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Become an Authorized Women in Podcasting Network Leader (WIPNL)

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Women in Podcasting Leader. These are mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities. Check out the benefits and responsibilities of each opportunity below and then submit your application. We look forward to connecting further.

10 years ago, I was feeling isolated as an entrepreneur and invited business owners in my area to join me for lunch. To my surprise, 50 business owners showed up, and I realized I’m not the only one seeking meaningful connection. That one meeting turned into a group, and that group turned into a thriving network. I planned and promoted over 500 events and ran that network for over 6 years. I then sold that network to one of my chapter leaders.

Now, I’ve built many successful communities and I help others do the same.

Today, my business is primarily online and I founded the Women in Podcasting Network.

I’m telling you the background so you know you’re in good hands. I have the experience and expertise to scale communities and train leaders. I’ve helped hundreds of people monetize their message and expand their businesses. My favorite part of business is aligning and collaborating with others. Let’s lift women’s voices together!

Jennifer Henczel, Founder Women in Podcasting Network | Show | Group


  1. Women in Podcasting Network Chapter Leader in Your City: Lead live in-person networking meetups in your city.
  2. Women in Podcasting Online Leader: Lead online meetings over Zoom in your niche topic.
  3. Women in Podcasting Show: Host an episode or recurring episode.
  4. Women in Podcasting Clubhouse Leader: Lead audio meetings in the Women in Podcasting Clubhouse Club.


  • Be listed in the Leader in directory.
  • Your events will be promoted throughout the Women in Podcasting group, network and email list.
  • Your events will be listed on the Women in Podcasting event calendar on the website and in the Facebook page.
  • You’ll get exclusive Women in Podcasting Leader training from Jennifer Henczel.
  • You can promote your own non-competing business and offers during the meetings 50/50 with WIPN assets.
  • Become part of a supportive, thriving team.

Who is this for?

  • Podcasters from all niches are welcome to apply.
  • We’re looking for people who are passionate about podcasting and meeting other podcasters.
  • Online meeting topics may include things like mindset, motivation, accountability, storytelling, tech talk and related topics that help podcasters to connect and supported one another.
  • These leadership opportunities are specifically open to Podcasters, only at this time.

Who is this not for?

  • We are not looking for podcast or monetization topics at this time.
  • We are not accepting applications from podcast service providers, VAs, guest reps or podcast trainers at this time.

Topics & Niches

We will train you in our proven framework, with plenty of room for your zone of genius to shine!

  • For online events, we’re looking for leaders to facilitate online chats and discussions that help podcasters and expert guests feel supported and connected with topics such as mindset, accountability, motivation and more (submit your idea).
  • For live in-person events, you will lead a meetup for podcasters and expert guests to network and collaborate. These events are primarily focused on networking, but will naturally include discussions around podcasting.
  • You don’t have to be a podcasting expert for the online or live events, but you’ll hold the space for discussions on everything podcasting. We have materials available to help you with ideas and prompts to foster an active community.
  • If you serve a specific niche, we want to hear from you. For example, moms who podcast. Or non-profit podcasts, etc.
  • Feel free to reach out and ask if your topic or niche would be a fit before filling out the application.


  • You’ll complete the required Women in Podcasting Leader training and attend leader meetings.
  • This is a collaboration. It’s a volunteer position. there is no compensation for leading the meetings.
  • Online and offline meetings are conducted monthly or quarterly, based on your preference and availability.
  • For live in-person events, you will lead a networking meetup for podcasters and expert guests.
  • For online events, you’ll deliver a brief 5 min chat, talk or training and then facilitate discussion on your niche topic.
  • You will follow the Women in Podcasting meetup format and policies. For example:
    • You will mention your offers and the Women in Podcasting assets in equal proportion, using our protocols and system.
    • You’ll mention the Women in Podcasting Network Membership (www.womeninpodcasting.net), Women in Podcasting Show (www.womeninpodcasting.show) and Women in Podcasting Group (www.womeninpodcasting.group).
    • You can mention your own non-conflicting business and offers. But, you cannot promote other people, apps, tools, events, offers, coaches, or affiliate links.
    • Full training and details on our proven system will be provided. Feel free to contact us for more context if needed.


  • You must be a Women in Podcasting or Elevating You Club member to apply. If you’re not a member yet, JOIN HERE
  • You must be a podcaster – beginners to seasoned professionals are welcome to apply.
  • For online events, you must have zoom experience.
  • For offline events, you must be willing to promote the event and invite people from your local area.
  • You must have a social presence on today’s top platforms with public profiles and no fear of using social to share WIPN events and happenings.
  • Share your applicable events 2 weeks before, one week before and the day before and day of with the zoom link.
  • Participate in the WIPN event page that we set up each month. Use the invite feature to invite people and engage with those interested in attending.

Do not

  • IMPORTANT: Many of the strategies and systems are proprietary from Jennifer Henczel’s many years of community building experience. So, you are not permitted to share any of the processes, steps, strategies, tools or templates with other groups or networks, for any reason. That includes all marketing, community building and scaling strategies, steps and systems.
  • You cannot be a leader in this group and in what might be considered a similar or competing network at the same time. If you join another group as a leader, let us know immediately.

Apply to Become a Women in Podcasting Network Leader

Only move forward with this step if it feels right. Take a look over the application and then feel free to reach out with any questions. We will contact you if your application is accepted.


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