Summer Sizzle Social

Summer Sizzle Social. A Women in Podcasting networking event for podcasters and expert guests.

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We had a great time at our Summer Sizzle Social! Thank you to all those who attended. The networking opportunities are overflowing

Community is so important for wellbeing and business growth. That’s why Jennifer Henczel loves creating these opportunities to connect and collaborate. It’s all about lifting women’s voices everywhere.

This episode features the VIP members from the Women in Podcasting Network who attended. You can find the transcript below and here are their links so you can connect with each of these amazing women podcasters and expert guests:

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

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Carol Metz Murray
Podcast Guest
Naked Leadership Institute – in development

Melody Owen
Podcasts: Author Nation Interviews & Confessions of a Book Coach

Kelly Borowski
Podcast: Wake up with Yogi Shorts

Aja Vancica
Podcast: The Scale with Simplicity

Joy Bartholomew
Podcast: The Divorce Confidante Podcast

Lydia Burchell
Podcast Guest

Dr. Liz Jenkins
Podcast Guest

Mary Sanders
Podcast Guest & Seeking guests for upcoming podcast

Cat Corodado
Podcast: Sisters in Service

Jocelyn Telles
Podcast: Quit Your Job and Get Creative Podcast

Adrienne Tichy
Podcast: The Lodge at Delray Beach and Recovery Comes Home

Maria Ellis
Podcast Guest

Kristina Stubblefield
Podcasts: Rings of Bling and All the Things and WebPro Business Solutions

This was the invite to the event, which happened on August 18, 2022. See the recording above and the transcript below:

YOU’RE INVITED to the Women in Podcasting Summer Sizzle Social!

Podcasters and expert guests are welcome.

Everyone will get 30 – 60 seconds to introduce yourself depending on how many people attend. Wear your summer hat or party outfit! Tropical prints are welcome 🌺 


***IMPORTANT: RSVP to this event, because the ZOOM link and entrance code will be posted there in the event the day before the event.

Then, VIP Club members will be featured on the Women in Podcasting Show. If you’re not a member yet, JOIN TODAY:

Be prepared to be on video and go here for tips about polishing up your Inspired Intro (elevator pitch) for you and your podcast:

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[00:00:00] Welcome everyone. Jennifer Henczel here from the women and podcasting network. Today is our summer sizzle, social meet some amazing women podcasters and expert guests and hear how they’re lifting their voices and sharing their message.

Come to the women in podcasting show, enjoy inspiring stories, interesting interviews and powerful strategies from women around the world. Jennifer Henczel spotlights today’s top podcasters, new podcasters and expert guests. Get tips for leveling up your life. Gaining visibility, growing your business, monetizing your podcast, and so much more.

We invite you to support. Finding their voice and sharing their passion. It’s all about women empowering women.[00:01:00]

This is Jennifer Henczel from the women and podcasting show, and we are having a fun summer sizzle social today where we’re gonna meet some new podcasters and expert guests. Thank you everyone for being here. Carol. How about if you come up, introduce yourself. Tell us about you. Hi Jennifer. Hi everyone else.

This is actually really funny cuz I’m in the process of redefining myself. So my name is Carol Metz Murray and I am in the process of launching NA the naked leadership academy. Where I work with, uh, successful women, business owners and executives who are struggling in their life and feeling burnt out, dealing with imposter syndrome and, um, Stress.

So who wouldn’t like less stress, no imposter syndrome and be more aligned with who they are. [00:02:00] Those are my ideal clients. I’m in the process of developing a podcast. That’s me. Yay. That’s exciting. I can’t wait to see that. Good for you. Thank you, Carol, for sharing. Okay. All right. Yeah. Do we have any other VIP club members here?

Raise your hand physically so I can see you. I don’t see the hand raising, working. Okay. Oh yes. Melody Owen, come on up. Tell us about you and your podcast. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for doing this. I am melody Ann, founder of author nation. We have a podcast called author nation interviews. We interview nonfiction authors and we interview X.

Experts in the publishing and writing industry. Um, I’ll pop my links in, so you can listen to the podcast or if you want to be a guest, you can, uh, fill out the guest form. Uh, we love, uh, supporting our audience, which is made up of nonfiction authors. Oh, that’s amazing. Thank you so much. And, and you [00:03:00] gave the link.

I will put it in the chat. Okay. Super. Thank you so, so much. All right. Who else is a VIP club member? Yes. Kelly, come on up. Yes. I, I think I am a VIP member. I just joined early um, so a little bit about me. Um, I just wrote this up, actually. I just watched your, your training video so, um, did you know the lifespan of a caregiver could be reduced by four to eight years?

My podcast is designed to crush that S. Hi, I’m Kelly. Barki the host of wake up with Yogi shorts, a podcast for caregivers of dementia, patients to find sips of relief and ways to create normalcy in an ever-changing landscape. The tips I lay out are designed to give instant relief in just minutes at a time, sacrifices can be made, but are health does not have to be put on hold.

So tune into my podcast, wake up with Yogi shorts. If you wanna learn more nicely done. Good job. You [00:04:00] just wrote that. Yeah. watch your video. Yeah. Thank you for that. Well done. Well done. All right. Who wants to go next? Raise your hand. If you wanna go next. My name is Aja. I actually just joined, like while we were logging in and all the things.

So, um, I just joined, so I just became a member. Yay. Yay. Um, so my name is Aja Vanka. I am a strategic business consultant at freedom supply society. Um, and I have not started my podcast yet. Officially it launches on August the 23rd. And it is called the scale with simplicity podcast, where I work with and teach, uh, six figure solo entrepreneur coaches who are ready to move to, into becoming a seven figure CEO, how to scale with simplicity and get out of their own way and keep their sanity while doing so.

So you can find me, um, on Instagram at freedom [00:05:00] supply society, my website, freedom supply My, uh, podcast will be. Starting August the 23rd. So thank you all very much. I haven’t watched the video yet, Jennifer, but I’m going to, I need to understand . Thank you. You’re pro already. So , that’s great.

Fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing Aja for signing up and for joining our community, our VIP club community. So thank you. Joy, joy. Come on up women navigating divorce are more likely to deal with depression, anxiety, and financial hardships. And my name is joy Bartholome. I am a life coach and the host of the divorce confidant podcast, helping women through these issues, through the trauma and onto the next season and their best season of their life.

Nicely done. Did you mention your link divorce, hyphen confidant dot. Is the website. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, right. Lydia, Lydia, where are you? I saw you raise your hand. Come on up and introduce yourself. [00:06:00] Hi, thank you very much. I knew I was a member. I wasn’t sure if I was a V I P member.

So , my name is Lydia Brielle. Uh, I’m actually have been offline for a while. I was doing a lot of deep inner work. And so I’m here because I want to start a podcast. Uh, a, a podcast for women and share some of the, what I’ve been through on my journey, going into a, a deeper level of, of inner peace, uh, confidence, feeling grounded and being able to make decisions from that place.

I know so many of us, we are. Busy and under stress and, and trying to make our, and make our decisions in that place. And so I’m putting together some programs on how to do that from a place of calm and the power of, of being calm. And uh, doing the work from there. So I do not have a podcast yet, so I do not have the link to share with you, but I will be [00:07:00] on coming here more often.

So I’ll share as I develop the programs and, um, yeah. Thank you. Oh, good. So Lydia, are you, do you wanna be a guest on people’s podcast on that topic? Uh, yes. I could do that. Yeah. So what’s a link people could find you at. Do you have a website with your bio or anything? Like. Uh, not yet. I’m just getting back online again.

So I haven’t, I haven’t put that together yet. Okay, great. Well, thanks. Thanks for being here. And we can all connect in different ways. Dr. Liz, come on up and introduce yourself. Thank you so much, everyone appreciate it. I’m Dr. Liz Jenkins. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. Who’s pivoted to a connection coach.

And so I help couples really navigate that disconnect or navigate, um, the, the conflict in ways that they can reclaim and ignite their. Relationship and their connection with each other. And I’ve also pivoted to be helping smart single [00:08:00] ladies navigate this divorce, uh, not divorce, you be dating world.

They could be divorced. They’ve never married type thing, but the, the dating way, how to show up on how to not, uh, fall prey to, uh, the swipe, right. Swipe left kind of dilemma. So we work on really effective dating profiles. If that’s the direction they want, uh, identifying, um, Red flags, green flags and being very, very, um, I would say focused on interviewing the, the potential matches instead of being, oh, well it better take you to take anybody.

So, um, I really appreciate everyone’s time and, um, attention to this. And so I’m gonna pop in just a link to my Facebook page, which is shows my, uh, couples. It’s a couples smart restart program coaching program, where I take them for six weeks and we do a real. Deep dive and get them back on track [00:09:00] with the right tips, the right strategies so they can cruise.

And I think that’s it. wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Liz. No problem. Thank you. And I’ll just drop my email on my Facebook and people wanna, um, reach out to me. I’d love to. Hear more about what each of you do and connect up in that way. I do not have a podcast, but obviously I like to talk, cuz I’ve been doing this for 35 plus years.

So how about Mary, Mary? Come on up. Mary Sanders first and foremost. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for, um, hosting this event today. I think it’s creative. I think it’s wonderful to connect with all the beautiful ladies here. So if the main challenge you’re currently is experiencing balancing work in life in a way that feeds your soul, or perhaps right now, you might be feeling increasingly tired and overwhelmed and wonder how you can reclaim your life without blowing it.[00:10:00]

Perhaps I can help you. My name is Dr. Mary and my purpose and mission and life is to empower women over 40 to overcome burnout and achieve life. Build with health, happiness, and purpose. I utilize the tools of positive psychology, energy medicine, and functional blood chemistry analysis. To help you on that journey.

For the last time, maybe about eight months or so I have been an expert guest witness or not witness, but, uh, an expert guest on various different podcast, um, through the women and podcasting network, unfortunately, um, I was very active online. And then my, my personal, uh, Facebook profile got shut down. So at the end, I know it was devastating.

It was kind of out of the blue. Um, I’m not sure exactly why that happened, but I lost contact with a lot of the ladies. So I’m here today to let you know that I’m still alive and still [00:11:00] kicking and doing my thing. And, um, I will be sure to post my contact, uh, in the links. And I am in the process of launching a podcast about sustainable transformation, physical, spiritually, and mentally.

So, um, I’m working on my first season of guests. So if this is something that you’re interested in, or if you’re looking for a guest, I’d be honored. Thank you. Great. Thank you so much for sharing up next cat. KA, can you come up and introduce yourself, please? Hi, thank you. Did you know that women veterans are seen as invisible and not accepted as veterans by their, um, civilian counterparts?

My name is KA Quello. I’m a 20 year. air force veteran. And my podcast is called sisters in service. It’s a platform where women veterans can come and talk about all of those things that happen to [00:12:00] them in service and outta service in a safe environment. It’s also a platform for women, veterans who are being bosses in their business to give them an opportunity to talk about their business and have it be seen.

On that platform where they otherwise would not get that chance. My podcast is, uh, on pod sisters dash N dash service. And I will also put that in the chat. Thank you. Oh, well, thank you so much for sharing and thank you for your service up next. Jocelyn, have we heard from you yet? I, no, you have not come on up.

Hi everyone. My name is Jocelyn and I am a fashion designer and a fashion design coach. So I started to quit your job and get creative podcasts to, uh, explore the stories of women who have quit their nine to five jobs and started their creative businesses. Uh, you know, listeners learn how they did it, the ups and.[00:13:00]

Tips and secrets to success. And the goal is really so that these stories from relatable women help listeners start strategizing their dream life and allowing their creative abilities to unfold. Um, so I actually quit my job and started my creative business, my clothing brand. Uh, so I love hearing other stories that inspire.

Um, and I’m open to being a podcast guest, um, as a business owner and, um, just a fashion expert. And then I’m also looking to interview other women who have quit their nine and five jobs and started creative businesses. And one way to find me, um, is through my Instagram account. So my podcast actually launches next month.

Um, so I’m going through the interviews right now. So if you have launched a creative business and said no to the traditional nine to five, feel free to, uh, follow me or message me on my Instagram, which I’ll drop in the chat below. Um, and let’s connect. Okay up next, Adrian it’s um, Adrian Tickey rhymes was [00:14:00] sticky.

I, um, have created a recovery residence community with my husband in 2008 for people that are just out of treatment from drugs and alcohol. Um, so addicts, alcoholics and their families hire us to get them through that first vital year of recovery. If, if they can make it to a one year mark. Then they have an 82% chance of staying sober long term if they don’t make it to that year, mark, that drops lower than 15% chance of making it.

So we, we, um, Use all different modalities in order to get to our clients and get them back to life. After they’ve been mismanages of their own life. I do not have a, a podcast yet. It will be called recovery comes home, um, which is what our virtual program is called. Recovery comes home, and I will put all of my stuff in the chat.

Well, that’s important work in our society, so thank you. All [00:15:00] right. Next up, Maria. Maria Ellis, come on up. This is the first time that I joined your group. So thank you for organizing this. Let me see. I have, uh, a financial legacy podcast. My background is bank and finance work with bank of American city bank for a number of years.

And, um, one of my primary goals is to promote education and complain equity for women and girls. So as a result of that, I written a number of books and my first book was. How to achieve financial freedom. So I do a podcast. So I’ll be contacting some of you ladies to come as my guest. And, um, my, I put in my information already, but I’ll put it again is financial

And, um, and the most Britain four books, my most recent book has to do with reinventing yourself at any age. And some of you have already talked about. [00:16:00] You know where we are and what we’re gonna be doing next, or how to record ourselves or how to find a voice or how to have a more clarity, the way that we’re going about.

Sense. So, um, that book, uh, all my pop books are on and I do quarterly retreats for each of the books. My upcoming retreat is going to be on longevity and, um, usually people anywhere from 40 to maybe years old come to that. And it usually tends to be at, uh, in Florida. Um, at the Marriott in singer island, usually start with, uh, doing yoga and massages.

And in between we do, um, uh, uh, you know, we, we develop a one to three year plan. That includes still different categories of, of our lives in terms of what it is that we wanna accomplish, whether it is personally work related, uh, education, [00:17:00] intellectual parenting. Physical fitness and so on and so forth. So.

Yeah, this is very exciting, Jennifer, for putting this, uh, together, um, and enable us to have a platform to, you know, share our, our interest and, and how we could work together and collaborate in an effort to bring more joy to the world. Thank you for, for sharing and up next, we’ll have Christina, everyone.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jennifer at podcast and have stayed connected through social media. So it’s a pleasure hearing all of your all stories. Um, I specialize. My background, first of all, is in it and marketing. I specialize in systems and processes for streamlining, mainly wedding professionals, creatives, and most recently podcasters.

And I love focusing on visibility. [00:18:00] And really streamlining just to make things more simple. I found myself lately being really focused on repurposing content, especially for podcasters. And I really enjoy it. I’ve been a guest on other, uh, podcast? Uh, quite a few actually, um, because I have a marketing and it background, uh, not a lot of people talk as much about, uh, the technology.

Um, some steer clear from that. I, I thoroughly enjoy it as well as talking about how you can implement easy systems. And streamline your processes to get your message out to more people. I actually have two podcasts. Uh, one I’ve been doing for two years now that is focused towards engaged couples called the ring, the bling and all the things.

And then I do a second podcast that is geared [00:19:00] specifically towards wedding professionals and creatives called red pro business solutions, where I talk about all of those main pillars and. I absolutely love it. Most importantly, I love being a connector. I love meeting new people and connecting guests to different podcasts and different people to different courses.

So I love being part of something like this. So Jennifer, thank you so much for what you’re doing. Oh, you’re so welcome. It’s my absolute joy like you to connect as well. And boy, did we ever have fun at pod Fest? Hey, I know. And I saw the email yesterday about the days and they’ve moved it up. I’m little excited that it’s earlier.

So I hope to see you there again. Yeah. The next one now is gonna happen in January. Mm-hmm still in Florida. In a, in a hotel in Orlando, Florida, we had an amazing time. So many connections. We will be interviewing people for a couple years with all the [00:20:00] connections we made and really, really good connections.

Like it was amazing. If, if you haven’t been, I highly recommend going. It’s well worth the investment. If you’re, if you’re thinking, oh, you know, it costs a little bit, it’s well worth the investment for your business to go. So the next one, I know, podcast podcast movement is happening next week, but this one that we went to in June in Florida is happening again in Florida in January.

And it’s called pod Fest, pod Fest expo, and I highly recommend it’s very community oriented that. It was a lot time, something I would add to that. Jen connections are great. I’ve actually made some really good friends in a short period of time. And as women, it’s just so great to connect up and become friends with people that you can talk to and share so more so even than just connections.

So thank you so much for having me. Yeah. You’re welcome. Thanks for being here. How has podcasting, whether you’re [00:21:00] a guest or a podcaster, how has it helped your business or your life? Does anybody wanna add to that? Does anybody wanna chat about that? Melody? Do you have some thoughts around that? Sure. You know, it’s, it’s interesting because I’m, I’m continuing to refine how I’m doing this.

Like at first I just, you know, I’m out there, do it. And then I had a guest form and now I’m moving into season two. My guest form has how that person can support me. Uh, you know, are you, you know how you can promote author nation, how, you know, how you can promote your podcast episode, cuz a lot of guests come on and then they don’t promote it.

And so. I’ve been slowly refining it to make sure that my guests know, you know, how, how they can best support me and themselves. And so that’s, that’s what I would say, how, how it’s helped me. And now my guest form has like, you know, you need to, you need to promote it twice before. And once after, [00:22:00] if you have an email list, you need to send it out to your email list.

Cuz I’ve realized I’m not trying to. Controlling, but I’ve realized people need that support, guests need that support. Um, and so if you have a podcast and you’re kind of figuring that stuff out, I would recommend just sitting back and saying like, how, you know, how do I support my audience? How do I support my guest and how do I support me?

And there’s that triangle and, and you wanna have something for each, each point on that triangle? That’s what I would say, Jennifer mm-hmm oh, I love. So much, you know, because when you’re on other people’s podcasts, it’s just as important to share that episode that you’re on as your own episodes, because it builds credibility for you.

It shows that you’re an expert you’ve been invited on to this show. And I just wanna mention melody is an excellent interviewer. I’ve known melody for years. She’s always very, very thorough in her research, really professional as an interviewer. So thanks for being here today, melody and sharing that. And also melody has information.

[00:23:00] If you wanna turn your expertise into a book. As well. So they connect with melody. Yeah. Author, nation. I love it. And we also have a, on Mondays, we have matchup Monday. And so you can post in that thread and then put about how you, um, you know, what you’re looking for, what types of guests you’re looking for and, you know, feel free to mention your requirements there too.

You know, people that are going to be willing to share it on social and things like that. And if you’re a guest, you know, I would mention that in your, in your guest, any guests here, I would highly recommend mentioning, Hey, I have a social following. Doesn’t have to be a huge social following, but just that you’re willing to share it with the community that you have.

You know, I, I would love here’s me. Here’s my topic. And I would love to be on your podcast and I’m willing to share it then with my community. And I always share my episodes. That will go a long way in getting you on more shows. I G. So Jennifer, can you tell us a little bit more about the membership and what it entail?

Oh, for sure. Yes, Maria. So the women and [00:24:00] podcasting network is $7 a month. Normally it’s $97 a month through my inspired influencers website, but I give it to women in podcasting for only $7 a month. That gives you access to all of my templates and tutorials and tools that help you to grow and monetize your message, whether you’re a podcaster or an expert guest, it also gives you a directory listing.

So you can list yourself as a podcaster and, or an expert guest in the directory. Now just here’s a secret because I only started this community a couple years ago. I started it specifically to connect with other women podcasters. That’s just my joy. I just wanted to connect and it really took off. And it’s really grown.

The Facebook group is now at 7,800, I think. And we have about 200 paid members. And so I created it specifically to help lift women’s voices and I put it at the lowest price possible so that it will, it can help you level up and move to the next level. And for me, I went from a [00:25:00] part-time entrepreneur. So I was working nine to five full-time to a full-time entrepreneur in 2012.

And I’ve never worked for anyone since I’ve been working for myself only through using my monetization methods since 2012. And I wanna help other people do the. . And so that’s the whole reason why we have that paid level is to help, you know, get these skills to people at an affordable price. Now, the secret is that I’m launching a site specifically for women in podcasting.

You’re gonna be able to find because we continue to. And so before, right now it’s just housed in the inspired influencer site. It’s just one membership level. But within the next few weeks, there will be a dedicated site specifically to women in podcasting. And to me, that’s a huge victory because we’re gonna help lift other women’s voices all around the world.

And I’m so excited about that. Can you put the link in the chat for sure? Yes. You can find that at women and podcasting dot. [00:26:00] Right now, but soon it will, but both of those URL’s domains will go to women and Soon women and is where you can sign up right now for only $7 a month.

Thank you all for being here so much. I really just adore every single one of you. Thank you for being in the women and podcasting group and for connecting with us on this networking, we’ll have more networking coming up in the future. Bye for now, everyone. Bye you in the. Thank you. Thank you for listening to today’s interview.

You can find all the links we mentioned today in the show We’d love your follows, subscribes and positive reviews. They help us to elevate women’s voices everywhere. I invite you to join our community in the women in podcasting Facebook group and VIP club women in[00:27:00]

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