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Make sure you have the right tool, for the right job

Here is my list of tools I recommend for growing your business and non-profit cause. I find this collection of tools to be the most user-friendly, and in most cases, the most affordable for most small to medium sized organizations. There are similar tools to these, but my focus is to help entrepreneurs and groups navigate all the options to create a client attraction system that works, in the most painless manner possible. It’s about establishing yourself as a leader, expanding your reach as an influencer, and reaching more people with your vision:

  • Constant Contact:  Capturing leads, building your List and cultivating relationships.
  • Canva: Create captivating designs with ease.
  • Envato: High quality stock photos, graphics, videos, templates and much more.
  • Capsho: Automated AI Show notes and content for podcast episodes.
  • Descript: AI Audio and Video editing. You can edit your audio by deleting words from your transcript – ya, it ’s totally unreal and saves so much time!
  • Women in Podcasting – Connection, Community and Collaborations.
  • Podcast Paradise – Podcast training from John Lee Dumas!
  • School of Podcasting – Step-by-step Podcast Start-up training.
  • Podcast Movement – Podcasting Links.
  • PodPage: A website building platform specifically for podcasters.
  • Siteground: WordPress Website Hosting
  • Podcasting Directory – An annually published list from Steve Olsher of Podcast Magazine
  • My Podcast Reviews – See all your reviews in one place.
  • Zoom: Share your message through video conversations.
  • Calendly: Scheduling and booking clients.
  • Adobe: Premier for video editing and Photoshop for image editing.
  • Amazon Influencer : Get all the equipment you need to make your business a success. 
  • Dropbox: Get organized! Store, share and back up your files in the cloud.
  • Name Cheap:  A domain wholesaler.
  • Music for videos: Jewel Beat
  • Complimentary music from Youtube
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