Leveraging Your Lifestyle Brand with Colleen Gallagher

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Colleen Gallagher has developed a successful lifestyle brand around her life and message. Hear her inspiring story of how she survived cancer at the age of 14, and the experiences that opened up her heart and mind to a new way of living.

Now, she uses her podcast and lifestyle brand to empower people to attain a new found clarity on their purpose so that they can take calculated risks to monetize their life and ultimately impact the world.

The Colleen Gallagher Podcast is in the top 1000 Health & Wellness shows in the world.

Colleen’s greatest success is in seeing her clients’ impact the world in a way that feels good for them.

“There is no better feeling than looking into someone’s eyes and seeing the glimmer of hope that has dropped into their body because they found their purpose and can monetize their life.”

Colleen Gallagher

Colleen Gallagher will also be a keynote speaker at Podfest! I’m so excited to meet this amazing woman life and in person! Her talk title is “Audience Growth How to Create Lifetime Customer Connections through Your Podcast” – oooooo I can’t wait for that, I have got to go to that one – and I’ll be running the Women in Podcasting track.

I’m thrilled to announce that Colleen has generously donated 10 sets of her beautifully designed “Magical Creatures Oracle Deck” for our prize packages at the Women in Podcasting track at Podfest!

Magical Creatures Oracle Deck

The Magical Creatures Oracle Deck are similar to a tarot deck, yet different because they focus on bridging spirituality and business. These guidance cards share messages from the Universe with you so you can improve your mindset, your business, and the adventures you can have in life.

These cards will activate your spiritual gifts to help you grow your income and impact to a whole new level. There are 52 cards with 4 different colored backgrounds, and each card has a different creature that offers a message on it from the Universe.

How to use the cards is simple: whenever you feel called in the morning, at night, during the day, or even once a week, you shuffle the cards and pull a card; whatever message you receive is precisely what the Universe desires you to hear. You can speak the sentence allowed to use it as a mantra over and over again. These cards will guide you to improve your state of being, business, and life by empowering you to experience the next layer of magic, miracles, impact, and success that is available for you.

GUEST: Meet Colleen Gallagher

Instagram: @thecolleengallagher

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/colleengallagher
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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colleen-gallagher-81691661/

Host: Meet Jennifer Henczel

Podcasts: Women in Podcasting Show + Inspiring Influencers Show

Instagram: @jennifer.henczel

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Jennifer Henczel is an award-winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Founder of Women in Podcasting Network and the Women in Podcasting VIP Club.


Jennifer Henczel is the Host & Producer of the Women in Podcasting Show and Inspiring Influencers Show. Join the Women in Podcasting Facebook group to connect with other podcasters and expert guests.

Jennifer’s mission is to lift women’s voices and stories globally. She is known for her ability to build collaborative communities and opportunities for women to connect. Through her Women in Podcasting Network Inner Circle, Jennifer helps her clients navigate all of today’s top mindset and marketing tools to create a client attraction system that works. Jennifer teaches people her Influence Formula, monetizing  their message, building impact & influence, and generating multiple streams of income from their expertise.

Learn about Jennifer Henczel’s Influence formula for gaining 100 paying members in 10 days when she launched her micro membership for her podcast community. She shares her top strategies and will provide you with the tools to do the same.

  • Infuse your passion into your message as the foundation of your movement.
  • Express Your Purpose in a way that attracts your ideal listeners and members.
  • Nurture a loyal and engaged community filled with opportunities for supporting one another.
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration and connection for exponential growth.
  • Create offers that your audience wants right now.

Mini Membership Masterclass

Creating a community of collaborators that generates recurring monthly income.


Hello everyone. This is Jennifer. Hensel welcome to the women and podcasting group. I want to introduce you to someone really amazing. Her name is Tiffany Kane. In the women and podcasting group. I love building communities. I built the group to connect women in podcasting, both expert guests and podcasters.

And I help people with monetizing and growing their podcasts. But I don’t really do any hands-on training for starting your podcast. I have some resources, but when I heard Tiffany was doing her upcoming trainings, I had to let you guys know about it. And so two. Come on up and tell us about you. I know you have a workshop coming up and then you have a course and you know, I just want every, I hope everybody can hear this because this is your chance to jump in because this doesn’t happen all the time.

Right. You only do this a couple of times a year. Is that right? Only a couple of dollars. About three times a year. Yeah. So tell us about the upcoming workshop and online course. Okay. Well, we are thrilled to be teaching it. We, we teach podcasting from a little bit of a different place. We have a mindset first way of teaching.

Um, you know, as well as everybody else, that there are dozens of resources online, where you can say, how do you start a podcast? And you’ll get a list. And, and so anybody can go online and find out how to start a podcast, but what stops most of us from starting our podcast is our mindset. So when we teach people how to.

And how to launch their podcast. We start with the mindset first approach of really, um, looking at what’s stopping us from getting our podcast started the, the, um, the fears that hold us back. And so we, every time before we start teaching you actually how to podcast, we will start each session with mindset.

And so in our course, it’s an eight week long course, and we spend five weeks on how do you launch your podcast? So there’s lots of good technical information on how to actually do it. And we keep the groups really small so that you get really hands-on one-on-one attention. It’s not an evergreen course where you just watch something.

We are super involved and we hands-on. Everybody gets their podcast launched. And we start everything with mindsets. We have three pillars, mindset, content, and production. And so those three pillars are hit in every single lesson. And it’s a really powerful experience. And like you, we are passionate about community and collaboration.

And so that’s that we keep our groups small and we keep them really collaborative. In fact, most of the time people leave our course having new best friends. Like they’ve got new biz besties and new best friends. And, um, we feel like we increase our family every single time we do a course. That’s kind of a little bit of the background of our course.

Oh, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. So you have the workshop. People can jump into the workshop where they can jump. They can do both. They can do the workshop and then go straight to the course if they want. Now, I, I want people to know this can really accelerate things, because like you said, there’s stuff out there.

They can go find it themselves and work through it themselves and try to figure it all out themselves. It’s going to take longer. It’s going to take longer. So you, you can help them accelerate that whole process and actually be giving feedback to them as they’re going through the steps, because really with a podcast, the hardest parts are in the beginning because once you get.

Then the momentum starts and you learn what you need to learn pretty quickly at that point. And it gets a lot easier after you get over those hurdles. So I really love what you’re offering because, well, for one thing, you are a specialist in the mindset stuff because your guy’s, his podcast is. What’s the title of it.

Again, mindset mastering the podcaster mindset. It’s right there in the title. So you guys have, you guys have this mastered and then also the technical expertise that you guys bring from your company. You guys are working with these tools every single day for yourself and your clients. And so your expertise can really help.

Give them a great launch with their podcasts. Now, I don’t know if you know my story, but when I, um, I was, I was working full time for years and had a side gig and it was a part-time entrepreneur. And you know what, the only thing that was holding me back, what people don’t realize is you can get all the technical skills.

The only thing that was holding me back, and this was before I even started my podcast, but just entrepreneurial stuff in general is. You know, when mindset stuff would come up, I would think, oh no, I have that. No, no, no, no. I have, especially when you’re in corporate, you think, you know, all these little mindset tricks and stuff like that.

No, actually the things that were holding me back were like, you were saying those that, um, inner language, some of the blocks, um, Personal development. And that inner journey is a constant path, right? You can’t, it’s not, oh yes, I’ve arrived. And you know, and so for me, I had all the technical skills. I was doing stuff for my clients that I could’ve been doing for myself.

It was only the mindset stuff that was holding me back. And so I want everybody to know that’s a really, really important piece in that you guys are masters in that, and that you can bring all of the aspects. You can bring the mindset. And all the tool expertise. So I really want people to get to know about this.

So we’re going to be putting the links for this in the comments of this video. So make sure you click through, take a look, sign up for the workshops. Complimentary is that right? The workshop is free. It’s complimentary, it’s three days of good juicy stuff. And then it leads into our course, which is eight weeks.

If, if I may tell a little bit about our background, you mentioned the technical piece. So my partner, David. Our students affectionately call him the sexy sound guy. Um, he has 20 years of professional voiceover and dialogue editing experience, and he is passionate about sound and Mike’s he, he has a collection.

30 very high-end unique mix. Here’s an example of one. So, um, it’s sound is his passion. And then I have a background in professional development. So teaching and teaching adults is my passion and, and developing courses. So we make a really good partnership. And one of the big things we work on is we get our students on.

Right away. And we help them with Mike technique because that’s one of the biggest things that people often are using their mikes incorrectly. And we work with that every single session on Mike technique so that you start off sounding great. And like you said, once you get started, you’re fine. It’s usually that first 10 episodes, right?

There’s that kind of sweet spot of once you get past seven or 10, then you’re kind of past the pod pod fade area you’re rocking and rolling. And so we, with this eight week course are here to support you. And then we have a membership at the backend to keep supporting you. So that, you know, you keep learning because honestly you can never know all their Isabelle podcasting, we’re constantly learning.

So it’s really fun. We have a whole ecosystem of support for podcasts. Oh, that’s amazing. And the collaborations that can happen as well. I mean, we’re both going to podcast, so anybody who’s watching this now, if you want to go to podcasts, we’ll put a link for 20% off tickets as well in the comments. And we’re going to have so much fun at pod Fest.

So Tiffany is speaking on my mindset panel for podcasters, for women in podcasting, in our women in podcasting track at pod festival, join us, come and meet us, come and hang out with us. We’d love to meet you and find out about your podcast or the type of podcast you want to stop. Tiffany is going to be there.

And not only that in our women and podcasting track you and your 67 guy are going to be over in the pod lab. Is that right? Yes. So he is teaching editing with isotope, which is a pretty special editing software. He’s going to be teaching that I’m going to be teaching Kemba for podcasters, and then we are on Sunday going to be, um, speaking together about authentically connecting with your podcast audience.

We’re passionate about those authentic connections. So yeah, it’s fun. We’re like three out of the four days or speaking. It’s pretty cool. That’s amazing. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah. So our women on podcasting track is on the Thursday and then those other two talks were on the Friday and Saturday, right?

Uh, he’s Friday, I’m Saturday together. That’s actually, I guess we’re speaking four out of the four days. If you take them both, they’re gonna, everybody’s gonna be tired of us. All right. Well, thank you so much for sharing about that. I hope everybody can sign up. The links are in the comment. And I’ll post this on the inspired influencers.com website as well as a post, as a blog post so that everybody can get the links there as well.

If you can’t find them here in Facebook or wherever you’re watching this, if you don’t see the comments for some reason, go to inspired influencers.com. And click on our blog and you’ll see this post here with all the information and links and how to connect with us and Jennifer, any of your, um, people that come from your community are going to get a special free gift from me as well.

I have a video course on how a podcast can help launch. Your course, I have a nice, strong, beautiful five figure or more launched for your course. And so I would love to give everybody in your community that gift. So if they sign up, they’ll get that gift. Oh, that’s so nice. You know, that’s such a nice gift because there are a lot of experts out there who have been doing online courses or even offline courses, and they want to expand now of course, with everything we’ve gone through the last couple of years into the online world, you know, they’re thinking of doing a podcast or maybe they’ve got their podcasts going because it can create that bridge between what they’ve been doing and how they can get that online and get more visibility.

So thank you so much. What a nice. My pleasure. All right. Thanks Tiffany. Thanks for joining us here and thanks everybody. So if anybody has any questions, I’ll tag Tiffany in this post as well, and check out the links in the comments. Thanks everybody. Bye. For now.

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