Watch & Download: Podcaster’s Elevator Pitch Pack

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Podcaster’s Elevator Pitch Masterclass

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Podcaster’s Elevator Pitch Worksheet

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, an elevator pitch is a powerful tool you can use to you grow your podcast and your business. Watch the training 👇 and download this worksheet for creating your compelling elevator pitch today:

Copyright: You can use the above worksheet for your own purposes to develop your own pitch. You do not have permission to distribute or resell the worksheet.


Want more amazing tools to create a movement with your message?

My Stories Journal + Story Prompts Card Images

Infuse compelling & memorable mini stories into your podcast, interviews, talks, books and elevator pitches. Get a full workbook, story prompt cards and a VIP next level elevator pitches training.

OR #2 Get everything above, plus the “My Life Story Journal” Canva Templates to use in your own business, and more!

My Life Story Journal + Story Prompt Cards Canva Templates

Get the Canva Templates that we used to create the My Stories Journal + Story Prompts Cards. Brand them with your own logo and style. Use them for your own learning and with your own clients & members.

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