Selecting a Mic for your Podcast

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Interview with Tiphany Kane

Today I’m chatting with Tiphany Kane about podcasting microphones to help those starting a podcast or who want to upgrade their mic.

Tiphany Kane, M. Ed. is a podcast host, podcast coach, entrepreneur, public speaker, public educator, and writer, who brings her passion for the art of the spoken word to people who need help finding their voice. Tiphany’s mission is to empower and educate women to elevate their voice and story through podcasting, writing, and other media. Tiphany is the co-founder of KaSa Media Productions as well as the host of 2 podcasts; Love & Life After Divorce and Mastering the Podcaster Mindset.

There are two types of microphones: condenser and dynamic. Condensers pick up all the surrounding sounds, but they’re not always ideal for podcasts because they’re more likely to pick up background noise. Many podcasters use dynamic mics, especially if recording from an untreated room, because they will capture your voice without all the background noise.

Both types of mics can either have a USB or Coaxial / XLR connection.

Tiphany was using the Blue Blueberry Mic which is an XLR condenser mic. She recommends the Samsung Q2U USB Mic which is an XLR dynamic mirophone for beginners for it’s low cost and ease of use.

Plus, check out the Zoom Podtrack P4. It is an interface between your mics and your computer. This powerful little piece of equipment enables you to connect your coaxial xlr type mics to your computer and allows you to program sounds, music, intros and outros.

These are the mics I’ve used:

This is the sound board on my wish list:

Rode RODEcaster Pro Podcast Production Studio Soundboard

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