International Podcast Day

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Images you can post and things you can do to celebrate International Podcast Day

Get Involved with International Podcast Day! Today is International Podcast Day! Below are some images you can share on your socials and ideas you can do to celebrate being proud to be a podcaster (scroll to the bottom).

  • Use #InternationalPodcastDay to engage with others worldwide talking about the event.
  • Share how podcasting has helped you, your life or business? What opportunities has it brought your way.
  • Grab your mic and camera, ask someone about their favorite podcast. Share the response on social media!
  • Join in numerous events in your region and around the world.
  • Explain to someone what a podcast is and how to find podcasts.
  • Share your favorite podcast with someone (coworker, friend, teammate).
  • Send feedback to your favorite podcasters and tell them thank you.
  • Provide a rating and review in Apple Podcasts or other platforms.
  • Subscribe to a new show and talk about it.
  • Encourage others to listen to podcasts or to lift their voice and start podcasting.
  • Not a podcaster? Become one!

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

30 VIDEOS: NEW! CLICK HERE for our pack of international Podcasting Day Shorts / Reels / Stories

  • These videos are in a Canva folder that you can open with a free account.
  • As a result, these videos are not editable.
  • For videos to be editable, you would need a paid account.
  • We made them with everyone in mind, so that anyone can open and download them with a free account.

IMAGES: Gallery of International Podcast Day images you can share on your socials. Click on the image to see the full image and for a larger size:

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International Podcast Day post inspired with permission by Daniel J. Lewis

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