my Stories Journal

Stories for Podcasters

Infuse mini, memorable stories into your podcast, interviews, talks, books and elevator pitches for more impact.

It’s time to write the story of your life with this guided journal. Compile all the stories from your life and business, for your life and business, in one document.

You can learn from it digitally or print it and fill it out by hand, whichever you prefer.

You will be able to reflect on your relationships, your achievements, and the challenges you faced. And as you do so, think of the lessons you learned and how they can help others.

Create concise stories of each lesson, from the challenge you encountered to the process that took you to the desired outcome.

As you work through the prompts in this journal, record all the important phases, milestones and important aspects of your life, from your business and lifestyle, and from childhood to elderhood.

We hope this journal will be a source of joy and fulfillment as you document your life story. Let’s get writing!

My Stories Journal + Card Deck

Introducing our new card deck filled with creative story prompts! Whether you’re a writer, storyteller, podcaster or just looking for a fun way to spark your imagination, these cards are perfect for you.

With over 24 unique prompts, each card is designed to inspire and challenge you to explore new ideas and concepts. These prompts are guaranteed to bring your stories to life, so you’ll never be without inspiration.

You can use them as social posts, too, if you like.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock your storytelling potential with our amazing card deck!

Story Prompts Card Deck

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