Founder’s Story

You can hear Jennifer Henczel’s story in this episode of her podcasts.

Jennifer Henczel is the Founder of Women in Podcasting Network where she helps leaders to increase their impact and influence.

Jennifer has 20 years of business and training experience. After a tragedy in her lift, in 2012 she finally took her business from pt to ft. She founded a well known business hub called Connect Now Business Network as a circle of support for business owners. She started with one event and quickly grew the network to multiple chapters throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, BC Canada area. She created a leadership training program, where she trained other business owners to plug into her system of using networking events to grow their businesses.

She initially created the network after experiencing a tragedy in her own life, and had become stuck behind the screens, as many entrepreneurs can do. Although it was difficult to make the transition, she discovered that we all need connection.  As a result, Jennifer has become an advocate for collaboration over competition. She fosters an inclusive culture and encourages people to build their business through building relationships. She believes that people want to connect, and that all humans need deeper connection to thrive. Since then she has created many communities.

Now, she leads the Women in Podcasting, She created the community to connect with other women podcast hosts and expert guests. It is the joy of her life to connect with others and lift women’s voices everywhere.

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