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Testimonials for Jennifer Henczel as a Collaborator

I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Henczel as a speaker for any event. Jennifer’s presentation at the Grow My Podcast Summit on “The Elevator Pitch for Podcasters” was a perfect blend of insight, practicality, and enthusiasm. Her expertise in communication and branding shone through as she shared valuable strategies for crafting compelling elevator pitches that resonate with target audiences. Jennifer’s passion for helping podcasters succeed was evident in her engaging and approachable style, making her an invaluable resource for attendees. If you’re seeking a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker on communication and branding for podcasters, look no further than Jennifer Henczel. Thank you, Jennifer, for your outstanding contribution to the Grow My Podcast Summit!

Deirdre TshienDeirdre Tshien, CEO & Co-founder of Capsho: The world’s first AI-Powered Podcast Copywriter

Recommendation and Testimonial for Jennifer Henczel from Katie Brinkley. Connect with Katie on her website here: https://katiebrinkley.com/

Click here to watch Martine’s video Testimonial for Jennifer Henczel Participating in the Good Gifter Giveaway was such an amazing experience. With everything I have going on, it is sometimes hard for me to keep up will all the tasks on my list. Jennifer made it super easy and fun to ensure that it the event was a success. From the graphics to the email swipes and having a dedicated Facebook group was perfect! I was super impressed and excited to share this wonderful event with my community. The support of all contributors truly made an impact for my business and I am so grateful that I was able to take part alongside so many wonderful women.

Testimonials for Jennifer’s Women in Podcasting Group

Thank you SO MUCH!  For inviting me into the Women in Podcasting group.  I have already made some awesome connections.

Jessica Coulthard of Ignited Entrepreneurs Podcast

I tell all my podcasting clients to join Women in Podcasting – if you’re a woman podcaster, it’s a must join! The Women in Podcasting community is chockful of podcasting wisdom and support! It’s where I always turn to when I’m looking for podcasting wisdom and advice. The collaborative community of women has depth in seasoned podcasters and new podcasters alike – and everyone is willing to lend a hand.

Murder & Mimosas
As two women podcasters in a new world, having a network of knowledgeable and supportive women to help with questions, ideas or just support in general has been so amazing. Women in Podcasting provides amazing opportunities to network, celebrate wins and bounce ideas with. It’s truly a community we could not imagine not being a part of now.
Danica and Shannon

“Hi, I’m Natalie Vecchione, podcast co-found, host and producer of two podcasts, “FASD Hope” and “Homeschool Mom Collaborative”. I am thrilled to share how Jen Henczel and Women In Podcasting / Inspired Communities helped me in my journey into reinventing myself into my passion and calling…..advocacy through podcasting! When I began podcasting in Spring 2020, “Women In Podcasting“ was one of the many podcasting groups that I joined for resources and support. However, Jen’s community quickly stood out to me as incredibly supportive and resourceful. Jen personally commented on many of my posts and made some very important introductions to help me gain ground in advocacy through podcasting. When Jen began her “Founding Membership VIP Club” for her Women in Podcasting , I immediately joined..and I’m so glad I did! I was able to receive valuable resources, network and even appear in a few publications about my FASD Hope podcast (thanks to Jen! She even inspired me two start my second podcast “Homeschool Mom Collaborative”. I can honestly say that my VIP founding membership dues are the BEST money I pay each month for my podcast community, resources and growing opportunities. I am so thankful and honored that Jen took me under her wing and gave me the support, encouragement & education to grow as a podcaster…. AND provide and AMAZING community through “Inspired Influencers” & “Women in Podcasting. Thank you, Jen!”

Natalie Vecchione https://www.fasdhope.com/

Firstly, it was such a GREAT RELIEF TO FIND YOU and not only that, your enthusiasm is a great motivation. It is great to have a Podcast, but it is not easy, but you remind women out there, that is possible. Other than the possibility of existing, it can be fun, colorful, serious and girly at the same time. Jennifer, when I came across you my social media presence improved and my following doubled, so yes, thank you so much. Thank you so much!

Wendy Chibesakunda

Testimonials for Jennifer Henczel as a Strategist

I just got off a 1-1 with Jennifer and I have to post here and tell you right now, investing in this membership is already the best decision I made this entire month. We talked for half an hour and I walked away with homework and insights that I did not have a half hour ago. Honestly, if you feel stuck in your podcasting journey and you’re looking to treat yourself for the holiday season, upgrade your membership or book a 1-1 with Jennifer! ❤ Thank you, Jennifer! Looking forward to our next meeting in January!

Ute Mitchell, Host of Thru the Grapevine https://thruthegrapewine.com/

Testimonials for Paul & Jennifer Henczel’s The Inspiring Show Podcast


Truly Inspiring

What an amazing story of survival, hope and triumph! The ability to stay positive in difficult situations is an amazing skill to have and I’m glad Paul and Jennifer are willing to share with everyone. This podcast is so great and definitely worth a listen!katemicheaux from the United States12:24 pm (EST), February 25, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Excellent show

I really enjoyed speaking to Paul & Jennifer. They host a wonderful show, with great conversation and information shared.Tony Whatley from the United States5:35 pm (EDT), April 18, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Great show

I love to listen when I have my morning coffee. Jennifer and Paul Henczel are so well connected and I enjoy who they interview.JenniferCramerLewis from Canada12:08 pm (EDT), April 13, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Inspiration without the cheese

I love the variety of episodes I’m always left wanting more. Some impressive guests for a new show without all of the excess of banterleempierce from the United States9:29 pm (EDT), March 20, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Love this show!

Very inspiring information and the layout is so professional. I love what this platform is providing and I’m very excited for all upcoming episodes.Spoken power from the United States8:19 pm (EDT), March 15, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Great Show

Great show, awesome host, get ready to get inspired. Roman Prokopchuk from the United States10:47 am (EDT), March 12, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Amazing content

Simple mind blowing info… so motivated. Thank u for giving us the opportunity to educate ourselves!johntheboss24 from the United States11:57 am (EST), February 29, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Great show and great info

I really enjoy this show. The orudctuon is top quality. The content is great I highly recommend the show.Potsee from the United States8:23 am (EST), February 29, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Started well!

This is a very good source of level headed advice that is difficult to find. I really have learned a lot.Thomshnet24 from the United States11:19 pm (EST), February 28, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Very Nice!

I love this podcast. Everybody should listen it!kenny2648 from the United States1:32 pm (EST), February 28, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Great content!

I really enjoyed the discussion in the last few episodes overall good.Jana Short 003 from the United States1:03 am (EST), February 27, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


Super high quality

Amazing inspiration! Thank you so much for the information you provide in your podcast. They are very helpful to me.Sumen Shorma from the United States12:52 am (EST), February 27, 2020 via Apple Podcasts



What a cool show full of positivity and encouragement. I learned so much about a number of topics, I can’t say enough about it. I highly recommend this show!JustADude1984 from the United States1:38 pm (EST), February 26, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Video Testimonials for Paul & Jennifer Henczel’s Story Camp Program

Other Testimonials for Jennifer & Paul Henczel

Paul Henczel is a very remarkable individual who has much to offer society by his example. His story illustrates that even the most formidable obstacles can be overcome with perseverance, commitment, hard work and support. Paul will make a significant contribution to our society in the years ahead. Miracle in a Mill is just the first instalment in that contribution.

Miracle in a Mill is a remarkable story of one person’s journey of recovery from a catastrophic accident and a complex of debilitating injuries to, not just survival, but to a renewed life engagement. It is a journey filled with anguish, fraught with medical miss-steps and complicated by bureaucratic trap doors. Paul Henczel’s honest and compel-ling story has lessons for us all.

I have never encountered a disabled worker with the extent of complex impairments Paul has endured who is also so totally committed to his own recovery and rehabilitation.

Paul Petrie: 40 years in the Workers Compensation System

“It was inspiring and a powerful read. Amazing determination and a powerful story of love and strength”

Lisa McKenna Nilsson of Circle Five Business Services

Paul’s talk was inspiring and gave real life examples of how to create lasting transformation after a disaster or traumatic situation. Should be a regular speaker for WorkSafe, G F Strong, or any regulatory safety authority.

Jennifer Cramer-Lewis of Brilliance Blueprint

Paul Henczel’s “Miracle in a Mill” is an experience to be savoured right from the beginning. How courageous for him to relive each moment in order to share it with us in Just the right way. His writing will draw you in and keep you reading until the end. As you enjoy the writing, you might be alerted to others that need to be touched by the hidden gems exposed herein, as I was, and perhaps it is your role to share his story with them.

Marjorie Nesbitt of Brandomonline

Paul’s story was full of emotion and his messages very impactful. I was blown away by his speech.

Kristy Powers of Kristy Powers Photography

I was standing with Nathan when he got the phone call that his father, Paul had been crushed. I was uncertain what the future would hold, in fact I thought it would be dark. But over the years I have been encouraged to see Paul continue to crush his cants, and I am now certain this will be ongoing for years to come. His speech was one of the most inspiring things I have ever heard in my life.

Daniel Markin – Fellow Football Player :)

“I am a member of Jennifer’s Henczel’s Client Attraction Mastermind as well as member of Connect Now. In the 6 months I have been in the Mastermind I have made valuable time saving upgrades to my business that have actualized as real dollars into my bank account and even more exciting, I spend less time “slogging it out” marketing my business and get to be Me. Thanks to Jennifer; my level of confidence with online marketing has gone through the roof and I am actually enjoying marketing.” 

Jennifer Cramer Lewis, BrillianceBlueprint.ca 604-728-2405

What a FANTASTIC Event ‘Diva’s Night Out’ was! It truly sparked! I have never been to an event that Jennifer Henczel hosted that was anything but high calibre, great value, and a lot of fun!

I again met some wonderful people at this event! If you are looking to have a network group to be part of, you absolutely can’t go wrong with CNBN, Connect Now Business Networks!

Wendy Yacboski, Ceremony Officiant https://www.facebook.com/CoachRevWendy/  Phone: (604) 459-7738

“My experience with Jennifer’s Client Attraction Mastermind has been very positive. I originally joined as many of the Mastermind members raved about Jennifer, her knowledge and how she gives more than you expect. They were not kidding. Jennifer is an amazing instructor who presents the information in a very user friendly manner. She is very patient about going over everything again and again until you understand. I am amazed at how much I have learned from Jennifer. She is very kind and nurturing individual who encourages her mastermind members to support each other. I think she is one of the few entrepreneur coaches genuinely wants you to be successful. Because of Jennifer’s guidance and support, I feel more confident in growing my business to the next level.”

Maureen French, MA, RCC Life Balance Counselling lifebalancecounselling.com 604-302-5487

“I have been in Jennifer’s Connect Now Group for a year and a half now and am consistently surprised how well the group is run. There is a good mix of networking fun and appreciation with all the members. Jennifer has built a true community of business owners who work together to achieve success. Thank You Jennifer for building such an amazing group!” 

Danny Kerr, President of Breakthrough Academy www.btacademy.com

“Thank you for being my mentor and my coach. There are many business coaches out there, and you embody generosity and compassion in everhing you do. Thank you!” 

Caterina Barregar, Imagine Life Coaching  imaginelifecoaching.ca

“Jennifer has been an inspiration to move me forward in organizing my marketing plans for my business. Working with her is helping me put systems in place so I can be in a position to help more people.”

Brent Edwardson, Safe Pacific Financial http://www.safepacific.com/brent-edwardson

I’ve only been a member of the group for a few months now, but I’m pleased to say that my time networking here has already been highly productive. I’ve made more than a handful of valuable professional connections in multiple cities throughout the Fraser Valley, and I seem to meet a couple more at each gathering. For what it’s worth, I’ve also done business with more than one member, and we’ve been happily referring clients to each other. I can’t rave enough about the power of a positive atmosphere in a business network – you’ve developed a culture of friendship and positivity, where people are eager to connect and share success. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!  

Chris Oliver, Account Executive Macnaughton & Ward

“I joined mastermind 2 months ago after meetup Jennifer at a Connect Now meeting in Maple Ridge, BC. What happened – BAM! Incredible learning, resources, support and knowledge. Jennifer is amazing and incredibly smart. I am challenged and surrounded with amazing people who support and encourage each other. I would not be where I am in my career without this network and mastermind”

Michelle Sukkel, Your Time Matters yourtimematters.ca

“Jennifer is WONDERFUL!  She has helped me gain so much clarity and focus, while creating a blueprint for my business.”

Patricia Lesssard, Positive Proactive Parenting PositiveProactiveParenting.ca

“Hi Jennifer, I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday. You were an amazing leader that put on an exceptional networking luncheon! Very proud of you!” Linda Utas https://www.facebook.com/glolasercare

“I have witnessed many good networking events over the years. Jennifer runs one of the very best with the Connect Now Business Network. Her networking meetings are always well organized, energetic, well attended and fun! At each meeting there is an interesting guest spotlight speaker. Everyone gets to introduce themselves and briefly talk about their business. If you would like to meet some great people and get some business referrals, I urge you to come out to Connect Now Business Network”  

Bob Frew, 1St. Quality Marketing & Business Development www.1stqualitymarketing.com

“The relationships and connections I have made with fellow business owners and leaders in my community and surrounding communities through Jennifer’s Connect Now Business Network has been invaluable. The atmosphere she has created and fostered is one of true collaboration and support. Jennifer is an expert marketer and is extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and tools within her community. Thank you, Jennifer, I'm truly blessed to be a part of CNBN! ” 

Leslie Teixeira, VA Adminuts Virtual Administrative Solutions

More Testimonials

“Jennifer operates and hosts the best networking meetings plus events I have ever attended. Jennifer is subject matter expert in Social Media Marketing and I have learn something new at every one of Jennifer’s meeting events. Keep up the great work!” David LaHay Owner, The Business Tuner http://www.thebusinesstuner.com/

“I met Jennifer at the Connect Now Business Network. If your looking to understand social media and how to put an ongoing plan in place then you need to talk to Jennifer. She helped to provide me and my company with tools to develop and maintain a daily plan of action for my social media marketing campaign.”  Scott McKenzie Business Intermediary National Mergers & Acquisition Group http://www.nationalmagroup.com/

“Jennifer is a great speaker and has a wealth of knowledge to share about marketing and social media.”  Ken and Bonnie Taylor Owner, PropertyGuys.com

“Jennifer Henczel was absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed today’s workshop, and I left with valuable information to put immediately into place. Thank you so much.” Beyond My Bookshelf

I have worked with Jennifer over the past 6 months and have enjoyed the value that she brings to the table. Marketing and social media can be a confusing topic for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Especially if you are older than 35. Jennifer is able to bring clarity and understanding to both these areas. I am happy to be able to recommend her to those who are interested in running their business in a smarter way”  Don Goertz, Leadership Coaching Training dgoertzassociates.com/

“Jennifer always brings a wealth of valuable and very useful information and ideas to every event I attend. I highly recommend that all business owners, social media and email marketing coordinators and anyone with an entrepreneurial mind join her Connect Now Business Network and reap the benefits of her expertise. Incredible value at a very reasonable cost.”  Rick Smook, Consultant at Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems www.interlockroofing.com

“Jennifer has expertise in marketing and organizational development. She is a terrific connector of people. Through her efforts in organizing networking events she has managed to introduce people not only to one another but to interesting products that will help them grow their businesses. Jennifer is an expert solution provider.” Lisa Dorazio, CanAmeri Consulting www.canamericonsulting.com

“I have known Jennifer for almost one year through the Connect Now Business Network. Jennifer is very organized, intelligent and a great host of this event. My time is valuable, but this is one event that I slot into my calendar at least once a month. Always enjoyable and informative. Great job, Jennifer!” Julie Thiessen, Valley Concierge www.valleyconcierge.ca

Re: Workshops “Jennifer is fantastic at pulling people and ideas together to work for you and provide you with tools and techniques to promote your business” Holly Fourchalk, Choices Unlimited for Health & Wellness www.choicesunlimited.ca

Re: Marketing Summit: “What a great summit. The topics were so well presented and enjoyable. The information was Priceless..Great value for the money. We need more.” Jason” NitroMan” NitroLube.com

Re: Marketing Summit: “This was my first attendance at a Connect Now Business Network Event and I will ensure this is not the last. As a GM of a Casino time is a valuable commodity and accordingly expectations are high when I attend these type of events. This event met all my expectations and was a tremendous value add to helping me understand the processes within the social media jungle and marketing generally. This event also provided a great opportunity for networking. Many of the people I had talked to have already re connected with me. Once again thanks for this well organized, value added event!” Jim Brenner, Play Time Gaming

Re: Marketing Summit: “I am astounded at how much I learn coming out to Jennifer’s events. Just when I think I’ve learned it all, she’ll provide a new event, a new speaker, new material that speaks to my business and enhance my client’s experiences with my business. if you have not participated in an event run by this amazing lady, you are short changing yourself and your business. Outstanding!” Karen Mortensen, Manager, Residential Mortgages TD Canada Trust

Re: Marketing Summit: “What an awesome Connect Now Summit yesterday. The speakers, including yourself were outstanding. I learned SO MUCH !!! I also once again realize how much I DON’T know. But for sure my time and money was well spent today. Thank you for your outstanding efforts!” Joan Gaube, Send-Out-Cards 604-856-1553

Re: Email Mastermind: “I have attended this workshop and in only one 1.5 hour learning session I was able to update my website and Constant Contact account that resulted in IMMEDIATE results. Less than 30 minutes after going live, we added 2 contacts and reserved our very first online party booking. The question session was extremely informative, and the network lunch resulted in two new business opportunities both personally and professionally. I am looking forward to the next Email Mastermind and taking my knowledge to the next level. Very little money for very valuable ROI.” Tracy Butterfield Play Abby

Re: Meetups: “You’re are definitely “upper shelf” Jenn! Meeting was fantastic! Thank you!” Maria Reed http://lightwellnessclinic.com/

“Fantastic group of business Leaders. ” Jason “Nitroman” www.nitrolube.com
“I think it is a very needed organization in the Connect Now. I look forward to seeing where it goes and being part of it. ” Alicia Champ www.hipnavybeads.com

“It’s Great, loved the networking event! ” Anne Arsenault www.healthbrights.com

“Jennifer, Congratulations on a fantastic launch today. I know how much you have put into this project, especially all the work that no one sees. Very well organized, professionally presented and well publicized… but wait!… this is Jennifer Henczel we are talking about… why would we expect anything less? Well done my friend.” George Greenwood http://www.keepingidentitysafe.com/

“Thanks! Great meetup, nice turnout and appreciate how it was so well organized. Will be there next month.” Keith Dobie ‏@KeithDobie http://www.youtube.com/user/KeithDobie

“Thanks Jennifer for all your hard work in setting this group up. Was nice to meet some new faces.” Sacha Deosaran http://www.extremedreamsautomotive.com/

“Great event – great buzz in the room! Looking forward to the next one.” Meredith Miller http://abbotsfordchamber.com/

“Ditto, Great job my friend!… I can see how much work went into it, gives me a headache to think about it :-)” Lorne Havisto http://lornehavistomarketing.com/

“Great meeting and I am also looking forward to next one.” Melissa E Parkes https://melissaparkes.myitworks.com/

“Yes thank you so much for the invite Jennifer. It was really enjoyable to meet people with so many different passions. I look forward to the next one.” Sabine Gaudette http://www.sabinekangen.com/

“I’m glad I got to have the pleasure of meeting you at the Connect Now meetup the other day. I can honestly say it was the best networking group I’ve been to yet. Setting time to give each other testimonials is a brilliant idea.” Aaron Price, Compersion Hypnotherapy.

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