“The collaboration that happened in the room was amazing. “…

Testimonial for Paul and Jennifer Henczel of Story Camp from Carmen Smith

My name is Carmen Smith and I took part in the Story Camp workshop this weekend, which was an incredible opportunity.

I decided to do this, because I ‘ve done one speaking event and I want to expand on that. It turned out to be so much more than just that. I had never thought about how we could implement our stories into our work. So that was something that I really didn ‘t anticipate getting out of the weekend.

It was a great group of people. The collaboration that happened in the room was amazing. We couldn ‘t have done that without Paul and Jennifer facilitating. They are incredible at leading.

I ‘m so grateful to have been part of this weekend training!

Carmen Smith

If you ‘d like this Story Academy retreat held in your area, or have Paul & Jennifer Henczel speak at your next event contact us today HERE

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