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Leader Requirements & Application

If you haven’t filled out the leader form yet, please do so HERE. It ensures we have all your proper links and it includes a confirmation of our mutually beneficial agreement.

Update Your Profile

Please update your profile HERE, because you’ll be featured in the regular directories, as well as the Leader directory.


Your Lead Magnet

Please feel free to offer a free lead magnet during your intro and announcements. You can ours examples of ours HERE. Once someone is on your list, you’ll have a better chance of directing them to your products, services and offers. Be sure to use a professional email platform to comply with communication laws. We use Constant Contact.

Notes & Addendums:

  • If you know someone who would like to join the Leadership team, please have them reach out to me HERE.
  • When facilitating an event, if you’re doing introductions and networking, ask if other leaders are there and have them introduce themselves first, then paid WIPN members, then non-paid members.
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