Social, Soulful and Self-Employed

Social, Soulful & Self-employed: Connecting Your Message

Networking lunches and events to help you make meaningful connections and collaborations.

The group is for making connections, exchanging referrals, and enriching the community.  SSS offers opportunities for meeting other professionals and business owners through business networking meetups and professional development events.

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate. Educate. Empower!

Our network has always been about connecting and collaborating.  Our culture is built on reciprocity and meaningful interactions. Any systems or formulas we provide are for the purpose of allowing people more time for live, human interactions. Giving them proven structures and strategies so that they can pour more time into the parts of their business and life that they love.


This is the place to get connected!

We ‘re helping each other to expand our reach globally.


Networking Events

As a member and attendee, you will experience a warm and welcoming, yet well organized and professional environment. Be prepared to share your business story in a 30 Second Power Introduction (elevator speech) speed round format. Bring lots of business cards! Get connected, learn, and have fun! Invite a fellow entrepreneur. All business owners and professionals are welcome. When we invite others, we all benefit. Click here to see our list of events. Events calendar






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