Volunteer Application

 Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

We ‘re glad you ‘re here. We are a network that believes in collaboration over competition, and that we are stronger and better together. When we help each other, offering our strengths and passions to the mix, we can all achieve more. 

We have volunteer opportunities through Connect Now Business Network, Women in Podcasting Network, and Story Academy – all are membership levels within our network, providing different offerings and opportunities.

Members may apply to volunteer. Non-members may also apply to volunteer in exchange for a membership. Your application must be approved and each joint venture of that nature is arrangement case by case.  The level membership exchanged will depending on the number of hours per month you ‘d like to volunteer.

2 – 4 hours per month: Our regular membership allows you to attend our networking lunches and events at the membership price, which is usually $5  plus a meal order. $197 per year value.

4 – 8 hours per month: The Academy level of member gives you access to our all of our marketing and client attraction related offerings online courses, programs, guides, tools, and resources (all but our Authorized Leadership programs). Apx. $12k in value all together if purchased individutally, or $97 per month, or $1997 for a one year – high value no matter how you look at it :)

If bartering, hours must be fulfilled month to month in order to maintain your membership. The first step is to submit your application. Further discussion may follow. We will let you know when it is approved.





Other Opportunities

  • Leadership Opportunities: We also have leadership opportunities to run our chapters in different cities, but there is a cost involved. Some partial scholarships for the enrollment fee for those opportunities are available depending on the location. Go here for that application.
  • Speaking Opportunities: We also have speaking and other opportunities, and you can find those under “applications ” in the menu above.


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