Podcasting Advice

Podcasting Advice

As the Founder of the Women in Podcasting Network, I can tell you everyone uses Podcasting differently. I successfully use my podcast for building communities, cultivating collaborations and opening doors to amazing opportunities. Here’s what I know to be true:

🎙 Show up. Let your zone of genius shine and be your authentic self, because there’s room for everyone.

🎙 Be crystal clear about your objectives and your niche.

🎙You don’t need permission to take a break and you don’t need to apologize for taking a break.

🎙 If you want to change things up. Do it. Do what works for you.

🎙There’s no right or wrong answers around scheduling.

🎙Consistency can be once a day, once a week, once a month or whatever works for your lifestyle.

🎙Focus on attracting your ideal audience and community building, not numbers.

🎙I look at the stats, but I don’t need to obsess over the numbers.

🎙Using the methods I’ve created, I can monetize with ease, no matter how big or small a podcast audience.

🎙 Meaningful collaborations and partnerships can happen in many forms.

I can help you monetize your expertise and knowledge with multiple streams of income using podcasting as a source of community driven passive traffic & leads. Want a 1-1 Strategy Session with me? DM me if you’d like to know what’s working now.

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