Social Profit Lab Summit

Social Profit Lab Summit with Katie Brinley, Jennifer Henczel and 40 speakers bringing you expertise to help you expand your reach and lift your business to the next level.



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In this episode of the Women in Podcasting Show Jennifer Henczel interviews Katie Brinkley of Social Profit Lab.

Have you been struggling to figure out the magic sauce that will make your social strategy profitable? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out a social strategy to begin with…
I’m excited to announce I’ve been selected to be a featured speaker for the Social Profit Lab Online Summit starting on February 21st! It’s hosted by my friend and Social Strategist Katie Brinkley and I’m not only excited… I’m honored!

This event is packed with 40 rock star speakers!

Cost: Nothing for you! I just arranged a free ticket for you.

The Social Profit Lab Summit is designed to give you the tools, strategies, and inspiration you need to scale your efforts and generate real results from the work you put in. You’ll hear from industry leaders and experts on topics such as:

● How To Turn A Sales Call Into An “Order” Call with Shawn Q
● Creating a SMARKETING Plan with Jessika Philips
● Effective Leadership for building High-performing Teams with Amanda HarNess
● The Remarkability Formula – How to Stand Out and Attract Your Ideal Customers with Rich Brooks.
● How to Use Podcast Guesting to Grow Your Brand with Alex Sanfilipo
● Their On Your Email List… Now What? with Katie Guenther
● Simplify Your Lead Gen & 10X Your Sales organically by Borrowing Audiences with Samantha King
● Elevate Your Personal Brand Clarity and Become Who You Want to Be Known For with Suzanne Tulien
● Stop Hiding Your Awesomeness with Christine Gritmon
● Facebook and Instagram Ads for Every Point in Your Sales Funnel with Andrea Vahl

Plus my very own topic!

But that’s not all!

The Social Profit Lab Summit also includes interactive speaker panels, networking opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making sure their social media plan is generating leads for their business.

This is YOUR opportunity to discover that one special strategy that could change the game for you… and registration is NO CHARGE.

Grab your spot here >>

See you on February 21st!

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