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Podcasting on Purpose Masterclass

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IMPORTANT: (1.) Please bookmark / save the videos directly in Youtube in order to view them in the future. The Podcaster’s Kit has an end date and at that time this page will disappear. You can download all your goodies below and keep them forever, of course, but in order to see the videos beyond that date, you’ll need to subscribe to them in Youtube. Just save them to a list or take note of the youtube link. (2.) Please note that the Podcaster’s Kit offer does not come with a membership and all our member perks, only the specific video and files offered in the special. We are providing all the advertised downloads and some extra unannounced bonuses on this page, but no free memberships.

Links & Resources Mentioned in the Video

Libsyn: Podcast Hosting

Power Words: This is to help you with identifying your core words for titles, content and branding.

PodPage: A website building platform specifically for podcasters.

Canva: Create captivating designs with ease.

Envato High quality stock photos, graphics, videos, templates and much more.

Descript: AI Audio and Video editing, transcribing and audiograms. You can edit your audio by deleting words from your transcript – ya, it ’s totally unreal and saves so much time!

Headliner: Create audiograms. Turn your audios into videos.

Women in Podcasting: Connection, Community and Collaborations.

Elevating You Club: Group coaching, mastermind style group

Zoom: Share your message through video conversations.

Constant Contact:  Capturing leads, building your List and cultivating relationships.

Complimentary music from Youtube

REMINDER: Also, don’t forget to set up accounts Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

DOWNLOADS: Podcasting on Purpose Workbooks & Checklists

Created by Jennifer Henczel

Download instructions: Click on each of the links below and save each item to your own computer.

Podcasting on Purpose Workbook

Podcasting Checklist

75 Tips from Podcasting Experts & Famous Podcasters

Podcasting Glossary

11 Ideas for Monetizing Your Podcast

More trainings and downloads to help you with growth, monetizing and community building:

Elevator Pitches for Podcasters & Expert Guests

14 Lead Magnet Ideas for Podcasters & Expert Guests

Podcaster’s Affirmation

Building community around your podcast

PLEASE NOTE: These downloads are for you and your own personal learning only. You cannot resell these downloads. You cannot share these templates with others. They are not for resale or redistribution in any way. These links and files will be available for a limited time, so please download them now to your own device.

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Podcasting Pack

Podcasting Canva Templates for Promoting Your Podcast with Ease

Be inspired by our designs. Customize them with your images, colors, fonts & logos. Be empowered to promote your podcast like a pro.

So many people are adding podcasting to their business right now. These templates work for anyone with any kind of podcast, audio or web show.

Grow Your Business with More Guest Gigs

Borrow other people’s audiences.

Learn How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts & Booked for Speaking Gigs for More Visibility, Leads and Sales

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