Miracle in a Mill: Crushed Alive

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About the Book

Paul Henczel was crushed by 12,000 pounds of wood in a horrific workplace accident. He was rescued after a period of unconsciousness and was rushed to the hospital with multiple severe injuries and organs that were failing. Paul miraculously survived certain death to achieve what most would say was impossible. Learn the strategies he gained from fighting through the challenges of his situation, and reaching for better outcomes than expected.

Miracle in a Mill offers a glimpse into Paul’s story and multiple disabilities. It will inspire and empower others towards overcoming adversity, accomplishing the impossible, and embarking on astounding adventures, while also encouraging those recovering from serious injuries. This experience changed Paul’s life in many ways, and it will transform yours as well.

About the Author

Paul Henczel, BBA is a motivational speaker near Vancouver, BC, Canada. His obstacles have not stopped him from reaching his educational and professional goals, because he believes opportunities create stories and stories create opportunities.  He uses his experiences from overcoming adversity and daily challenges to inspire and empower others to tell their stories. He offers his insights through his website www.storyacademy.ca, and his podcast Surviving to Thriving.




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