“Jennifer and Paul are amazing! “…

Testimonial for Paul and Jennifer Henczel of Story Camp from Freda Lombard

I ‘m Freda from Zealous Art. I just attended Jennifer & Paul ‘s Story Camp 3 day workshop over the weekend.

I ‘ve learned a lot about myself. I have learned a lot about how to structure my stories, and where I can use my stories. I always thought that it would just one story, but I have more than 10 stories that I could use now. And I ‘m very excited for upcoming events where I can use them.

I was very scattered before I came, and I feel like now I know what to do. I ‘m excited to put this all together and use the stories.

Jennifer and Paul are amazing! They are great people and I have seen what they do for a really long time, and to actually be here to see how they put everything in place has been unbelievable. Just fantastic!

If you can get yourself out of here and take this course, you will benefit immensely. Just do it!

Freda Lombard, Zealous Art

If you ‘d like this Story Academy retreat held in your area, or have Paul & Jennifer Henczel speak at your next event contact us today HERE

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