“It ‘s a great course and I highly recommended. “…

Testimonial for Paul and Jennifer Henczel of Story Camp from Lalena Laleña

Hi, I ‘m Lalena, and I want to talk a little bit about my experience with the Story Camp I did this weekend.

I ‘ve been very busy with my business, so it ‘s really hard for me to actually think about taking time out of business to do this camp. I committed to it a while ago, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I ‘ve been very, very busy, and I ‘m getting busier with a big event. So, I wasn ‘t really quite sure about taking time to come and do this. But, I ‘m really glad that I did, actually, because it gave me the time to develop some really good stories.

And one of the stories that I ended up developing, I ‘ll have a chance to use at the event that I ‘m getting ready for.

So, it actually gave me more than I thought it would give me – lots of good ideas to discuss.

So, I definitely recommend it to anyone out there actually, who ‘s trying to come up with some good stories for your business, some good marketing tools, from people who tell stories already.

It ‘s interesting because just after I did this event, I ended up talking to a friend of mine who often tell stories and, and in talking to him, I ended up immediately recommending the course actually, because he has some very inspirational stories about his own experience. And I think that actually to become a great motivational speaker you need to tell stories.

So really, it ‘s a great course and I highly recommended.

Lalena Laleña, Hourglass Heaven

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