Story 12: Final Project & Putting it all together

Final Project: Putting it all together

Storytelling. Putting it all together.

This workbook and bonus are for Story #12 – Your final Project! 

DOWNLOAD: Putting-it-All-Together

DOWNLOAD: Call to Action

BONUS: Next Steps

When you put all your stories together, you basically have a signature talk. Use your talk for years to come and put it into a book.

Upon completing the “Putting it All Together” workbook in this section, your assignment is to work on transitions between your stories and your compelling offer at the end. Add any content where needed when writing your final speech project. Then practice, record, and deliver your full talk. Incorporate stories you have created in Story Academy, as possible or as applicable, in your talk, resulting in a 15 – 30 minute talk.

You’re here! You are on your last story, which is really a collection of all your stories. Every talk will have a different focus and objective, so be flexible, remember your audience, show your passion, share your vision, and have fun with it!  We have also provided a next step document to help you find ways to get the message out about your signature story talk, and discover where you can deliver your signature story talk.

TIME/LENGTH:  12 – 30 Minutes



  • Download this workbook through the above link.
  • Complete all the exercises in this workbook.
  • Follow the global criteria and checklist in the Story Academy Manual for this story.
  • Write and video record your Story.
  • Share your Story to your socials, podcast, interviews, talks and as a book.
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