How to Bring Files into Descript from SquadCast

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Arielle Nissenblatt from Descript will tell us all about how to use Descript with Squadcast

Yes, Descript just added Squadcast! Now you have complete recording and production solutions at your fingertips. Do everything in one place from editing to production and promotion.

In this episode of the Women in Podcasting Network, Arielle Nissenblatt, a seasoned podcaster and expert in audio editing, shares valuable insights on seamlessly creating and editing Squadcast recordings in Descript, an all-in-one recording and editing platform. Podcasters can publish projects, collaborate with team members, and export files in various formats, enhancing the overall podcast production process. With Arielle’s step-by-step guidance, podcasters can transform their raw audio and video files into polished, engaging content.

Arielle’s expertise provides a valuable resource for podcasters seeking efficient ways to edit their Squadcast recordings. Her insights empower podcasters to elevate the quality of their content, ensuring a captivating listening experience for their audience.

Key Take-aways:

Squadcast Integration: Arielle highlights the integration between Squadcast and Descript, emphasizing the ease of bringing Squadcast recordings into the Descript platform.

Editing Options: Explore Descript’s wide array of editing tools, from basic audio cleanup to advanced customization, enabling you to tailor your podcast episodes to perfection. See the diverse editing capabilities within Descript, including video and audio editing, transcript refinement, and the option to edit waveforms or mp3 files.

Customization and Enhancements: Arielle discusses the ability to customize recordings, such as cropping visuals and refining audio quality. She shares tips on using features like studio sound and creating engaging audiograms and videograms. Make your podcast visually appealing and shareable on social media platforms.

Integration: Utilize the integration between Squadcast and Descript to effortlessly import recordings for editing, streamlining your podcast production workflow.

Collaborative Possibilities: Leverage Descript’s collaboration features to work with team members, ensuring a collaborative and efficient editing process for your podcast episodes.

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[00:00:00] What’s up women in podcasting network. My name is Arielle Nisselette. I am here to tell you how to bring your files that you’ve recorded on Squadcast into Descript. Descript is now an all in one recording and editing platform. You can record in Squadcast with as many guests as you like, up to ten people in a session.

[00:00:31] Then you can bring those files into Descript. You can edit video and audio. You can make audiograms. You can do so much. In this short video I’m going to tell you how to bring those files into Descript so that you can do whatever you want with them. So we go to squadcast. fm We log into our account. I’ll pause here to say that if you don’t yet have a Squadcast account, but you are already using Descript, you can now have a free Squadcast account.

[00:00:55] All you have to do is connect your accounts. I will share a link that explains [00:01:00] exactly how to do that. Once you have created your Squadcast account, you have created your sessions, you’ve recorded some of those sessions, now you’re ready to edit. Go to squadcast. fm, log in, and then select the session that you want to.

[00:01:14] For this demonstration, let’s edit this conversation that I had with my colleague, Christiana. We can preview those files over here. Looks good. Hi Christiana! Let’s check out Christiana’s file. Okay, she looks good. So we like those, let’s bring those over into Descript. I click them because I want to edit them together.

[00:01:36] And one very easy, obvious button allows me to decide if I want to edit video and audio, edit wave only, or edit mp3 only. I’m gonna edit video and audio for this. It’s going to start the export process. It is then going to give me the option to edit on the desktop app or on the web. I like to edit on the desktop app.

[00:01:56] So it takes a few moments to get those files transcribed, but that’s [00:02:00] pretty much it. It is super easy. In the meantime, I will title my project. I’m going to say Christian and Ariel. And once everything is brought into Descript, I can get my edit on. What I like to do, crop us a little bit so that you can see both of us at the same time.

[00:02:21] And then I start going through my transcript and making sure everything looks good. Christiana, how are you? I’m awesome, how are you? Once I have made all of the edits that I want to make, sometimes I like to put on studio sound, depending on our audio quality. Sometimes I cut out my ums and ahs, sometimes I do not, depending on the interview.

[00:02:41] Sometimes I like to create audio and videograms in this situation. I just wanted to show you the process of recording on the podcast and then bringing those files into Descript. And there you have it. When you’re finished, you can either publish your project, you can invite a collaborator by pressing this plus button up on the top right of the screen, or you can export your [00:03:00] file, video or audio, or…

[00:03:01] Any of these many other options, and that’s it.

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