Podcasting on Purpose Masterclass

Learn About Starting a Podcast with Jennifer Henczel

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Discover the transformative power of podcasting in our Podcasting on Purpose Masterclass led by Jennifer Henczel. This masterclass offers a roadmap to launching your own impactful podcast. Jennifer’s expertise will guide you through every step, from conceptualization to set up and audience engagement. Enjoy the benefits of podcasting, including amplifying your visibility, increasing your influence, and building a loyal community. Gain actionable insights, real-world examples, and proven strategies to make your podcast a success. Don’t miss this opportunity for harnessing the full potential of podcasting and elevating your voice and message. Join us now for the ultimate podcasting journey!

Learn about:

  • Starting a Podcast
  • What a podcast is and why you should start one now.
  • How a podcast can help you and your business.
  • Tips and tools for starting your podcast.
  • How to get your podcast distributed on all platforms.
  • Equipment and apps to use.
  • Where to find music and images.
  • Episode workflow
  • and much more!


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Jennifer Henczel

Host of the Women in Podcasting Show

Founder of the Women in Podcasting Network

Community & Resources:

Women in Podcasting Show: Listen to the podcast and watch the videos: www.womeninpodcasting.show

Women in Podcasting Facebook & Linkedin Groups: Connect with other podcasters and expert guests: www.womeninpodcasting.group

Women in Podcasting Network: Our mission is elevating women’s voices everywhere! Join a thriving community of podcasters and expert guests. Make connections in the podcasting industry. Get tools and strategies for starting and monetizing your podcast. It’s a place where podcast hosts can connect, collaborate and celebrate! Whether you’re a new or seasoned podcaster, we invite you to join our community. There will be opportunities for asking questions, offering tips, sharing your episodes, calls for guests, guest applications and helping each other: www.womeninpodcasting.net

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