Women in Podcasting Network

Being a podcaster can be isolating. That’s why we created this community of women supporting women. We’re all about podcasters connecting with other podcasters & expert guests. Connection and community are everything!

Join the Women in Podcasting Network

Join our amazing community of Women Podcasters & Expert Guests!

The Women in Podcasting Network is a collaborative movement where members inspire and encourage each other. A trusted place for finding a network:

 New connections and collaborations.

 Guests and guest opportunities.

✔ Peers, experts and leaders just like you!


Member Perks

✔ Directory of Podcasters and Expert Guests.

✔ Get access to all of our templates, workbooks, training handouts, checklists, guides, textbooks, videos and audios.

✔ Introduce yourself and your podcast in the Facebook group in an individual post – others can only engage in the comments.

✔ Additional promotional and collaborative opportunities, as they arise.


Let’s grow together

This membership is for podcasters and expert guests from all niches who are ready to increase their influence and impact.


Get the Tools, Templates & Programs You Need When You Need them

Get your directory listing up and dig into all the tools and resources:

Podcasting on Purpose – Start up Workbook, Checklist, Glossary and tips for starting a podcast.

Grow Your Business as a Guest Expert – 100 page manual plus tools and email templates for getting more guest gigs.

Podcasting Pack Canva templates for your cover art and for promoting episodes

Powerful Podcasting Templates – Email & Content Templates for attracting and connecting with high level guests.


You don’t have to go it alone

Connect with other vibrant podcasters and guests, just like you!


Connection, Collaboration & Celebration!

Join us on this journey!

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