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Podcasting Resources

This page is a portal to all the podcasting resources. Find all the links in one place. We 're continually ...

Social Audio Templates Package

Hosting Like a Pro on Clubhouse and Other Social Audio Platforms The Ultimate Clubhouse Templates Package Created by Jennifer Henczel ...

Story Academy

Your Signature Story Success System Learn to tell your story to empower yourself and others. Story Academy is a professional ...
Power Words

380+ Power Words

Thank you for your interest in my guide: "Turbo-Charge Your Personal Branding These 380+ Magnetic Power Words" Download it now ...
Elevating You Mastermind

Group Engagement Posts & Prompts Canva Templates

CLICK HERE FOR THE GROUP GROWTH CANVA TEMPLATES Instructions: Click the link above. It will open in your Canva account ...

Sale Swipe Pack

Downloads Instructions: Click the links to download the files to your own device: Email Swipe Copy Social Swipe Copy CANVA ...

My Stories Journal

Stories for Podcasters Infuse mini, memorable stories into your podcast, interviews, talks, books and elevator pitches for more impact. Members, ...
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