Story 02: Enlightened Empowerment

A Blueprint for Expressing and Fulfilling Your Passion and Purpose

On the top of the world together. A group of people stands on a hill over the beautiful cloudscape.

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DOWNLOAD: Enlightened-Empowerment

WORKSHEET: Power Words


  • Download this workbook through the above link.
  • Complete all the exercises in this workbook.
  • Write and video record your Story.
  • Share your story for feedback.


Upon completing all the exercises in this module, download this 11 x 17” Manifesto Template:


Print it. Fill it in creatively with the answers you have developed throughout the workbook. It’s the same as the last page of the Enlightened Empowerment workbook, but bigger. Have it with you when you record your video and refer to it. You will show this during your video.

Additional Resources for this Story Speech:

Sources for developing your Mission and Vision:

Principles of Management:

Psychology Today:

Your Vision and Mission are only part of your journey. Tap into your passion and purpose even further with your manifesto…. 

Manifesto Examples:

Below are various examples of Manifestos. Every manifesto is different. Some are long some are short. We have provided a framework for your manifesto for this project, but if take a look at these for inspiration. If you see something that makes you want to vary our format, do so. Your manifesto should be from your heart and reveal your passion and purpose. Create what you need to create. Keep in mind that in additional to any visuals you may or may not want to create, you will also be delivering a video expression of your manifesto.

Manifesto Examples: 

Longer Manifestos:

Hostee Manifesto – Thought to be one of the first typography type images to go viral online. Started a movement of text type posts:

JetSet Manifesto

Lulu Lemon Manifesto

Nike Manifesto

Expert Enough Manifesto

Women in Business Manifesto

Just for laughs…

More Manifesto Examples:

Longer Manifestos:

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