Your Secret Weapon for Editing Out “Ums” and Pauses in Your Podcast

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This quick but powerful 5 minute tutorial with Khadijah Phillips will save you hours of time

Learn how to effortlessly eliminate “um”s and awkward pauses from your recordings, ensuring a smoother and more engaging listening experience for your audience. Boost your podcasting game with this essential skill. Save time in your editing and production process with the magic of Descript.

Khadijah Phillips, a relentless barrier-breaker, exemplifies the unstoppable potential of purpose-driven women. Her journey, marked by resilience against fear and setbacks, showcases the success she always knew was hers. With over a decade of expertise, she leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring and empowering countless others. Through her media company, Besties Media, Khadijah amplifies voices in underserved communities through podcasting and virtual events while crafting impactful social media strategies. She also nurtures her new venture, Autism Mom Club, supporting parents of special needs children, alongside coaching startups. Khadijah’s diverse team offers guidance, turning ideas into realities with unwavering integrity. In her spare time, she contributes to magazines, hosts virtual events and podcasts, and embraces her role as a mom. Her latest mission? Creating vital resources for caregivers of individuals on the autism spectrum. Khadijah’s unstoppable commitment drives her and those she serves forward.


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[00:00:00] Khadijah Phillips: Hello. Hello. My name is Khadijah Phillips, the owner of Besties Media. And I’m super excited to be here with Women in Podcasting Group with Jennifer Hensel to show you guys a really quick way to edit your podcast. If you’re like me, you say a lot of ums you want to take that out to make your podcast sound more professional.

[00:00:34] I’m going to show you an easy way to do that, um, so let me just present my screen.

[00:00:45] So, you should already be familiar with Descript, so you’re here. You have your video here, and you have your transcript here. Um, so the changes that you make on the transcript will automatically translate into your [00:01:00] video. So, you see I’m saying um here, um, um, so, you go here to this little, um, diamond shaped thing here, and you want to remove filler words, and it’s going to bring up all the times that you said um, or like, you know, things like that, so it brings them all up, and then you have the option to either delete them all, delete in, replace with a get, or you can ignore them.

[00:01:31] So, um, we’re going to delete them all, all

[00:01:38] right? So now, um, after you’ve done that, you’ll see there are these two lines after everywhere you did it. So if we come here and, um, we hit play, it kind of sounds weird a little bit. She has so many dope things going on. I can’t wait. Hold on, let me come back here and show you guys. [00:02:00] We have reality TV star Melody Cherie.

[00:02:04] She has so many dope things. So you want to come here to remove the pause. So this is, this is a little time consuming, but it’s worth it so it can make it flow seamlessly. So you go to everywhere you see these two lines, like here and here. And you click this little thing that pops up. And it’s going to just make the pause flow seamlessly, so it won’t seem like it’s a weird, um, You know, spot that’s been taken out, so you come here, you go there.

[00:02:33] So those are two easy ways you remove your filler words. You remove the, um, the blank spaces after you do that. Um, and it’s really quick, it’s easy. Um, you can also come here. There are a lot of other cool things in here, so. Um, like if there’s word gaps, you can come here and remove the word gaps. Um, if you want to add a scene [00:03:00] by somebody that’s speaking, like say you had the pause and come out and come back in for something, you can add a scene in too.

[00:03:06] So, um, there you have it. That’s a quick way to remove the mistakes that you made in your podcast just to make it a little bit more seamless. Um, and to make the pauses. Because you remove the word out to make them flow seamlessly. So I hope that helps. I hope, you know, your podcast editing time has been cut down, um, by giving you a quick way to remove the ums and ahs.

[00:03:31] Thank you.[00:04:00]

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