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Here’s another place where you can see how your podcast ranks. It’s one of many metrics, but it can give you an idea of where and how to grow your podcast. Look up your podcast and claim it. I’m happy with how my podcasts are ranking compared to other high profile podcasts with much larger audiences, but it also motivates me to keep growing it.

Global Rank: The Women in Podcasting Show is one of the top 3% most popular shows and the Inspiring Influencers Show is one of the top 2% most popular shows out of 3,090,002 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

What is Listen Score? Listen Score (LS) is a metric that shows the estimated popularity of this podcast compared to other rss-based public podcasts in the world on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher, the more popular. Calculated from 1st and 3rd party data. Updated monthly.

See our shows as examples:

Listen Notes Women in Podcasting Show Ranking
Listen Notes Inspiring Influencers Show Ranking
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