Powerful Podcasting Email Templates Package

Podcasting Email Templates Package

Powerful Podcasting Email Templates Package

Attract Experts to Be Guests on Your Show

You know as well as I do, podcasting is an empowering way to share your message and change the world, one episode at a time. But, it’s not just about creating a podcast…

It’s about creating a GREAT podcast!

Hey Expert Guests, this can help you, too. It’s great to see these behind-the-scenes processes so you know what podcasters are looking for and you can prepare for success.

Let’s face it, Systems Save You Time

I’ve documented my entire process for you! Secure today’s top guests.

Spend more time thriving in your passion and serving the world with your purpose. Do what you love!

Okay, so I’ll get right to it, here’s what’s included:

  • Interview Promo Page TemplateUse this to Promote Your Episodes
  • EMAIL #1 – Request for an Interview Email Template: We made it easy to send your interview requests to potential guests by creating a simple email template you can update and make your own and re-use each time.
  • EMAIL #2 – Follow Up Request Email Template: Following up after requesting an interview is key. Use this template to give your potential guest another nudge. They may have missed your initial request as well so following up can really pay off.
  • EMAIL #3 – Pre-Interview Information Email Template: Use this template as a confirmation with all the details after your guest has agreed and you have selected a date and time. This will let them know everything you need from them and include all the details about the interview.
  • EMAIL #4 – Interview Reminder Email Template: Use this template as a reminder for your guest with all the interview details. Send this email the day before the interview to ensure your guest will be prepared.
  • EMAIL #5 – Invitation to Join Call and Interview Announcement Email Templates: Use these email templates to notify your email subscribers about the interview. One can be used to invite your subscribers to join your interview live.
  • EMAIL #6 – Subscriber Announcement: To be sent to your subscribers AFTER the interview has been recorded and loaded onto your website. Notify them about the episode when the interview is complete
  • EMAIL #7 – Thank You for the Interview Email Template: Following up with your guests is important and you will want to thank them for taking the time to talk with you. You can also share the recording and transcripts with them in this communication as well.
  • Guest Checklist: There is a lot to remember and prepare for when interviewing guests for your podcast. Use this handy checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

You have the ideas, right?

Let’s kick-start your idea into reality!

Maybe you’ve even started writing, speaking and building your credibility & influence.

Now, you just need the tools to push through and make it happen.

Now, you have some options for moving forward:

A. You can continue working on promoting your business and building your brand on your own and juggle it with your other business activities. You might get there eventually, or you might get side-tracked by other things.

B. You can do nothing and go back to what you’re doing now.

C. You can let me give you a helping hand to get the outcomes you want faster and more easily by becoming a podcast guest.

Access this awesome package PLUS our entire member vault of downloads, workbooks, journals, checklists and guides to help you grow your audience, turn your expertise into extra income and monetize your podcast for one low monthly fee…

$97 per month

Today, join for only $7/month.

(Your fees will never go up!)

Once you submit your payment, GO HERE to login and access our extensive library of resources.


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