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I love creating opportunities for people to fill their business, while being fulfilled. It’s important to me to facilitate a culture where people are inspired to realize the best version of themselves, while making meaningful connections with others. I believe that when we operate from intentions of collaboration and community, and what we can give and not just take, that reciprocity is a natural reaction of the universal. What we create will flow back to us. Connecting and collaborating is vital to the well being of our life and business.


I live to inspire and encourage others, while being a catalyst for change in a better direction. Women in Podcasting Network and Elevating You Mastermind offers opportunities for meeting other professionals and business owners through live meetups, and professional development events, and online business networking.  Diversity is very important in our networking community. See our Diversity Statement.

My mission is to lift women’s voices everywhere. The purpose of my membership is for making connections, exchanging referrals, and enriching the community. Visitors experience a warm and welcoming, yet well organized and professional environment. It’s a place where people can get build valuable connections, while learning and having fun!


From my passion for connecting with people, and connecting people with others, I created a large business network in 2012 with multiple groups in cities throughout my region in BC, Canada. I’ve planned and promoted over 500 events.

I sold that network, and I’ve created many communities since. What I found out is that for anything to work, you need to be part of a community.

Now, I exclusively work with leaders who want to start their own communities and create movements from their message.

I created my business from scratch, and continue to grow my influence and reach through the proven strategies I’ve created. Are you interested in plugging into my system? Join today!

I hope you will join me in this journey.

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