50+ Must Have Packages from 50+ Experts

This only happens once a year, so I wanted you to be among the first to know about it. It’s the 2024 BC Stack! Plus, it’s the 10th Anniversary! So, it’s even more overflowing with learning and connection opportunities than ever. It’s only available until June 16, so grab your copy now:


What I love about podcasting that makes it different than all other mediums… We are what people go to when they want to be inspired or informed. Our our voice is in their ear when they are working out, mowing the lawn, jogging and cooking. Same for being an expert guest on other people’s podcasts.

No one else gets that kind of full focus.

But on our side of the fence, the actual audio content is almost the easy part. The hard part is the 998 other skills we must have to get people to find our show, listen and subscribe. And because there are 998 other things, we normally go first to the tasks we understand. If we get Facebook, we build big communities there. And if we get Youtube, then we spend our time on YouTube.

But what could we do if we understand how to use them all proficiently?

Where would your business be if you could get radio and TV to promote you whenever you wanted?

What if you could be getting more downloads immediately?

What if you could learn how to monetize with a mastermind group or 1-1 coaching?

How many products would you have right now if you totally understood how to make books, guides, journals, games or lead magnets with ChatGPT fast?

How awesome would life be if you could get Adobe Fire or MidJourney to create images for you that were exactly what you wanted and were copyright free?

Where would you post videos if you totally understood YouTube Live, Instagram, Reels, and IG Broadcast Channels?

What if you suddenly understood how to do Facebook Ads without losing your shirt? What would you try first?

If you knew how to tweak the signature line of your emails to convert more sales, would you?

That’s just the beginning.

What I’m trying to say is your podcast and business would do wonders if you could do all these things, and more.

That’s why I want you to grab this year’s BC Stack (the 10th Anniversary Edition).

All these things I’ve told you about, you’ll learn in this year’s Stack… and about 50+ more things (Sales Funnels, AI, SEO and so much more).

You only have until June 16th to get it. Then it’s gone forever. Look now to see it all before it’s too late.

I’m thrilled to be invited back as a contributor again this year. Dan & Rachel always do an amazing job of gathering experts who have a heart to serve.

The BC Stack always gets rave reviews and you won’t be disappointed:




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