Meet 37 Podcasters & Expert Guests Networking with Festive Hats!

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What an amazing and inspiring group of women!

This was a fun meeting. Join us and get connected. Find podcasts to be on as a guest. Meet guests to be on your show or podcast. Learn tips for delivering a concise and impactful introduction. Meet Women in Podcasting Podcasters & Expert Guests. Enjoy networking with Festive Hats! Join our community. Have fun!

  • Find podcasts to be on as a guest.
  • Meet guests to be on your show or podcast.
  • Learn tips for delivering a concise and impactful introduction.

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All the links from the show will be added here soon. If you were in this episode, please send your name, podcast or talk title and link HERE. For some reason, the full chat didn’t save properly and we don’t have all the links. So, if you could send them, that would be a huge help and we’ll add your link here. We will update this page with all the names and links, so check back soon!

Meet the Podcasters & Expert Guests

Links from this episode

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

Invite me to speak CONTACT ME

Podcasts: Women in Podcasting VIP Club & Inspiring Influencers Show

Join the Women in Podcasting Facebook group to connect with other podcasters and expert guests. Join the VIP Club HERE.

COHOST: Angela Feser

Angela Feser – Expert Guest and owner of Social Bliss Blueprint

FREE 2022 Holiday Calendar & Join The Social Bliss Content Club

Danielle Benzon – Voice Coach

Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier

Krista Giannak – Wise Words That Matter, getting businesses and experts noticed, sharing my inspirational story of fear and triumph from “scared kid” to business owner and skier, who just happens to be blind. and

Meg Glesener – Letters From Home Podcast
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Phyllis Ginsberg – Expert Guest
Gift: Cope with Stress and Overwhelm in 5 minutes or less.

Lorri Lockyer – Healthy-Awareness: “12 Steps to Naturally Balance Hormones”

Roxana Popet IG:

Aisha-Sky Elevate Women Collaborative

Tilly StormThe Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast

Wendy CrabbeWeight Loss With Wendy Podcast

Tess Connolly, LCSW, Parent Coach – The Parenting Reset Show

Julie Boyer – Wake Up With Gratitude Podcast
Free gratitude meditation:

Natalie Vecchione – FASD Hope

Kimberly Roberts – Egypt’s Travel Designer

Irene Weinberg

Wendy Crabbe – Weight Loss With Wendy Podcast, website: and author of Healthy Not Hungry ebook

Kendra I Trip Over Flat Surfaces podcast

Cathy Derksen – Expert Guest

‘Reignite Your life in Midlife! Rediscover your brilliance and create the next chapter of your life.’ and

Linzi Martin – Naturally Linzi

Nadia Bernardy – Download your Manifest Business Guide

TinaO – GATHER for HER
Gift: 30 days free on The Leader Path

Laura Shortridge: Author of Unipreneur: How to Live Your Passion in a House Full of Dream-Killers. You can get a PDF of “Ten Tips to Keep Your Cool When Your Dream-Killer is Pushing Your Hot Button” at

Mandie Kramer – The Wander Mom Diaries: Mandie Kramer with Stories and Support for Adventurous mothers:

Linzi Martin – Naturally Linzi:
Jennifer thank you for your tips on how to write that 30 second intro template, it really helped me to focus and get words written

Jewal Lavine The Holistic Prosperity Coach

Jeannie Sullivan

Julie Boyer – Wake Up With Gratitude

Dr. Dana McNeil
Relationship expert guests please reach out to me.

Roxana Popet

Amanda Love – Cooking with Love with Amanda Love

Tiphany Kane IG: @tiphanykane; IG: @podcastermindset; Podcasts: Mastering the Podcaster Mindset and Love & Life After Divorce podcasts

Alice Boll ScrapHappier Podcast

Joan Dizon: Psychic reader, healer and psychic development teacher.

Jewal Lavine – The Holistic Prosperity Coach TheHolisticProsperityCoach.Com

Laura Moseley

Jeannie Sullivan – It is so nice to meet everyone tonight. Thank you Jennifer and Angela for hosting.

Kathryn Hinckley – thank you for doing this. I hope I can guest with some of you to help your listeners with personal discovery and professional development. I wish you all much success. Also my book is Rapid Growth A 6-Step Guide to Personal Discovery and Professional Transformation available on Amazon

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14 Lead Magnet Ideas for Podcasters

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