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How to Get Guest Gigs Checklist” ($97 Value)

Today we want to chat about how to get your first booking as a Guest Expert on a podcast, an online summit or live in-person event. Being a Guest Expert can:

  • Increase your visibility with a new (and engaged) audience
  • Establish your credibility with that audience
  • Increase traffic to your website from new sources
  • Grow your email list and leads (when you offer a free gift to listeners)
  • Build relationships with a new audience (especially since they’ll hear a real person)
  • Make more sales of your products and services,… since you’re reaching a whole new audience

You can achieve all that through being a podcast guest, with barely any effort or cost!

That’s because it doesn’t take much preparation to be interviewed off-camera, and you need very little technology of your own.

But, being a Guest Expert only works if you PICK the right podcasts, summits or events and PREPARE properly, and follow-up.

We’ll cover these steps:

  1. Learn how to be a great guest
  2. Identify your goals
  3. Find your target audience
  4. Research and find podcasts and events that share your audience
  5. Make your pitch and get interviewed.

JENNIFER’S NOTES: Today we want to show you how to get started doing this. And if you listen through to the end, I’ll tell you how you can monetize your interview opportunities.

All the strategies we mention today can be used to land podcast guest spots, being featured in summits and booked as a speaker for live in-person events.

We’ve both spoken at and recruited for all of the above. You can use our framework to find, identify and connect with event and show organizers of all kinds, online and offline.

In fact, I (Jennifer) have personally planned and promoted over 500 events, and It was a constant challenge to find speakers who were prepared and able to meet the requirements. So, we know what it means to be both a great guest and to choose great guests.

Being an expert guest involves more than just knowing your topic or being passionate about an issue. If you want to make maximum impact and have adequate reach, then you’ll need to follow the steps we’re going to present to you today.

Fortunately, we have ample experience to help you through this, step-by-step. Here’s what we’ll cover today:

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How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts & Booked for Speaking Gigs for More Visibility, Leads and Sales

PAUL’S NOTES: When I first started speaking, I started small and then moved to bigger and bigger events and stages. My first time speaking was for my book launch. From there I spoke at multiple smaller gigs in front of smaller audiences, like meetups. I was also interviewed on various podcasts, radio, local TV, and other online events.

One example is when I spoke online to Penn State University. I also filled out lots of speaking applications in the beginning that fit my talk. From there I was invited to speak at various large International Conferences.

Starting small was important because it allowed me to get my feet wet and hone my skills, so I didn’t become too nervous and anxious…

This helped me to gain confidence. I didn’t just start out speaking at large International Conferences. Starting small gave me the space to learn how to:

  • Prepare and do research for the places and audiences I was speaking in front of
  • I learned how to script and memorize my talk at first, so I could get more and more comfortable with the content.
  • I learned to customize my talk to fit with the different audiences.
  • I learned how to craft my story in a way that was compelling, so I could come across as more personable and relatable. I was able to land more and more speaking gigs because I had a well crafted story.
  • Then practiced, practiced, and practiced some more.

The real turning point for me was doing my Ted talk. I ramped up my preparation and received valuable coaching.

I want to mention that the timeline from my book launch to speaking Internationally was only two years. I started from being an injured mill worker, knowing nothing about this industry, to now being an International Speaker. If I can do it, so can you!

I was able to accomplish that because Jen really helped me. Her systems really do work!

Go get our full framework in the form of time-saving templates, workbooks, step-by-step processes and procedures for really moving the needle in your life and business.

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

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