Podcaster’s Kit 2021

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Podcaster’s Kit 2021 is complete for this year. But, join our email list to be notified of the next one!

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Listen to Jennifer Henczel’s interview with Dan Morris, creator of Podcaster’s Kit. Jennifer and Dan answer questions from the Women in Podcasting group and provides tips and advice about starting and growing your podcast, engaging your audience and more!

It’s only available once a year and only for ONE WEEK. Those who got it last year can tell you the value is out of this world. It’s even better this year. Dan and Rachel have outdone themselves once again. It’s a podcaster’s golden ticket to everything podcasting. It’s filled with all kinds of goodies for growing and monetizing your podcast.

42 Top Podcasting Experts from Around The World Have Come Together to Give You a “Stack” of Their Best Trainings and Courses Worth $4,838.

Here are just some of the tools, programs and downloads included:

  • Podcast Influencer Formula
  • Peak Vocal Performance
  • Podcast Guest Management Templates
  • Podcasting Mastermind Triads with Kelly McCausey
  • Podcast Monetization Workshop with Adam Schaeuble
  • YouTube for Podcasters
  • High Converting Podcast Show Notes Masterclass
  • Podcast Planner 
  • Build a Podcast that Drives Leads and Clients.
  • Kickstart Your Podcast with an Engaging Content Strategy
  • Mastering Podcast Equalization
  • Video Production Made Simple
  • Podcasting from Both Sides of the Mic
  • Podcast Guest Release Form Legal Template
  • Independent Contractor Agreement / Freelance Contract Template
  • The 7-Day Podcast Launch Challenge: PLAN IT!
  • Podcasts and SEO
  • Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand Fast With Your Podcast
  • Podcast Pitching with a Media One Sheet
  • How to Leverage Podcasting to Travel the World
  • The Ultimate Podcast Host’s Notebook
  • How to Crush Your Next Podcast Interview Like a Radio Pro
  • Podcast Influencer Formula
  • Templates for Podcast Graphics
  • Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Podcast’s Audience Consistently and Reliably
  • The Small Business Owner’s Podcast Jumpstart Kit
  • Podcasting 101 

…and if podcasting isn’t on your radar YET, because it sounds like an entirely new learning curve, there’s something you need to know…This kit will give you the best shot at starting quickly and successfully.

Why do you need to start a podcast? Well, there are millions of people listening to podcasts on their commute, while at the gym, while mowing the lawn and at work. But, guess what… odds are they’re listening to people teach exactly what you teach (or similar), so it’s time for you to jump in and show up in the space. Your unique voice and perspective matter and people need to hear it.

I want you to be there, and I want it to be really easy for you. I want to help accelerate your learning and increase your credibility.

So that’s why I’ve teamed up as a contributor for Dan and Rachel again this year, because they provide the best bundles for actually getting things done, and done right.

This week you could get every piece of knowledge you would need to make that happen in one package. It’s called Podcaster’s Kit and THIS is the only week you can get it!!

If you have any inkling of maybe creating a show, then you need to at least go see what is in this package. You won’t be disappointed.


Jennifer Henczel

Found & Podcaster

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