Story 01: Supercharged Summary

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A Blueprint for Creating a Powerful Introduction that will Captivate Your Audience

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Supercharged Summary

This workbook and worksheet are for Story #1

DOWNLOAD: Supercharged Summary Workbook

DOWNLOAD: Supercharged Summary 1 Page

Welcome to your first story! We are excited to go on this storytelling journey with you. Enjoy the process!

This is an introduction you can use for networking events, interviews and in all the places you connect with your audience or potential clients.

  • Download this workbook through the above link.
  • Complete all the exercises in this workbook.
  • Write and video record your Story.

TIME/LENGTH:  20 – 60 Seconds

SCHEDULE:  1 – 3 hours for completion. 

EXERCISES:  Complete all exercises in the workbook(s)

RECORD:  Practice and then record your speech on video.

WRITE:  On the last page of the Supercharged Summary workbook, you will see the format used to write and deliver your Stellar Summary.  

STAY WITH IT!  You may find it challenging at times, but hang in there. Having these skills in place will help you in all your other speeches and modules, so please spend the appropriate time and thoughtfulness as you go through this process. It will have an impact on your experience and on the success of your stories, business, and organization. This is your time!

Paul ‘s Story Example


Video Notes: The above video is delivered in the format outlined in the book, as far as having the proper introduction and closing, and requirements of this speech. But, please note, we have also included other elements in this video that are not required. We ‘ve included additional things, such as, video bumbers, music and lower thirds banners.

Video Bumper: Branded intros and outros at the beginning and end of the video. In this video, you can see the Story Academy logo fading in and out with some music.

Music: The music is part of the bumper. You can get complimentary background music from Youtube, or for better quality and more original tracks, check out Jewel Beat.

Lower Thirds: These are the title banners that are about a third of the way up the screen and they usually have writing on them, such as the person ‘s name.

IMPORTANT: You don ‘t have to include those things. You can just do your videos on your phone or in zoom, or something like that, if you want. We have included these extra things to model what is possible for an average person to do, because this program is all about providing you with a well rounded and flexible experience to gain modern storytelling skills. Some people may want to explore the video aspects more than others.

YOUR EXPRESSION: Be creative and express yourself in a way that feels great to you.

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