Podcasting + Publishing = Profit

Podcasting + Publishing = Profit

Writing a book and publishing it can be a great way for podcasters to expand their reach and share their ideas with a larger audience

This is a Women in Podcasting event hosted by Melody Owen of Author Nation.

A book is a great companion to your podcast. Turn your podcast into a book! Learn how to infuse stories into your podcast and interviews to be more memorable.

DATES: 4th Tuesday of each month

TIMES: 10:30 AM Pacific | 11:30 AM Mountain | 12:30 PM Central | 1:30 PM Eastern

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HOST: In this event, Melody Owen will facilitate author, writing and book related discussions. She will share a wealth of ideas and information about writing and publishing. Melody Owen is the founder of Author Nation and a storytelling expert. She has helped many coaches, speakers and podcasters get published and become non-fiction writers. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Melody, ask questions and be lifted up by this experience.

Here are some ways that writing and book publishing can benefit podcasters:

Establishing credibility: By writing and publishing a book, podcasters can establish themselves as experts in their field and build credibility with their audience.

Reaching a wider audience: Books have the potential to reach a wider audience than podcasts, as they can be sold and promoted in a variety of locations and formats (e.g. online bookstores, physical bookstores, libraries).

Providing additional income: Publishing a book can be a source of additional income for podcasters, as they can sell copies of their book and potentially receive royalties.

Allowing for deeper exploration of topics: Writing a book allows podcasters to delve more deeply into their topics and share more comprehensive information with their audience.

Enhancing the podcast: A book can serve as an additional resource for listeners of the podcast, allowing them to learn more about the topics discussed in the show.

Overall, writing and publishing a book can be a valuable way for podcasters to grow their audience, establish their expertise, and provide additional value to their listeners.

We’re all about connection, community, collaboration and celebration! Our mission is to help women lift their voices everywhere. You can find support and resources through the Women in Podcasting Network. Join our Facebook Group and Linkedin Group to connect with other podcasters and expert guests.

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