Speaker Application for Descript Deep Dive

Speaker application for our upcoming event: Descript Deep Dive: Elevate your Podcast Production & Promotion

I’m looking for people who are interested in doing brief Descript tutorials (2-15 min) for this Women in Podcasting group. Like a mini summit event, focused on different aspects of using Descript for audio and video podcasting.

This is a mutually beneficial collaboration:

  • You will gain visibility in our community, while providing value to our audience.

Topics we’re looking for:

  • Creating Transcripts: Learn how to effortlessly transcribe your audio content using Descript, making it accessible and searchable.
  • Adding Intros & Outros: How to add video & audio intros and outros to your podast.
  • Recording and Editing: Discover Descript’s editing tools to refine your audio recordings for a polished final product.
  • Video Production: Dive into the world of video creation within Descript, combining audio and visuals to tell compelling stories.
  • Adding Thirds to Videos: Explore the art of adding graphics, text, and other visual elements to enhance your videos.
  • Creating Clips for Stories/Reels/Shorts: Stay up-to-date with the latest video formats, ensuring your content shines on various platforms.
  • Adding Captions: Make your content accessible and engaging by incorporating captions.
  • And more! Exploring additional features offered by Descript.

How does it work:

  1. You will pre-record a video of a tutorial demonstrating a specific aspect and process in Descript.
  2. Length: 2 minute (minimum) to 15 minute (maximum)
  3. You will mention that the tutorial is for Jennifer Henczel and the Women in Podcasting Network.
  4. Introduce yourself and your podcast on video, facing the camera.
  5. The tutorial can be a voice over tutorial with your demo, but your introduction needs to be you talking on video.
  6. You can include mentioning your podcast, but no promotion of podcasting related services or training.
  7. You will submit your video to me via a Drive or Dropbox folder.
  8. Then, I’ll be steaming all the pre-recorded tutorials into the group consecutively via Streamyard on Nov 7th.
  9. We’d love for you to be in the group at the time of your talk to answer questions and engage with the audience, but it’s not required.

Tip: for creating your video:

  1. Record your introduction – approximately 1 minute elevator pitch of you and your podcast.
  2. You can include mentioning your podcast, but no promotion of podcasting related services or training.
  3. Mention that the tutorial is for the Women in Podcasting Network at www.womeninpodcasting.net
  4. Record your tutorial – Mention key takeaways. Use zoom or other screen recording application.
  5. To keep your audience engaged and informed during your tutorial, you can use analogies and real-world examples to simplify complex ideas. Feel free to discuss emerging trends.


  • You will be required to share the event in your socials 3 times.
  • You will be required to invite people to the event using the Facebook event.
  • We will be sharing the event and all the videos and speakers throughout our Women in Podcasting group and channel.

Please fill out the form and we will let you know if your application is accepted.

We look forward to receiving your submission.


Please also email your headshot to jen@womeninpodcasting.net

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