Grow My Podcast Summit

Grow My Podcast Summit

If 2023 was meant to be your year to start, grow or monetize your podcast, now is the time to take things up a notch, and I’ve got just the thing:

The Grow My Podcast Summit starting on May 1st:

Over 3 days – May 1st to 3rd – Deirdre Tshien, Co-Founder of Capsho and Host of the Grow My Podcast Show, will be bringing you interviews with 42 industry experts (including yours truly).

I’m thrilled to be invited to speak again this year with today’s top podcasting experts. Deirdre has brought even more key industry players to the table!

With this line up of amazing speakers, you’ll learn everything you need to know on how to start a podcast, grow your audience and create leverage to supercharge business growth.

42 Experts! I’ll be joined on stage by some of the best industry leaders on topics such as:

  • Edutainment: The secrets to sticky podcasting with Dave Jackson (My mentor!)
  • Setting up your podcast funnel with Kate Erikson Dumas
  • Conversion through self-sponsorship with Kevin Chemidlin
  • The secret to being discovered with Vinni Potestivo
  • How to create your podcast newsletter for authority impact with James Cridland
  • Your misdiagnosed podcast growth problem with Seth Silvers
  • 10X your podcast business without 10X your time with Katie Krienitz Krimitsos
  • Multiply your podcast reach with PR with Lauren Passell
  • The power of podcast reviews for credibility with Alex Sanfilippo
  • LinkedIn’s goldmine for podcasters with Judi Fox
  • Elevate your podcast’s Google presence with Jason Barnard
  • Boost your podcast’s in-app ranking with Alexis Hue
  • Creating compelling video with attention resets with Luis Camejo
  • Podcast success with short-form video with Austin Armstrong
  • The power of cross promotion with Jonathan Barshop
  • Turning audience awareness into action with Katie Brinkley
  • How to use web ads to grow your show with Mike Wiston
  • Why Facebook ads won’t grow your podcast (and what to do instead) with Andrea Sodergren Vahl
  • Professionalizing your podcast with Arielle Nissenblatt
  • How to build your list through audio with Nora Sudduth
  • How to become a sustainable millionaire: Premium Audio Continuity with Vince Green
  • How to turn your podcast into an audio course with Samantha King
  • Viral newsletter marketing secrets with Wilco de Kreij
  • Passive podcast monetization with John Kiernan
  • Turn your guest spots into content vaults Christine Amerman
  • Creating leverage through relationships with Larry Roberts
  • Using your podcast for course sales with Jeremy Enns
  • Affiliate marketing for your podcast with Jenny Nicoll
  • How to never have a sales conversation again with Aleasha Bahr
  • Creating a scroll-stopping podcast with Angie Griffith
  • The Podcast Tour to grow your business with Kelly Mosser
  • The Hidden ROI in Podcasting with Bryan Barletta
  • Achieving broadcast-quality audio in under 10 minutes with Chris Mottes & Nick Dunkerley
  • The secret to cutting down your editing time with Colin Gray
  • Performance-driven podcast collaboration with Nate Toews
  • How your podcast can be your VIP backstage pass to profitability Phil Pelucha
  • Leverage interview skills to build credibility with Michael Anthony
  • The power of partnerships for podcast growth with Courtney Elmer
  • Identifying & implementing the highest ROI actions from this summit with Jhana Li
  • How to profitably outsource your podcasting workflow with Steve Stewart

Wow, right!? And of course, my presentation…

Creating a Compelling Elevator Pitch for your Podcast.”

From the ins and outs of podcast player SEO to building your podcast sales funnel, the secrets to cutting your editing time while getting broadcast-quality audio and even how to create a successful audio course!

The best part? It’s totally free! But, save your spot now:

If you do sign up for the VIP, let me know, because I have a secret bonus for you. Reach out to me if you upgrade to that level and I’ll send it over (psst if you like Canva templates for growing your audience, you’re going to love the bonus).


Jen xo

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