Webinar: 3 Business Challenges and How to Fix them Right Now

3 Challenges Every Business Owner Faces and How to Fix them…and 5 Stories You Should be Using to Boost Your Business

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell ” 

Seth Godin


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How much longer can you go without having a system in place that works?

If you’re here, you’ve probably experienced some of the same challenges we encountered. But, guess what…

We ‘ve been where you are right now

…and we figured it out. Now, we want to help you overcome, rise above, master your message, move your audience with your story, and attract more of your ideal clients. 


If you had a collection of well-crafted stories to use in every situation, when you need them, to attract your ideal audience. 

We have 3 Options for you

Here’s how we can help…


OPTION #1 Story Camp

ACCELERATE YOUR MESSAGE: Join us at this 3-day accelerated weekend retreat where you’ll walk away with key stories that will fuel your success moving forward. You ‘ll walk away with some of your core stories that you can use in your business, non-profit or life. (FYI – It’s not actually camping ?)

INVESTMENT: This is a value of almost $5K for only $1997 and includes the Story Camp accelerator weekend event and one-year access to Story Academy PLUS the bonuses mentioned in the webinar – if you act today! GO HERE

OPTION #2 Story Academy

MASTER YOUR MESSAGE: Join our community in this monthly membership. If you only want access to Story Academy, and not the Story Camp weekend, this is a good option for you. Get immediate access to our online courses to learn about systems and strategies for mastering your message through storytelling. We’ll walk you through all 12 stories in our interactive community. Meet others, get feedback and reach more people. 

INVESTMENT: This is normally $97/month but for a limited time you can get in for $47/month.  You have a story, and your story matters: GO HERE

OPTION #3 Inner Circle

MONETIZE YOUR MESSAGE:  Join Women in Podcasting Network Inner Circle.  An annual mastermind community. Get immediate access to all of the above – every Story Camp weekend and Story Academy course and event – PLUS our proven client attraction systems and strategies for monetizing your messages, group training, and a one-on-one session with Paul & Jennifer.

INVESTMENT:  This is normally $9597.00 for 6 months access, but you get a bonus of 6 additional months, that’s ONE FULL YEAR access to everything! We’d love to have you in our inner circle, growing and learning with us: GO HERE

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What our customers are saying:

The Story Academy Program, is a perfect program to…

take to up-level your talks, workshops, programs and offers, and to fulfill your purpose.  Whether you are new to story-telling or want to fine-tune your story-telling skills, this program offers an essential skill base for success in your business, which results in a variety of stories you can use that best suits you.  This training is offered in a professional, supportive and fun environment. 

Personally, being quite new to story creating and telling, I so much appreciate the warmth and support with which Paul and Jennifer lead, model and give of themselves.  Their passion for the art and results of storytelling is inspiring. Their information and expertise is top-notch, and their support is bar none!  I know they are FOR me in my success, and I know they will be FOR you in your success.  Truly… jump in… the water’s fine!

Rev. Wendy Yacboski  //  Non-Denominational Ceremony Officiant

Working with Paul at Story Academy is inspiring and motivating.

The course work is clearly laid out and easy to understand. Paul ‘s live sessions are filled with fun and learning. Writing a variety of unique stories will give me a range of options for various situations, or maybe the beginnings of a book. I ‘m so happy I took the leap and joined this group. I would recommend Story Academy to anyone looking to explore their “why ” or wanting to gain confidence in speaking.

Beth Campbell  //  Kickstart Coaching & Wellness

I find Story Academy led by Paul Henczel amazing!

I am gaining confidence and feeling empowered on how to tell my stories in ways that people will find engaging. The live workshops are fun and encouraging, gently nudging me out of my comfort zone so I can learn and grow as a speaker. The materials are presented so well and they guide you through the process step by step. By completing the materials, I have prepared and practiced many excellent stories to use. I want to thank Paul & Jennifer for developing this outstanding program.

Patricia Lessard  //  Positive Proactive Parenting






Upon completing all 12 stories,  you ‘ll master your message and be well equipped to deliver a compelling talk or book. We look forward to having you in our community as you move through the program. 

Paul & Jennifer Henczel


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