Thank you for having me.

[00:24:43] Julie Marty-Pearson: I am Julie Marty-Pearson coming to you from central California. I am a podcaster and a coach with my podcast, the story of my pet. I interview pet parents from all over the world. And we talk about the importance and our love for our [00:25:00] pets. And. Um, we advocate for animal rescue, fostering, adoption, and volunteering.

[00:25:07] So that’s really my passion project that got me into podcasting. And now I love it so much. I’m getting ready to start a second podcast and you can find me at juliemartypearson.com and the podcast at thestoryofmypetpodcast.com. Okay. Janine, come on up. Hi everyone. It’s, uh, it’s great to be here to jingle and mingle and hopefully I’m.

[00:25:30] Jeanine Lebsack: My name is Jeanine Lebsack and I am Canadian and I see some fellow Canadians here, so that’s awesome. Good to see. And, uh, I think it’s really important that as Canadians that we, we represent. Our podcast, because we can just kind of get lost in, in the sea of, uh, international podcasts.

[00:25:57] So, um, I work in [00:26:00] childhood disability research and I also am a freelance writer. And I started my podcast and stopped my podcast and started it and stopped it more times than I can count, um, yet, going into the new year. That is my, my, uh, my intention to be consistent with it. Uh, it brings me a lot of joy and it’s called House of a Writer.

[00:26:25] And I’m currently, you know, just basically talking to myself and, but I look forward to, uh, interviewing, uh, people in the new year. And basically, I started House of a Writer because I really feel that the impact of our lived experiences. And, and our life stories can really impact others in, in ways that, you know, we don’t, we don’t always know about, but yet, you know, through the sound waves, you know, there’s, there’s always connections.

[00:26:59] So, [00:27:00] uh, you can find me at my, at my website, it’s a house of writer. com. And I’m also on Instagram at healing Janine, and I’ll put those in the chat. And, uh, I. mostly broadcast on Spotify. I, I know I pop up in other podcast platforms, but that’s, that’s usually where you can find me consistently. Oh, fantastic.

[00:27:26] Thank you for having me. Oh, you’re welcome.

Thanks for being here. Yeah, so I just love the podcasting community so much. It is so friendly. And if any of you have been to PodFest or any of the conferences, you know, the community, podcasting is what connects everybody, no matter where people are on certain issues, podcasting brings everybody together.

[00:27:46] And I can tell you, the people I’ve met, it’s really enriched my life. And one of the people that I’ve met that’s really, really modeled Community to me is Whitney Wiley and Whitney Wiley is here with us today. So Whitney, come up [00:28:00] and introduce yourself.

Whitney Wiley: Thank you, Jennifer. Hi, everyone. I’m Whitney Wiley.

[00:28:06] I’m from Sacramento. Hi, Michelle, from Sacramento, California. And I have currently two podcasts, one relaunching someone mentioning starting and stopping and I’ve started and stopped Uh, one, a couple of times, but, um, I am an organizational leadership and employee development strategist. I work primarily, uh, now sort of in a transition phase with, uh, female lawyers, helping them to make transitions in their careers, moving up the corporate ladder for in house lawyers, and then others who are leaving.

[00:28:51] Law for big law practice and corporate and starting their own law firms, which I am having the most [00:29:00] It’s exciting time doing that work, um, and helping people to do work their way, right? That you don’t have to practice law the way that it’s traditionally been practiced. So I am, my podcasts are Life Lemons and Lemon Drops.

[00:29:19] is one that I co host with my sister, Greer, and it’s a podcast that’s filled with practical advice, inspiration, and insights that is intended to help you overcome challenges to grow personally and professionally and become the best version of yourself. Um, we. We have been doing this since August of 2020, so a little over three years now.

[00:29:47] Um, the other podcast that I have that’s actively going, and Lemon Drops, we call it Lemon Drops, is on all the major platforms. The other [00:30:00] one that I’m actively doing, I have a co host named Robert Hilliard, it’s called, um, The State of Leadership, Simple and Beyond, and it’s a leadership podcast that we do on LinkedIn.

[00:30:14] As a LinkedIn live. It’s also available on YouTube and and one of my Facebook groups. And we’re talking about all things leadership. So we read books, we’re talking about bad leaders who are in the news, we talked about good leaders, but They don’t tend to be in the news as much as a bad leader, but we talk about the leadership principles and what not to do so you can be a better leader.

[00:30:40] And then the third podcast is called Love Your Work and the plan is to bring that back in the new year. And I interview guests on there who do work that they love. So both entrepreneurs and employees talk about their work journeys and how they have [00:31:00] come to do work that they actually love. And so the recurring theme through all of the podcasts is that I love talking to people about.

[00:31:10] The life, their, their lives, the lessons, the challenges they’ve overcome, the lessons they’ve learned and what they can share with other people to help them be better on their life’s journey. So, um, I will put my, uh, contact information in the chat, but generally you can find me on LinkedIn, uh, you know, the LinkedIn stuff slash Whitney Wiley.

[00:31:38] Thank you, Jennifer. Amazing. Thank you. And when we first launched the Women in Podcasting Network, we had a hundred people sign up within 10 days, which was amazing. And now we, we stay, usually stay around about 200 members, paid members. And Whitney was one of the first members. So thank you for being a long time member of the Women in Podcasting group and network.

[00:31:59] [00:32:00] And um, yeah, I just appreciate all the members. So up next, Stephanie, come up and tell us about you.

Stephanie Roberts: Hello. Thank you for having me. Yes. I’m Stephanie Roberts. for joining us. Steph, I have two podcasts actually, so I have, they’re both for women in transition. One is The Audacious Life, and that one is for women who are getting out of, or trying to get out of and break free from emotionally abusive and controlling relationships, so.

[00:32:28] Narcissistic relationships. I started that podcast eight or nine years ago before narcissism was what it is today. Um, and still working with those women. Um, that podcast led to my other podcast called Audacious Mamas. And that one is for those same women. So I found out I was interviewing entrepreneurial.

[00:32:49] Mom’s who were like, Hey, I could be on your other podcast because they became entrepreneurs to have a sense of agency in their lives, which I never [00:33:00] expected to be there in any overlap. I had left my job at M. I. T. And I was like, Okay, I need I need to do something a little lighter than my podcast. And when I was interviewing all these women about business and entrepreneurial pursuits this came up.

[00:33:15] So that’s me. So it’s audaciousmamas.com and The Audacious Life. Those are the two podcasts. Great. Thank you so much. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Yeah.

Jennifer Henczel: Did I miss anybody? I think I got everybody right. Has everybody done their intro? Yep. Yeah. So we have a few minutes left. I’m just wondering if any of you want to comment about what podcasting has meant to you and how it’s changed your life or, you know, really helped you in your business or different.

[00:33:44] Parts of your life and things like that. Anybody have thoughts or comments like that?

Fatima: I always have something to say Fatima yeah, I so, um, I only started my podcast in August actually, but People seem to think that I’ve been doing it for a long time when [00:34:00] I when I talk to them, which is great That means I’m doing things right, but I I’ve enjoyed it because I started off with an idea Um, and my objective hasn’t changed, but how I go about it and how I’m selecting guests has definitely changed.

[00:34:17] Um, and that just comes to experience, you know, and I’ve, I’ve learned a while ago that, um, nothing is perfect when you 1st start, and we shouldn’t expect that. So, I know that when you start something new, there’s always going to be bumps in the road. There’s going to be something to learn. So I’m grateful for what I have learned and it’s allowed me to to be far more selective with who I want on and what.

[00:34:38] What my goals are with those. So, um, I’m grateful for that, but I’m really grateful for a lot of the people that I connected with that I would otherwise never meet. I’m making friends, um, and I don’t make, you know, I’m very friendly. So I’m friendly with everybody, but I don’t make like friends, friends easily.

[00:34:54] I don’t let people in my, my friendship circle too easily, um, just out [00:35:00] of wisdom, but I’m finding that I’m meeting a lot of people and it’s, it’s awesome. But here’s the thing that I didn’t expect. I’m finding that. Okay. Okay. Um, I have a podcast for, for the audience, but I am finding that it’s being, some of the episodes are healing, soothing, and I’m not sure what other synonym to use there for the guests.

[00:35:27] I’m having connections with the guests where they’re blessing me and I’m blessing them off air. So for me, it’s not just about the on air presentation is about making those connections where I’m making a difference in people’s lives and they’re telling me that. And some of them are making a difference for me as well.

[00:35:44] So that to me is the most beautiful thing.

Yeah. That’s amazing. For me, it’s the connections too. And you know, when I started our podcast, we, my husband and I, we have another podcast too called the inspiring influencer show. And it was based out of his, I don’t know if any of, you [00:36:00] know, he had a near death accident.

[00:36:01] And so that’s kind of what started our podcasting journey and everything. He’s done a Ted talk about it and written a book about it. So I won’t tell you the whole story, but, um, but that started that podcast. And so we were doing it every week and it was too much. And so one thing I found is people feel guilty.

[00:36:17] If they don’t keep up with the schedule, they first thought, but I, I really try to tell people, you know, go with what works for your lifestyle and your business. If you’re really just trying to use your podcast to make money, you do have to do it regularly and consistently, of course, but we found. That now we do it with, um, through with seasons or in batches as far as collaborations or topics.

[00:36:40] So, for example, we just did in the Women of Podcasting Network on the Women of Podcasting Show. We just did a whole series on Descript, for example, so that was a number of days in a row with Descript and then I didn’t do something for a couple of weeks and now we’ve got the 12 days of giveaways going on.

[00:36:55] And so it’s in. In batches of things as they come up rather than, [00:37:00] um, and it’s pretty consistent. I mean, you know, it’s, it’s probably more than once a week when you look at all the episodes, but you know, not to feel guilty. If you’re not meeting some schedule that you thought was going to work for you, but isn’t working for you, create a schedule that works for you and enjoy it because the connections are just out of this world.

[00:37:19] And it’s just. Been an amazing experience for me, the people I’ve met. So anybody else have any thoughts around that?

Steph: I just want to say thanks Jennifer for what you just said. I so I am a single mom. I’ve got 2 kids. I have a daughter who’s has a life threatening illness and it started 18 months ago.

[00:37:40] So if you look at my podcast, it does not look consistent. Probably my, um, My YouTube channel is a little more consistent, but I, I really miss the thing that you just said, which is when we connect with guests, it is kind of transformative. And it’s not really what you would expect, especially if you do what [00:38:00] Fatima or Fatima, what you said about really choosing your guests kind of from the heart, like this person feels right.

[00:38:07] It’s amazing what can happen. It almost feels like therapy. It really does. It’s very transformative. And so when I. When I’m talking to my clients and encouraging people to get on podcasts, cause honestly it’s moms who I work with a lot of them and I’m like, it’s a lot of work. So just be a guest first, grow your audience and just feel, get the feel for it.

[00:38:27] But it really, sharing your story is really powerful. Just talking about yourself and taking that time, especially busy moms. Like they don’t always have time to share. What they’re thinking and and you have a captive audience and then there’s feedback. So for me, it’s been an anchor through a really tough time with a toxic relationship and then all this stuff, but it’s just it’s been an amazing community.

[00:38:53] So even though I floated in and out of it, I’m really happy to be here and beautiful to reconnect. This is my first [00:39:00] time reconnecting in about almost two years. So I’m really happy to be here. Yeah. Oh, that’s amazing. We’re glad you’re here. Thank you.

Yeah. Alex, come on up.

[00:39:12] Alex: Yeah, my podcast partner left me. She’s like, I’m done. I’m like, all right. Um, it. It’s funny because I’m part of a network and we do more shows like pop culture shows and, and, and so my best friends are people during COVID that I never met until like maybe a year ago in person, I’m saying. Uh, that, that said, you know, I’ve had the, uh, honor of getting into the whole junket scene for a particular show that I, I podcast on and I got a chance to spend seven minutes with Harold Burnell.

[00:39:47] I mean, it was like, I know it’s just like we did the whole cast. But it was just like, wow, and you really, you really realize how grateful [00:40:00] you are to do these kind of things because we, you know, we do this and you’re like, wow. And then from that, my daughter decided that she wanted to try it and because I’m podcasting a lot, so it just kind of worked out that way.

[00:40:19] My daughter, my wife does the podcast prep with my daughter. I do the podcast thing. And as you can see in my background, she helped redo the pod, the office slash podcast space now. So she’s, you know, we’re really trying to make it as a family, but in terms of, you know, it’s the connections with the people.

[00:40:41] Like I said, Paula is in this group that we, we meet it once on Fridays and then again in the mornings, uh, for at clubhouse and you just learn so many do things. And it’s about how are you going to record stories? And that’s all we do. We record stories. And I mean that in a great way. And I think that [00:41:00] that’s what’s so special about it.

[00:41:01] So, that’s my story. I’m sticking to it.

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. That’s great. What an amazing story you have with Lucy starting podcasting now. I mean, that’s incredible. Yeah, does anybody else have anything they want to add? We have time for one more.

Whitney: I just want to thank you. You know, following up with Stephanie said, thank you for making the comment about the cadence of episodes and offering up alternative ways of publishing those episodes by distributing those and I hadn’t thought of that the, you know, my sister was diagnosed with cancer in July of this year, and my other podcast, and was for the state of leadership, um, also was diagnosed with cancer and both of them were going through treatment starting at the [00:42:00] same time.

[00:42:01] And so it had an effect. And initially I was feeling like I needed to record those episodes by myself. And then at some point I was like, you know what? You don’t, you really don’t. And the state of leadership, we didn’t record for three months at all. Uh, and it could have put in initially, I was thinking I would, you know, broadcast, um, on course, and I was like, you know what, I’m not going to.

[00:42:28] And then the state, the, the lemon drop. I didn’t even address that at all. And so, and it’s fine. And it’s fine. And, and, and so that you mentioned that I just really want to say thank you for that and spark an idea of how to publish them. In the future with, you know, like series and then take a break and Syrian because I had this thought in my head, right, speaking of perfection, [00:43:00] that it had to be a particular way.

[00:43:02] And if it wasn’t a particular way that it wasn’t worth doing at all. And so. Just want to say, thank you.

So, yeah, I mean, if you’re trying to attract sponsors and numbers, there has to be, you know, a regular schedule and all that kind of stuff. But if you’re using it like the ways I teach that you’ve all seen in the group where you’re You know, you’re trying to turn your expertise into extra income then and using all the other methods that I teach, then you don’t need high numbers and sponsors.

[00:43:34] You can make money in other ways and monetize in other ways. And so that’s how I found. I monetize very well with my podcast using the system I have, and I don’t have to stick to that, you know, every Tuesday morning once a week. Kind of thing. I do it in batches and series. And so, um, you know, whatever works for you is going to work.

[00:43:51] But I want you to know that if you get Podfade, don’t feel guilty. Come back just so you know you are always part of this community. You always have a community to come [00:44:00] back to and be part of. Okay, no matter what happens.

Fatima: One, one more little thing I wanted to say, thank you for starting this group or Women in Podcasting group in particular, because that’s the one that I’m in, and it has been very fruitful to me and some of the great people that I’ve met have actually been to this group. You know that I love it because I keep adding people to it. So, and I’m not a person that does that unless I believe in something. I’m, I’m not a person that just like, Hey, no, I have to believe in you first and see that it’s fruitful and then move forward.

[00:44:35] But I do think that, I do think the group is very fruitful and, um, I’m, I’m grateful for it because it’s really helped. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you so much.

And you know, another beautiful community, podcast community that I’ve been involved with is Podcast Magazine. And I’m so thrilled. It took a hiatus for a bit and now it’s back with TR Garland here at the helm.

[00:44:58] And TR, we’re looking forward [00:45:00] to seeing what happens because I really loved connecting with Podcast Magazine and all the people. I met so many people and so many other podcasts through Podcast Magazine. Do you have any other thoughts you wanted to add about Podcast Magazine and what’s going to take place there?

[00:45:12] TR: Yeah. I mean the, the, the simple. Intention behind my role and behind me saying yes to the role is, you know, curating content, cultivating, uh, you know, community and creating connections. If I focus on that, um, as everybody has already complimented you so much, Jennifer, you know, the overall podcasting community, the right people will fall into your place.

[00:45:40] fall into your lap. And what I mean by that is, yeah, I mean, we’re going to make the effort to really create a stronger community around the publication itself. You know, there were past events of which you applauded, in which you had an opportunity to meet other people, [00:46:00] and it wasn’t the focus in the past.

[00:46:03] I myself know that society has shifted, and it’s been validated by everyone giving you compliments today, and that shift is Community, right? So even though cultivate community is number two in in the way that I explained our new explain our new brand messaging. It’s really my primary focus and everybody here.

[00:46:26] Thank you so much for sharing and validating this need for cultivating community. And that’s why Jennifer and I. Uh, need to get on each other’s calendars so that we can explore right that collaborative effort. And that’s how I’m approaching my role within podcast magazine, which is it’s a playground.

[00:46:46] Let’s utilize the brand, utilize the assets that the brand has created in the past to create some buzz, to create amazing experiences for amazing people that I see in this [00:47:00] Brady bunch squares we call zoom.

Awesome. Yes. Yes. And I’ve had Steve Olsher, who was the owner. Uh, is he still the owner then? Is he still?

[00:47:10] Steve has retired. We applaud Steve for, you know, leading the charge and realizing that a publication needed to be focused on podcasting. And I’ve taken that torch and my focus is cultivating community.

That’s really amazing. Yeah, just the connections that can happen and the ones that I’ve made through podcast magazine are so amazing.

[00:47:32] So I’m thrilled to see it coming on board again. So yeah. So Angela, do you have any closing thoughts?

Angela: I think just as usual whenever I join you and your podcasting groups on these zooms, I’m always amazed at the, I’m amazed at the diversity of the shows. It always makes me want to dive deeper into, like, I, you know, like, listening to [00:48:00] podcasts because I’m a dog owner.

[00:48:01] It never crossed my mind. So things like that. I just, yeah, the community is amazing. And as you know, Jen, I moved across the country. I’m all alone here. And, uh, Uh, work from home, own my own business. So it is very lonely. So this kind of get together really means a lot. And, um, I’ve noted all of your podcasts.

[00:48:23] I’ve already followed, uh, quite a few of you on Instagram while I’ve been sitting here. Cause I’m, I just really enjoy all your stories and what you have to offer. And, um, yeah, and, and being a guest or I’m, I don’t have my own podcast, but I am a guest on podcasts and I do find it therapeutic. You do find it kind of like when you get to go out for coffee with a friend.

[00:48:45] And you kind of get a high from that, you know, it’s, it’s cheaper than a therapy session. So it’s, uh, anyway, Jennifer is amazing. Um, not just cause she’s my sister, but she was, she’s also my business coach has helped me get where I am today. And, [00:49:00] um, yeah, her support is, is amazing. I’ve, I see her with, uh, with everybody she deals with and, um, the support, her support is amazing.

[00:49:09] Jennifer: So, oh, that’s sweet of you to say. Yeah. So, so yeah, I’ve had my business for many years. Yeah. Went from, you know, I had a part time, I had a full time job and my side gig was on the side. And so I finally broke through and became full time in 2012. And then during the pandemic, I helped Ann start her business and she’s doing fantastic.

[00:49:31] Like she’s my star, A+ student. And so it’s really amazing. It really is. You know, something that people can do, whether you want to be a guest or have your own podcast, you can become self employed.

But the main thing is we need to keep getting out there. We need to keep connecting with each other. We need to build our community around us. It’s not going to build itself. So just so you know, I’m always here. The group is always here to support you. And that is my number one goal is to create community.

And again, out of selfish, [00:50:00] uh, desires too, because I love connecting with all of you. Angela and I often talk about how in. All we are of meeting all of you and knowing, learning about your podcast.

[00:50:09] So thank you so much for being here for joining our Jingle Mingle, and we’ll have more of these networking sessions as you know, and I look forward to seeing all of you soon. And thank you all for showing up in your festive gear and for joining us in our connection and community today. Thank you everybody.

[00:50:26] Thank you. Nice to meet you all. Thanks so much. Thank you. Bye. Bye.[00:51:00]

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