Podfest: Women in Podcasting Track Speaker Notes

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When is it happening:

  • Podfest WIP Track Thursday, May 26 1:30 – 5pm
  • Please be there for the whole track if possible to support your other women in podcasting speakers and panelists.

What I need from you asap by Friday, March 11, 2022:

I need to get this info to podfest asap so they can promote our track:

  • Your name
  • Podcast name and link
  • One paragraph bio (for intros and promos)
  • Any swag bag items you or your sponsors / connections can contribute.  
  • Breakout speakers: title & description of your talk. (@Marine & Melanie)
  • Panelists, please send me your panel tip, method or strategy that will be included in your piece of the panel. I’ll use this in the description.
    • Note: For now, please send me the gist of it now – something you will cover for sure – so I can include it as a bullet in the description for now and then we’ll be working on the full piece over the next few weeks. At the bottom of these notes, you can find detailed instructions on what should be included when preparing your piece.

Other notes:

Marketing Assets:

Join FB Groups:

WIP Track Speaker Meetings:

Book Your Interview for the Women in Podcasting Show:

3 Breakout Sessions

  • Martine Cadet: 3 Social Media Strategies for Building Momentum for Your Podcast  Description: … Content creation that stops the scroll…
  • Melanie Benson:  How to Leverage OPP (Other Peoples Podcasts) to Grow Your Listeners and Attract Hight Ticket Clients
  • Jennifer Henczel: Building a Loyal Community Around Your Message (still working on title)

Panel #1

5 Methods for Mastering Your Podcasting Mindset

  • Martine Cadet
  • Tiphany Kane
  • Wendy Brant
  • Marion Blinkoff
  • Michelle Abraham

Panel #2

Methods for Monetizing Your Message through Your Podcast

  • Melanie Benson
  • Katie Krimitsos
  • Allison Melody
  • Kimmy Seltzer
  • Jennifer Henczel

Preparing your panel contribution: As above, Panelists, please work on your 3 – 4 minute method, strategy or time that will be included in your piece of the panel. In fact aim for 3 or 4. We need time for Q&A.

  • 30 seconds for your intro. Please write it out and test it. Time yourself.
  • 2-4 minutes max for your method or strategy.
  • A minute is about 100 words or 7 sentences.
  • Write it out, speak it out, practice and perfect it so that you can express your essence and absolutely shine on the day of our track. Let’s create buzz and wow our audience!
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