Book Bliss Day 2

On Day 2 I’ll give you some writing TIPS, I’ll show you how to prepare your manuscript and uploading it for publishing. We’ll discuss:

  • Book Manuscript
  • Voice to text
  • Creative ideas
  • Table of contents / chapters
  • Quotes
  • Stories
  • Transitions

Day 2 Challenges

  1. Plan out time in the next month when you can spend time writing, formatting, editing and proofing your manuscript.
  2. A. (BEGINNER level) Tell us about where you’re at in the journey in the Facebook Group. B. ( ADVANCED: I’m ready! Level) Or if you’re ready to publish, upload your manuscript to KDP

Share your responses in the Facebook Group with other people participating in the challenge:

Links, Handouts, Downloads & Examples from Today’s Training

KDP Paperback Manuscript Templates

KDP Kindle Manuscript Formatting Guide

Crushed Alive Book – Example, so you can see transitions, front matter, chapter set up, formatting,

Planning Your Best Year EverDigital workbook Example (used as a lead magnet only)

Planning Your Best Year Ever – BONUS! Print Workbook Version in Word Example

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