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Words of Wisdom from 7 Women Podcasters

These women podcasters answer the prompt “Because of my podcast…” Hosted by Jennifer Henczel. Meet Jennifer and her guests Martine Cadet, Melanie Benson, Kimmy Seltzer, Tiphany Kane, Michelle Elise Abraham & Marion Blinkoff. Be inspired by the opportunities they’ve created for themselves and others by showing up and using their voice.

I invited each of these women to be featured in the Women in Podcasting track at Podfest. I’m thrilled to share the stage with each of them. See our Women in Podcasting Track schedule at Podfest HERE. Be sure to connect with each of these women in podcasting here and join us at Podfest for a time of connection and celebration. Get 20% off of Podfest tickets with this discount link:


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Jennifer Henczel, MC & Track Leader

Podcasts: Women in Podcasting Show + Inspiring Influencers Show

Instagram: @jennifer.henczel

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Jennifer Henczel is an award-winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Founder of Women in Podcasting Network and the Women in Podcasting VIP Club.


Jennifer Henczel is the Host & Producer of the Women in Podcasting Show and Inspiring Influencers Show. Join the Women in Podcasting Facebook group to connect with other podcasters and expert guests.

Jennifer’s mission is to lift women’s voices and stories globally. She is known for her ability to build collaborative communities and opportunities for women to connect. Through her Women in Podcasting Network Inner Circle, Jennifer helps her clients navigate all of today’s top mindset and marketing tools to create a client attraction system that works. Jennifer teaches people her Influence Formula, monetizing  their message, building impact & influence, and generating multiple streams of income from their expertise.

Learn about Jennifer Henczel’s Influence formula for gaining 100 paying members in 10 days when she launched her micro membership for her podcast community. She shares her top strategies and will provide you with the tools to do the same.

  • Infuse your passion into your message as the foundation of your movement.
  • Express Your Purpose in a way that attracts your ideal listeners and members.
  • Nurture a loyal and engaged community filled with opportunities for supporting one another.
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration and connection for exponential growth.
  • Create offers that your audience wants right now.

Melanie Benson

Podcast: Amplify Your Success

Instagram: @coachmelaniebenson

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Melanie Benson, Authority Brand Amplifier for Expert-preneurs, shows you how to stand out in a crowded market and attract 5 Figure Clients. Melanie has a proven track record of accelerating results for her clients (it’s not uncommon to see 3-5x revenue increases in the first 6 months.) She’s host of Amplify Your Success Podcast, is author of Rewired for Wealth, co-author of’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business, and has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman’s Day, and Parenting.  Access her 7 Step Plan to Add Another 6 Figures with High Ticket Clients at

Martine Cadet

Podcast: Visualize and Create Show

Instagram: @martine_cadet

GIFT: Content to Conversion

Martine Cadet is a Social Media Content Coach, Creator, Author, Professional Speaker and Professor. Martine helps her clients convert viewers into paying clients organically using social media.  With Martine’s content strategies, you will never run out of things to create, and you will be confident in connecting with your audience by mastering the skill of storytelling on their social platforms. Martine is the Founder and owner of Kaderique Media, LLC a Boutique Digital Media Agency supporting small business owners brand themselves online and expand their visibility.

She spent the following years honing her podcasting expertise and founded the Florida Podcast Network in August 2017. A Floridian since 1982, creating a network centered around her home state was a natural fit. She then began growing her FPN vision into a reality, by helping local brands and businesses get into the space and propel Florida’s entrepreneurial prosperity forward through the power of podcasting! Horse Radio Network founder, Glenn “the Geek” Hebert, now travels around the State with Jaime as cohost for FPN’s flagship show, Finding Florida, and they also host Florida Podcasting News. Most recently, she launched People of Florida as her first solo show in over two years!

Kimmy Seltzer

Podcast: The Charisma Quotient

Instagram: @kimmyseltzer

GIFT: Free Style Guide –

Kimmy Seltzer is a Confidence Therapist, Authentic Dating Strategist and Image Expert.  With a vat of knowledge and experience as a therapist, certified style coach, dating coach, and matchmaker, she has helped people find lasting love and connection, attract success and build valuable relationships using her unique “confidence makeover” process. Using an outside-in approach, Kimmy implements targeted style, emotional and social intelligence in people’s lives using her signature formula, “The Charisma Quotient,” working on body language, first impressions, image/wardrobe and flirting and how it impacts attraction. This Los Angeles-based expert travels the country helping people discover confidence, charisma and connection as a speaker at National Matchmaking Conferences, eHarmony, Neutrogena, The Guild at Universal, UCLA and iDate. Kimmy is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post with appearances in Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, AskMen, Fox News Magazine, Yahoo and the Washington Examiner, among a myriad of other publications. Kimmy has been the leading love expert on the traveling live dating show The Great Love Debate, ashow on Amazon Live with SwayTv, Kimmy’s Love Hub and the cable reality series, The Romance. You can also listen to her on her podcast, The Charisma Quotient and regular Ask Kimmy segments on the Chaz and AJ Morning Show on 99.1 PLR and 95.9 The Fox.

Marion Blinkoff, Podcast Producer

Podcast: Life is Awesome

Instagram: @saul.blinkoff

Marion Blinkoff started her career as an Associate Producer at Walt Disney World working on Disney/ABC Network concert specials. Also a Production Supervisor at Viacom’s Noggin in New York and Manager of Production at Disney Channel on branded programming. Marion is the Podcast Producer to her husband Saul Blinkoff’s empowering and inspiring podcast called “LIFE OF AWESOME!”  She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, 4 kids and a puppy!

Tiphany Kane

Podcasts: Radical Audacity + Mastering the Podcaster Mindset

Instagram: @podcastermindset

GIFT: Leveraging Your Podcast to have a 5-figure Course Launch

Tiphany Kane, M. Ed is the “Heck Yes!” Coach. Tiphany is an entrepreneur, podcast host, public speaker, and professional development expert who utilizes her passion for the art of the spoken word to amplify women’s voices in business and in life. Her mission is to empower and educate women to elevate their voices and stories through podcasting, writing, and other media. Tiphany is the co-founder of KaSa Media Productions as well as the host of 2 podcasts: Radical Audacity and Mastering the Podcaster Mindset.

Michelle Abraham

Podcast: AmplifyYou


GIFT: Profitable Podcaster Toolkit

Michelle Abraham is an international speaker, Podcast Producer and voted #14 of the top 50 Moms in Podcasting in 2020 and 2021 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2021. Michelle is the Category Director for Kids and Family for Podcast Magazine and is also the host of Blissful Parenting Podcast. Michelle is the Founder of Amplifyou. Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit Tv Show Shark tank says Amplifyou is North Americas Top Podcast Management Company. Michelle and her team have launched well over 300 podcasts in the last few years and her team manages about 70 shows on a weekly basis. Michelle began her work in the Podcast Industry in 2012 after becoming a new mom and falling in love with Podcasting as a loyal listener! Something unique about Michelle is that she doesn’t just speak about a freedom lifestyle she lives it! Her and her family live off the grid on the boat access side of a lake you’ll find Michelle driving her kids to the school bus by boat or jet ski all while running a 100% online multi 6 figure business!

Amplifyou is a Podcast for helping Entrepreneurs with a Big Vision and a Big Message make a Big Impact with Podcasting. Behind the Mic episodes share stories of success from Podcasters who are making a difference in their listeners lives and impact in their business. To Grow Market, Market, Manage or Monetize your podcast listen in to the Ask the Expert Interviews to give you the tools to make your podcast journey a success.
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Welcome to the women and podcasting show. My name is Jennifer Hensel. I’m so excited today to bring you another group of amazing women podcasters. You just need to meet every single one of them. Some of them I’ve known for years and have collaborated with them. They’re awesome collaborators. And now I’m also going to be able to meet them in person at pod.

Yes, I’ve invited each of them to join me in the women in podcasting track at Podfest, Podfest is happening may 26 to 29th in Orlando, Florida. You can click the link in the show You’ll be able to get 20% off your tickets and join us there. Oh, it’s going to be so exciting to see people live and in person, but today I want to introduce you to each.

Not all of them can make it in this episode. Some of them will be having an, a separate episode. It was hard to get there’s 10 of us. So it was hard to get all of us in one day, but you’ll be able to get to meet all of them before Podfest. And then when you get to Podfest, it’s going to make it even better because you’ll be acquainted with each of them.

But even if you can’t make it to Podfest please join us for this episode. Listen to the interview because you’re going to want to connect with them. Anyways, I’ll have links to each of them in the show notes so that you can get connected. Enjoy this interview with my Podfest women in podcasting track speakers.

Welcome to the women in podcasting show. Enjoy inspiring stories, interesting interviews and powerful strategies from women around the world. Jennifer Hensel spotlights today’s top podcasters, new podcasters and experts. Get tips for leveling up your life, gaining visibility, growing your business, monetizing your podcast, and so much more.

We invite you to support women in finding their voice and sharing their passion. It’s all about women, empowering women. Wow. We are going to have such a good time in Florida at Podfest. But for now I want everybody to meet you, even if they can’t make it to Podfest, I’d like for them to be introduced to you so they can connect with you.

So let’s start with Martine, introduce yourself and let everybody know. Thank you, Jennifer. Very excited to be here. Can’t wait for Florida. My name is Martine cadet. I’m a content creator and strategists. What I help my clients with is creating content that converts organically. It’s all about the quality, not the quantity, right?

And so I’m excited to share my tips and my, my, my, um, information in regards to creating great content for you to promote your podcast. Awesome. Thank you so much, Martine, up next, Tiffany Kane. Tell us about you and your podcast. Hi, I’m Tiffany cane. I’m the heck. Yes, coach. I have two podcasts because I love podcasting and I’m a little crazy and I love coaching people on creating their own podcast.

So one of my podcasts is radical audacity in loving life. Living that amazing. Radical life. And my other one is mastering the podcast or mindset specifically for podcasters and our big mindset issues that we all have to work through to continually crank out our amazing content and connect with our audience.

Awesome. Thank you so much. Kim’s seltzer. Introduce yourself. Yes. I’m Kimmie seltzer and I am a dating strategists, competence, therapist, and image expert. And I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s all to say that I help people look and feel their best. So they attract what they want. And I have a podcast called the charisma quotient.

And what I’m going to be talking about is how to sell high ticket coaching. To really like increase your sales and convey a know like, and trust factor so that people want to move on with you. And on top of it, how to look and feel your best while you’re on camera while doing podcasting too, because it’s all part of attraction.

Right. So that’s what I’ll be. Thank you Kimmy up next. Michelle Abraham. Hey Ron, Michelle Abraham here. I’m the founder of amplify you where we help entrepreneurs launch, manage and market their podcasts so that they can have a more successful business and grow their business with that, like know trust factors using podcasts to grow their audience.

So I’ve been podcasting for a long time, started in 2012 and just excited to see the growth in the podcast. Base. And I’m really excited to share some of the things around mindset of podcasting. And it took me four years to launch my podcast. Guys. I want to just share some things that I see still happening and stopping people with brilliant messages and, and just to get it out there in the world.

So there’s a lot of things that hold people back and it’s all those same things that held me back as well. So I’m excited to be here and thanks for having. Yay. And Michelle was just on my local podcast panel, which was for the Fraser valley. That’s sort of the area where I live in. We live in the same general region around Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Michelle was so awesome on that panel.

I just had to invite her she’s well, a well-known podcast consultant and service provider in. In Canada here and throw the U S so I’m so thrilled, but it’s going to take me three flights. Is it taking you three flights to get there? Michelle, I can meet you. And a theory though, and a theory I got to get to the very first and then the flights were going to lung journey together.

And so grateful for that. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be worth it for sure. Up next, Melanie Benson. Tell us about you and your pod. Hey, Jennifer, I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing panel. Melanie Benson, I’m known as an authority amplifier for expert based entrepreneurs. And my podcast is amplifiers success.

Uh, I like to highlight people who have found a way to amplify the reach of their message and to be able to make a greater difference and grow their profits and scale their business in the process. So that’s the people we feature. That’s the audience we created. And connect with, and I can’t wait to share some of the tips I’ve learned about leveraging other people’s podcasts and audiences to help people grow their podcast.

Oh, that’s amazing. And your podcast is one of my favorites of all time. I just, I love your podcast. Thank you. Amplify your success. It is so awesome. And you pump out those since I’ve known you, you have regularly pumped out your episodes. A really good example of consistency. So thanks for being here and thanks for joining us in Florida.

We’re going to have so much fun. All right. So who’s up to us. Marion Marion blink cough. Yes. Marion is a producer. You guys, and I’m so excited. She’s here with us. Marianne, introduce yourself. Tell us about you and your podcast. I beautiful, powerful ladies. This is such a treat for me. Unlike the rest of you.

I am behind the scenes. I don’t have my own podcast. I am the podcast producer of my husband’s podcast called life of awesome, which as you all know, it takes a village. So it is a family affair. But I am not on camera. Normally. I am not in front of the camera. I’m not in front of the voice of the podcast, but I am behind the scenes.

Life of awesome was born out of the pandemic. Um, Realizing that the neat I’ll tell you similar to Michelle. This was a podcast in the works four years ago when my husband was on another, um, very successful podcast called don’t keep your day job by Cathy Heller. And to this day, it’s one of her most best performed, um, podcast episodes, which is in good company.

Uh, so she was saying way back then. So you have to start a podcast. For years in the making here, we are life of awesome launched a year ago. We just celebrated our one-year mark. And, um, and it’s really celebrating the successes of everyday life. It’s it’s celebrating successful people, but who are not only successful at their careers, but really successful at life and talking about meaning and fulfillment through storytelling and.

And examples of wisdom through movies and film and animation. My husband’s a storyteller at Disney and, uh, that’s where he’s spent most of his career and me to the early days now, a mother of four and a, a pandemic puppy mom. And I’m helping behind the scenes producing podcasts, getting our interviews out there, getting him out there, um, as well as, uh, putting the messages out there on social media.

So I’m thrilled and honored to be a new. Among you beautiful women on this panel. Thank you, Jennifer. Have frat. Oh, so thrilled. You’re here and we’ve been connected for a couple of years through the women on podcasts in group, on Facebook. And I love seeing Saul’s stuff pop up. You guys do such a great job.

It’s so positive and just really energizing. So thanks for sharing your voice. All of you have amazing podcasts. I’m just so thrilled that we’re all going to get to meet in person. And so what I want to know, what I want to ask you now is. Because of my podcast and fill in the blank, you know, how are you helping people, reaching people?

What are you, how is it helping your business to so give us any insights you want to share so that people can really see how a podcast can help them if they don’t have a podcast yet, or for those who have a podcast, maybe they’re struggling and anything you say could really help. Martine fill in the blanks because of my podcast.

Well, before I fill in the blanks, I have to talk about my podcasts. I didn’t even know, mentioned it when I did my intro. And so my podcast is called visualize and create it’s essentially what I have used. That’s my motto sitting in my nine to five cubicle, uh, when the light bulb turned on and I’m like, okay, I have to start visually.

Where else can I be other than this cubicle? And I started to create. And so my podcast is all about curating, amazing people from all walks of life, to come through and talk about how they’ve been able to create their lifestyle, whether it’s their business or health and whatnot. Um, and, and by visualizing it first and creating it.

And so because of my podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to really build on. The speaking business and also building my confidence, right. As an entrepreneur, um, being out there and really getting better at networking, I have to say, um, and I’ll leave you with this because of my podcast. I’m feeling dual blanks here.

I’ve been able to convert clients. I’m not going to lie. It’s happened. It’s happened. And I love being on podcasts myself as a guest. Um, it’s such a great medium to build a personal, uh, bread. And so I feel. I think. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you so much, Martine. Yes. And you would bring so much energy to, it’s really a fun podcast to listen to.

Thank you so much. So Tiffany Kane, this question is so amazing and rich and juicy, and I could talk for hours probably about, because of my podcast. I feel like every single thing in my life has changed. From the ground roots level of my personal confidence, my personal I’m opening my circle of friends and influence.

And that, that just the people, you know, when you bring people on your podcast and they’re experts in their field, it’s like getting a college course every single time somebody comes in. So I feel Richard. Personally because of my podcast, I get to reach out to people, amazing authors, amazing coaches, amazing people that are just overcoming so many things in their life that I would never have reached out for.

Had I just stayed in my public education career because of my podcast. I am not signing. Contract for my public education career. And I’m going full time into my business that I got to start because of my podcast, which is a media production company. Helping people tell their stories and get their voices out.

I specialize with women and their second act kind of how I’m in my second act who are waking up and saying, wait, okay, I’ve done everything I should do. And it just doesn’t quite feel right. Life is a little bit gray. I want to live in Technicolor. How do I do that? And so I am the heck yes, coach helping people to live life in Technicolor, helping people to live like.

Beautifully. And so many times that happens because of a podcast, because we get to tell our stories and I can continue talking, but I’m going to let some of the other ladies talk. But, um, yeah, you can tell, I just love podcasts. Awesome. And I just loved it. We probably, you and I might know each other, the least amount of time, but we connected right away and we got on an interview together and we were like geeking out about Mike’s.

You can hear that episode in the women in You can go listen to that episode. If you want to know more about mikes, Tiffany brought all her expertise. It was such a fun episode. So up next, Kimmy seltzer. Yeah. And I’m so happy that I’m going after you, Tiffany, because you were the person you live and breathe Technicolor.

I just want to like highlight the fact she walks the walk and talks the talk. We just did a podcast together. And that is one of the advantages of, you know, having a podcast is connecting with amazing people. I mean, I think I’m echoing everything that everyone’s saying, but because of my pod. And networking.

And the connections that have been made have been just off the charts, you know, and I’ve been doing this for about five, six years. And because of that also how I’ve been elevating my voice, you know, on top of it as an expert, as an influencer, but also the know like, and trust factor as I was talking about before with my clients.

So I think the biggest advantage for me that I found is that sale. It’s so much easier when they listen to your podcast. Right? Cause they, they actually use my language. I don’t even have to when I’m on a sales call. So if you are selling a high ticket coaching program, it’s almost like effortless, you know, if they want to move on and, and be with you, just a cute, funny story to end on.

I was picking up a call the other day where I offer these free break through calls. Right. And that’s. Really I saw and there was this woman, her name was Betsy. And I said, hi, Betsy, how are you? And there was nothing on the other line. I thought, you know, maybe I had the wrong number. And also she’s like, no, no, no, don’t hang up.

I was just that I’ve been listening to for so long. Like I just got freaked out that you said my name. And it was like, that’s the kind of thing that happens over and over again where, you know, it’s like, Everybody’s friend and they really trust you. So to me, that’s priceless. And if anyone, I encourage anyone who is thinking about using their podcasts to leverage their coaching program, there’s nothing like it.

No, that’s such a great point. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that up next is Michelle. Sure. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I can also echo everything. All these ladies are saying. Um, because of my podcast, I’ve been able to speak in seven from countries about podcasting. I’ve been able to launch 300 shows and help 300 people’s voices be heard and make an impact in their world.

Um, and because of my pocket, I am now able to, well, actually this is funny, just what Tiffany was saying. I think because of my podcasts, one of them is called blissful parenting. And I do that podcast purely because I become a much better parent. There is no other reason for doing that podcast other than I get to glean all the expertise of these amazing parenting experts hour after hour, each week.

Awesome. My other podcasts amplify you is really the tool I use to grow my business. And I love that and they wouldn’t have been able to grow my business without the podcast first. So using the podcast, I’ve been able to offer and lead with service. So that’s the one, the main thing for me, because of my podcast.

I get the lead with service. I’ve never had the, uh, no to, would you like to come and be on my podcast? It is like, The question you can ask to open doors and it would start relationships and get to know people on a accelerated level. Having an hour of hot conversation on a podcast is it’s, it’s like 10 coffee dates all in one.

So there’s been so many collaborations in my business. I would not have be where it is without the collaborations that have come from meeting people and interviewing them or going on other shows and being interviewed on podcasts. Oh, that’s so awesome. You know, Michelle, I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you, but through the pandemic, I had three different people contact me saying, remember that workshop you had with Michelle Abraham way back in, what was it?

  1. I finally started my podcast. Three, three people. It’s just incredible. The connections we make through this medium is just amazing. Melanie Benson because of my podcast. I have so many things I could share. I’ve been podcasting since podcasting really started like 10, 11 years ago. Uh I’m on my second podcast.

And one of the things I can say about because of my podcast, I was able to. Trick like transformed the road warrior mode of being everywhere to speak and share my message, which wasn’t what I wanted anymore to having a way to share my message from like one room where I don’t have to get on a plane. And I am I’m impacting the lives of people all over the world.

Like are my show. I feel so grateful. It’s steadily staying in the one point by a percent range of top podcasts all over the world. We’re in about 30 or 40 countries now I can’t even keep up. But it is so fulfilling to know that I’m able to transform lives and not have to leave my, my desk anymore. Um, the other thing that I’ll just echo a couple of really extraordinary insights that has already been shared.

My podcast is like my warmup act and. I have found accidentally, like I didn’t really start. I started my podcast to open up collaboration opportunities. That’s truly what I started for. I wanted to collaborate with other people. I knew it was one of the most impactful to give an opportunity, a platform to somebody else and to open up that the energy of reciprocity.

And I just knew. I knew it was going to be an easy way to create new collaboration partners. What I, what happened as a result of starting my podcast was how many times somebody would hear me speak on someone else’s podcast. They would come binge my podcast and then say, how do I hire you? And so I felt like it was just such a powerful.

Authority and credibility enhancement process. It just kept me going and thank you, Jennifer, for that lovely compliment. Uh, we, we have a machine called how do we produce the podcast? And I think it’s one of the things that helps the podcast be successful is the podcast goes out with, or without me, like, it’s just, is this going to go and having a machine built around it, I think is one of the little secrets to having a podcast that.

Keeps growing and you don’t get into that pod fade mode so I could share a gazillion, other tips and insights, but I’ll save them for when we get to pod Fest. Yes. Yes. I hope everyone can join us at podcast. So thank you so much, Melanie. I love your points to. Everybody we’ve interviewed, we’ve stayed in touch with and done amazing collaborations with that interview really forms a bond.

I know you and Martine were some of the first ones we had on our inspiring influencers podcast. And you guys were such pros and, you know, Melanie you’ve helped me over the years. I remember when I first learned about audio grams, I said to Melanie, how are you doing that? What is that? And she said, oh, it’s called an audio graph.

Use headliner and to generate audio grams. So, oh, Melanie, you’ve been such a help to me. And so up next, Mary and blink off tell us because of my podcasts. Wow. I’m so inspired by what everyone just shared. And there’s so many directions to go in here. Um, but similar to medicine. Uh, my husband saw, had a speaking career prior to the podcast.

Um, he traveled the world. I got to travel a bit with him as well. And book those gigs, sharing his story. It’s basically called my Disney tale of how he achieved his dream of becoming a Disney animator. But what happened and when I’m packed at what unfolded was, as he was sharing the story and people were asking why you want a Ted talk, or why aren’t you having written your book, or why don’t you have a podcast?

Um, He was realizing as he was sharing his story messages that he was struggling through at the time it could have been parenting lessons. It could have been career advice. It could have been, um, marriage stuff. Uh, it could have just been self-growth and self-improving. So as he writes his episodes, I noticed a growth in him, which is very beautiful and personal to me that he’s reminding himself what he needs to hear.

And he’s bringing on guests, like for instance, part of his Disney tale story. And if you come to pod Fest, you’ll hear it on Friday. He’s sharing it on the main stage. Is that. He saw a movie that changed his life, a few of them, and I’m not going to get, take you through the whole story of how he wanted to become a director.

And then he realized you could combine directing in animation and you wanted to become an animator. And then he saw the movie that did it all because he didn’t get into Disney right away on his first time. His second time, third time. Um, he did similar to the movie. Rudy, have you ever heard that one?

Yeah, a lot of thumbs up. So it’s the movie of the football player. Who’s five feet, nothing. Not a speck of athletic ability and he wants to play football for Notre Dame. He’s not even all that smart, but he perseveres, he perseveres and he doesn’t give up on his dream similar to my husband. Hence Rudy Ruediger the real Rudy was our first guest on the podcast, which was super meaningful personally and professionally.

I used to be a producer at Disney and I took a hiatus as a mom of four and I was home. Raising my children, but it’s been really impactful to see not only soul inviting certain guests that had an impact on his life personally, but now that we’ve opened the doors of networking and collaborating, and I recommend to all your listeners to get on clubhouse, that was a really, really good, um, outlet for us to.

Share on stages and get on other people’s podcasts and just get the message out there. I think, you know, everyone has a stage with a voice podcast, clubhouse stage jumping on social media and sharing your voice that it’s really important to remember and remind ourselves, everyone has a story to share, and everyone has an impact.

And everyone has growth to get through on their own. So it’s a beautiful combination. I think podcasting has really opened the doors for more personal and self-growth development, as well as, um, making incredible connections along the way. Oh, so inspiring. You guys just inspire Paula and I so much. We need to swap interview still.

Yeah. All right. So I wanted to just close today’s episode just by getting your last thoughts. Anything you want to add, let’s start with Tiffany, Tiffany, anything you want to add? I want to add what an honor it is to be with these amazing inspiring women because of you, Jennifer. I have. Had the privilege of having several of these limited on my podcast, I’ve been on their podcasts.

I’m just, it’s so exciting to be meeting new, powerful, beautiful, influential women that are making a difference in the world and are getting more women’s stories told. And that to me is the biggest honor of all. We’re not being left out of the history books anymore. We now have a platform and we are making the difference in the world.

In the way that women should make a difference in the world. And that’s just really exciting. Uh, if more, if more people would like to get in touch with me, I do have a video course that I’m, uh, giving for free, which is about how having a podcast can help you to have a five figure course launch. And just like, you’ve heard so many people talk in this group, it’s kind of like, it’s a natural people just want to buy what from you when you do a good job with your podcast, because they feel so connected.

And so I have a little video course about that, that I’d love to share with. Oh, that’s such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much. I’ll make sure to put the link to that in the show notes. Thank you for sharing. And thanks so much for your kind words. You know, I just love creating communities and I love connecting people and you know, I’m not the most confident person.

I’ve always struggled with my self esteem and, you know, have all the issues, anxiety, and things like that. But you know what, just showing up, if you just get yourself to show up that. 80% as they say, right. Just showing up as 80%. And then if you can just show up it doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Right. And that’s what I love about our community. We’ve just all accepted each other. And you know, I feel like I found my home. This is totally my tribe. So I’m so honored as well to have all of you here. So, Martine, yes, this is what I would love to leave everybody with you’ve listening right now. Your voice is powerful.

Okay. And I have to tell you, even for me, Jennifer, I could definitely relate when you say, you know, I was never. That type that was confident and loud. And you mentioned at the top of the conversation, the energy, right, that developed over time and as a result of making the decision of showing up authentically myself, because for a long time for you listening, the takeaway here is, and first of all, come to podcast to see us.

So you can build that confidence to share your podcast and started if you haven’t done. So yet what’s important is showing you. As yourself and letting yourself also evolve right over time because the podcast and sharing your voice and having other people come on and having those conversations is going to help yourself development.

And so I am all about content. I’m a social media, creator and strategists. And so what I’d love to share with you is my mini book. It’s my very first one. It’s called content to conversion is social media content for beginners. And so if you’re stuck, trying to figure out how to show up, right. Um, this is a great book for you.

It’s 3,400. So very easy to read. I gave you a framework and if you come to podcasts, I’ll answer your questions. If you have any, oh, I love that so much. What a nice gift. That’s so nice. Thank you. I’ll make sure to put that link in the show notes as And I just want to let everybody know Martine is going to be leading a.

Whole segment, a whole breakout session. You guys, you can just come and see Martine at the women and podcasting track at pod Fest and get to meet her and see her speak and get all her tips. She is amazing. So up next, Kimmy cell, sir, do you have anything to add any final words? Idle words of wisdom, what, you know, it’s funny, the power of not only connection, but the synergy.

And that’s why I love, like, there’s a message that’s collective here. Cause I was going to say thing the same thing about connection and the power of networking and you know, my tagline on my. Podcast of the charisma quotion is to build confidence, make connections and find love. And I find that what shows up in dating shows up in business, right.

And, and how we use connection to build our confidence. Right. And, and to create love. And it can be love for women love, you know, it comes in many forms, but one of the things that, um, I find so powerful is what. When you have those connections, because entrepreneurship is such a lonely field. Like we all get into it thinking we’re going to have these like open, flexible lives yet it can be really lonely.

And so when you have opportunities like this to connect on, on a podcast at pod fast, if there’s nothing like. There is nothing like it, the energy that that comes from it. So, um, that what I want to offer is I, when it comes to networking and first impressions, I’m really big on style because I am an image consultant and.

Does pertain to when you’re networking in a group, but also when you’re on a podcast and how that also can make a great first impression. So the style guide that I’d like to offer everybody so that, you know what flatters your figure, what to stay away from, what colors to wear all of that. And you just can go to Kimmy forward slash style.

Oh, nice. That’s perfect. I’ll put a link to it in the show notes too, just for everyone’s convenience, but thank you so much, Kimmy. All right, Michelle Abraham, any closing words? Oh my gosh. It’s just seems all about connection and it’s so true. Like, I can’t say enough about the power of connection through casting.

That is so, so impactful and so powerful. And I just want to say the whole rest of the podcast. Three is really focused on download numbers, but I think as women in podcasting have it right, we’re focused on the relationships, right. And the relationships that you can make through the podcast. And I think that’s fine.

I swim and do so well at that. Right. And we’re natural connectors. We naturally want to see each other succeed. So, um, my one advice is don’t wait till it’s perfect to start a podcast. If you haven’t started it yet. And don’t give up, if you have started it in. Uh, does it need to pod fade out that which means you saw after a few episodes?

All it takes is a little refresh, reignite ignition realignment with what you really want to talk about and keep going. So don’t wait for years, like I did to start your podcast, your voice, and your message is much needed in this world. And I have a profitable podcast or toolkit that I’d love to offer everyone.

And inside there is actually a 21 days where I helped one of my clients go from idea to launching your podcast, plus tons of tools. Templates and all sorts of crazy stuff. Plus some tickets to some other things we have like the podcast sales machine and how to Palooza. So that’s all inside the podcasts.

There’s a toolkit. So please join me there. And I can’t wait to see you guys at a pod fests. And if you need some help with your show notes, I’m doing a workshop at pod Fest about how to do great show notes. So come and join me there as well. Thank you so much. And Michelle, you’re going to be on our mind.

Panel right. Podcasting mindset. That’s right. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Wonderful. Thanks Melanie Benson closing. I second, the whole community, that was like one of the special bonus gifts from starting a podcast, but I actually want to just kind of part with a slightly different, um, Idea. And that is for most of us, especially a lot of the clients I work with.

We know that there’s something much bigger than us. That’s guiding us to show up every day and to get our message out in a bigger way. And I specialize in helping people that feel like a best kept secret, become like a go-to authority in their field. A podcast is one of the most powerful ways that you can.

Stretch into that greater capacity to make a difference in the world and monetize your work. And I just can’t say enough that if you’ve been holding back from stepping into that podcast and starting that podcast or being consistent with that podcast, the world needs what you do and who you are. There are people that are searching for and craving and, and struggling with something that you were put on this planet to do.

So. Get that podcast going. If you’re not ready to do a podcast, get on other people’s podcasts. We need to make a greater difference. We can come together and collectively impact the world. Um, my tip, my resource that I would love to share is I have a framework that I have been using successfully for 15 years now.

And I now teach to my clients. It’s a seven step framework to leverage other people’s audiences. Podcasts are one of them to add another 125,000 to your business or more each year. And I would love to share it with you. If you had to amplify with, you can get it for free. And I know Jennifer you’ll link it up in the collective group of resources as well.

It’s a very powerful. It’s a proven strategy that I use over and over and over again, whether I want to ramp things up or I’m starting something new. I use that same framework. Oh, what an amazing gift. Thank you so much, Melanie and Melanie Benson is going to be another one of our breakout speakers or breakout sessions.

All about opp. Right? What is the title again of your second? Uh, how to leverage opp other people’s podcasts to add another six figures to your business, or maybe even seven, depending on where you’re at in your trajectory. Right. So fun. That’s going to be so awesome. I can’t wait for that session. I can’t wait for all the panels and sessions.

I’m so excited, Mary and blink off any closing words. Um, I just like to say that, um, I’m just fully inspired. I can not wait for pod Fest to see you all on your stages on the panels and just take notes because I’m like right here in my brain. Um, but I just want to say that I want to remind all of your listeners just to make sure that.

And we reflect and we remind ourselves every day that no two people are alike. Everyone has unique purpose. Everyone has unique story. And, um, there’s this quote I love to share with share with our kids. Margaret Mead says your unique and special. Just like everyone else. You’re unique and special, but so is everyone else.

You’re part of a larger whole, like this women in podcasting community, we need each other, we need to lean on each other. And my husband gives this great example of the, uh, example in lion king, taking responsibility, you know? Sure. Uh, also should mention, or I’m cutting up together. This. Footage. He was just in the world, happiness summit.

It was just a huge honor to be part of down in Miami. And you know, the ultimate message is yes, happiness is a choice, but also want to remind everyone that, um, taking responsibility is a choice and it’s living a life of purpose, living a life of meaning. Living a life of serving is much bigger than all of us, and it’s a bigger opportunity for happiness.

And that’s where it really comes from taking responsibility. The world through podcasting is huge outlet for that. Oh, so wonderful. So much wisdom here. So much wisdom and the women are getting the party started at pod Fest. Our session is going to be on may 26, the Thursday, may 26 from one 30 till five pod Fest itself goes from May 26th through the 29th.

So we really hope you can join us there, but otherwise. Connect with these women, I’m going to have links to all of them and all their socials and their websites in the show Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you everyone. Tiffany Michelle, Martine, Melanie Kimmy and Marion bye for now.

Okay. So don’t forget to join us in Florida. If you can make it and click the link in the show for 20% off your ticket price, I would love to see you there at pod Fest expo 2022. Thank you for listening to today’s interview. You can find all the links we mentioned today in the show notes at women in podcasting dot.

We’d love your follows, subscribes and positive reviews. They help us to elevate women’s voices everywhere. I invite you to join our community in the women in podcasting, Facebook group, and VIP club at women in podcasting duck club.

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