Descript Deep Dive 5 Day Challenge

We are thrilled you’re here!

Our “Descript Deep Dive 5 Day Challenge” will help everyone from beginners to experts with elevating your podcast production & promotional efforts. Elevate your Podcast Production & Promotion!

Each of our amazing speakers will be sharing their wisdom and tutorials about Descript in our groups throughout the challenge:

(1.) Join us in one of our Facebook groups Women in Podcasting or Elevating Leaders to see the lives. We’ll roll out trainings from our experts every day live in the groups.

(2.) RSVP in the Facebook Event and see who else is going.

(4.) Bookmark this website, because after the challenge you will find all the replays from our amazing speakers here. Support elevating women’s voices!


This learning opportunity is hosted created by the Women in Podcasting Network and Elevating Leaders Network. Check out our VIP membership and communities:

Join one of our communities to access all our tools, templates and trainings:


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