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In this episode of the Women in Podcasting Show, meet Francelyn Devarie, Host of the Life with Francy podcast.

We are thrilled that Francy is leader in our Women in Podcasting community. Her joyful approach and enthusiasm for podcasting is contagious.

Francy is a woman on a mission to be a voice in the mental health community, with a dream to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel. A woman who wants to help others find their purpose, while she is on the journey of figuring it out for herself.

Originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, she grew up with lots of love. As a teenager she moved to the United States and through many challenges held onto the hope that something better would come one day. Now, she shares her self development strategies to help others. She loves having deep conversations about life and learning.

Francelyn Devarie

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Founder of the Women in Podcasting Network

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Francelyn Devarie of Life with Francy Podcast

[00:00:00] Welcome to Woman in Podcasting Show today. I am your host I. My name is Fran Lynn Dari, and I am the host of Live With Franzy podcast, A place where you can find all kinds of conversation, like mental health, self-love, self-care, trauma, hobbies, and more. Ed Moore,

[00:00:28] welcome to the Women in po. Podcasting show. Enjoy inspiring stories, interesting interviews, and powerful strategies from women around the world. Jennifer Hensel Spotlights. Today’s top Podcasters, new podcasters and expert guests get tips for leveling up your life, gaining visibility, growing your business.

[00:00:47] Monetizing your podcast and so much more. We invite you to support women in finding their voice and sharing their passion. It’s all about women empowering women. [00:01:00] As the host of life with Frane podcast, I was invited to be a leader in the Woman in Podcasting show. Giving me the privilege of hosting the Power Networking for Podcasters event, where the podcast hosts get to talk about their show and podcast guests get to share about the expertise.

[00:01:21] It’s a great way to get to know each other. And create some amazing collaborations. Like I have had some guests, uh, from that event on my podcast and I have gone to other people’s podcasts because of that event. And now my co-host, uh, Haiti de La Cruz and I, we’re gonna create a Spanish podcast. So it’s like, it creates great opportunities for people starting out as well as people being in the business for forever.

[00:01:51] But yeah, come and check it out in the woman in podcasting community. Now, a little bit about me. I am originally from Puerto [00:02:00] Rico, but I live in Kansas. I say I am the male lady during the day and a podcaster at night. So I am one busy woman and, uh, yeah. So I, after a long journey dealing with mental health issues, mostly because of my trauma.

[00:02:19] Um, I came across, uh, podcasting as a great tool to help me through my mental health issues, and so it gave me the motivation to start my own podcast in hopes that what I have learned or my podcast guest have, uh, learned. It can be shared and help others not to feel alone that are struggling with depression, anxiety, and things like that.

[00:02:47] So I want to create a community where we support one another in cold life. This thing, cold life. And uh, you know, so some things that have helped me in my mental health journey is like [00:03:00] creating my own survival kid. I call it that. And it’s just five things that I remind myself. When I’m feeling any type of way, um, like reminding myself to take deep breath.

[00:03:14] Sometimes we forget just to how to breathe and just taking a moment to take a deep breath and come back to the present moment. When that doesn’t help, I usually go and start walking. Or if I’m at home, I will definitely have a dance party. Depending on your religious beliefs, uh, you might ask for positive thoughts or for some prayers for your community, and definitely have somebody to help you, uh, in that journey as an emotional supporter.

[00:03:49] And, uh, so yeah, and I also have different playlists on Spotify, you know, to help me depending on the mood. Other things that have helped me [00:04:00] in the mental health journey is journaling, and that’s why I created a community now through Paton to journal with others. So come and check it out. Live Franci on Patreon.

[00:04:15] There. I want to bring monthly events and workshops and things like that of people just journaling together through their emotions. Um, journaling is a huge part of my mental health journey and it can help, um, manage your thoughts. And going through adversity and just bring you to peace and calm and or just give you a different perspective of the situation.

[00:04:44] So if you like journaling, definitely come and journal with me. Also, I have a preview for you guys, and that is the Transform Your Mindset Workbook. It’s just a great way to start your journey towards [00:05:00] having a happy air life and more peaceful. Life through the journal prompts. And so, yeah, so I’m trying to just help people out there and journaling.

[00:05:15] I mean, who doesn’t like to chart out? So it’s a great way to get some of the thoughts out and g help you. Uh, you can find my, uh, Uh, and you can find my podcast live with Franci on every major platform as well as my YouTube channel. I’m trying to bring more content related to mental health.

[00:05:42] And, um, my YouTube channel. So come and check it out. It’s Live with Franzy podcast as well. So thank you so much for listening to another episode of Woman in Podcasting Show.

[00:06:06] Hope you have a blessed day.

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