Book Bliss Day 4

Final production, ordering a proof of your book, Self-publishing timeline template, launch parties, and promotional tips and secrets.

We’re talking about getting your proof and author copies, launch parties, best sellers lists, and some gifts I have for you to help you with all those things. PLUS, I’ll do a demo on completing the production and publishing of your book in KDP. PLEASE NOTE:  The mention of the W-8BEN is a tax form for Canadian authors, so that you get your royalties properly. Amazon/KDP will provide it to you.

Day 4 Challenges

In a separate post, share your challenge with hashtag #Day4


  • A. (BEGINNER/INTERMEIATE) Take a look at the self-publishing timeline that I created for you and work out your own timeline. Share with us when your desired release date might be, in a post in the Inspired Influencers group.
  • B. (ADVANCED: I’m ready level) Finish the third tab in your book publishing project and order your proof! Exciting. Share it with us in a post in the group.
  • If you choose, share your challenge and homework responses in this group:

Links, Handouts & Downloads from Today’s Training

Event Buzz: A Blueprint for Filling Your Events

Self-Publishing Timeline Handout

Example of A Book Signing Poster

BONUS! 30 Day Book Planning Workbook from Jennifer’s Story Academy Book Bootcamp Program

ARTICLE: How Bestseller Lists Actually Work — And How To Get On Them

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