Descript Deep Dive 5 Day Challenge

Descript Deep Dive 5 Day Challenge

Elevate your Podcast Production & Promotion

Descript is the future of Audio and Video Editing!

Imagine this: upload your audio or video, generate a transcript and then effortlessly delete any unwanted words, right from within the transcript. Yes, it’s that simple! You edit the video through the words! What!? It’s truly mind-blowing!

It’s an AI way of editing. It’s a HUGE time saver. Remove video backgrounds, filler words & background noise. Clone your voice. Use the power of AI & skip the hard parts of editing.

Do you see the possibilities?

Beginners to experts will benefit from this challenge. It’s happening November 7-11

Descript is so powerful and robust that I have been curious of how I can get the most out of it specifically for my podcast and show.

So, I gathered these amazing women together to show us everything podcasters need to know to take their podcasting production to new heights.

Learn along with me, as I ask the questions that podcasters need to know to get the most out of Descript.

I’ve just been using the basic transcript function, which is amazing – what a time saver! But, I know there’s so much more in Descript for podcasters. Not only to save time, but to maximize production and ultimately attract more of my ideal audience to my podcast and show.

Each day your hosts, Jennifer Henczel and Deborah Cole, will introduce our amazing speakers, who will be sharing their wisdom and tutorials about Descript.

Take a look at our topics:


Make Your Show Notes Shine and Uncover the Power of Transcripts

with Jennifer Henczel of Women in Podcasting Network

Co-hostest with the Mostest & Descript Expert

Descript’s Podcast Revolution: Why Top Voices Are Switching

with Deb Cole of Living in the Future

Mom, Entrepreneur & Descript Expert

Your Secret Weapon for Editing Out “Ums” and Pauses in Your Podcast

with Khadijah Phillips of Besties In Business Inc

Special guest speaker from DESCRIPT!

Crafting Engaging Social Media Posts for Your Podcast with Descript

with Arielle Nissenblatt of Descript

Podcast Producer & Descript Expert

Create Podcast Video Clips in 3 Easy Steps

with Simona Costantini of Costantinii Productions

AI & Descript Expert

How to Create Your AI Voice Clone with Descript

with Alicia Lyttle of Monetized Marketing LLC

Special guest speaker from DESCRIPT!

How to Bring Files into Descript from SquadCast

with Arielle Nissenblatt of Descript

Imagine how much time you can save with this skill!

As you can see, this event is designed to benefit podcasters at every level, from beginners aiming to launch their first episode to seasoned experts looking to refine their craft.

We’ll have challenges for you every step of the way, too.

Of course, everything I do always involves a way to get people connected, so we’ll be posting all of the speaker links with each of the replays so you can meet each of them.

We’d love for you to join us!

Have fun, learn stuff that will save you a ton of timeshare your creation, and make some new connections.

Cost: FREE


Our mission extends beyond these sessions; we’re here to elevate women’s voices everywhere. Your message matters, and together, we’ll make sure it resonates far and wide.

Hope you can join us!

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