Women in Podcasting Awards Category Descriptions

Awards Categories

These are the Women in Podcasting Awards categories. Nominees can choose one category to be listed in per $10 registration. Below is an expanded explanation of each category. The descriptions are not exhaustive, but provide examples to help guide you in choosing the closest category that matches your podcast.


Best Broadcast: This category is for channels that do not have an RSS feed. For example, if you are just on Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, X, TikTok, but you consider your show a podcast. We will expand this category next year, if it is of interest.

Expert Guests

Best Expert Guest: Guests from all categories can choose this option for an opportunity to win a Women in Podcasting Award.


  • Best Arts & Design Podcast: Artists, poetry, painting, sculpture, performance art, digital art, artistic techniques & practices.
  • Best Authors & Books Podcast: Writing, publishing, book clubs, by authors for authors.
  • Best Automotive Podcast: Cars, engines, racing, vintage, car culture, automotive technology, car modifications, classic cars, motorsports.
  • Best Business Podcast: Interviews with business experts, business owners, entrepreneurship, startup success stories, innovation in business. negotiation skills, team building techniques.
  • Best Careers Podcast: Getting hired, promotions, resumes, workplace tips & strategies.
  • Best Coaching Podcast: Coaching practices, techniques & exercises. For coaches by coaches.
  • Best Comedy Podcast: Stand up comedy, funny stories and conversations. For comedians by comedians.
  • Best Culinary Podcast: Cooking, chef profiles, recipes, food & drink
  • Best Documentary Podcast: True crime, investigative journalism, mysteries, true stories, and historical events.
  • Best Education Podcast: Teachers students, studying, SATs, Pedagogy & Adult Education.
  • Best Entertainment Podcast: Pop Culture, tv, movies, celebrity, reviews & fans.
  • Best Faith-Based Podcast: Religious teachings & spiritual growth.
  • Best Fiction, Drama or Scripted Podcast: Narrative productions, character development, plot twists, ASMR, immersive audio experiences.
  • Best Financial, Investing & Money Podcast: Personal finance tips, investment strategies, budgeting techniques, wealth management advice, financial independence.
  • Best Health, Wellness, & Fitness Podcast: Nutrition advice, exercise routines, mental health tips, mindfulness practices, holistic wellness approaches.
  • Best History Podcast: Historical events, biographical profiles, ancient civilizations, military history.
  • Best Home & Garden Podcast: Plants, landscaping tips, interior design inspiration, DIY projects, sustainable living ideas.
  • Best Horror, Thriller & Paranormal Podcast: Scary stories, supernatural mysteries, chilling tales, suspenseful narratives, ghostly encounters.
  • Best Inspiration & Motivation Podcast: Uplifting topics, manifestation, meditations, positive affirmations.
  • Best 2SLGBTQIA+ Podcast: Community, culture, history, coming out, rights & advocacy, gender topics & conversations.
  • Best Lifestyle Podcast: Fashion & Beauty, recreation, hobbies, games, and photography.
  • Best Marketing Podcast: Social media, email marketing, CRMs, funnels, public relations, sales & selling, strategies & systems.
  • Best Medical Podcast: Doctor interviews, patient stories, healthcare advancements, medical research, health education.
  • Best Mindset Podcast: Mindfulness, manifestation, self help, self-improvement, personal development, goal setting, journaling, productivity hacks, overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Best Music Podcast: Album reviews, music history, artist interviews, production tips, genre exploration.
  • Best News & Politics Podcast: Current events analysis, political commentary, investigative journalism, election coverage, policy debates.
  • Best Non-Profits, Associations & Organizations Podcast: organizational development.
  • Best Over 50 Podcast: Menopause, health and wellness for Seniors, retirement planning, financial security, travel for Seniors, second careers.
  • Best Parenting, Kids & Family Podcast: Work-Life Balance, Mom communities, child development, teenage issues, parenting styles & hacks, family bonding & activities.
  • Best Pets & Animals Podcast: Pet care tips, pet adoption, animal behavior, veterinary advice, wildlife conservation.
  • Best Professional Speaking Podcast: Speaking advice, voice, effective communication skills, getting more speaking opportunities, TED Talk tips, speaking with confidence, for speakers by speakers.
  • Best Psychology Podcast: Therapy techniques, expertise in communication, neuroscience, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, behaviorism, research methods, Piaget, Erikson.
  • Best Real Estate Podcast: Realtors, market trends, home improvement tips, property management, home buying & selling tips.
  • Best Regional Podcast: Featuring local news, community happenings, people, businesses, organizations, locations & destinations.
  • Best Relationships Podcast: Marriage, couples, divorce, dating, relationship communications, relationship exercises.
  • Best Science Podcast: fascinating discoveries, research breakthroughs, scientific explanations, expert interviews, exploration of the natural world, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, ecology, genetics, robotics, climate, paleontology.
  • Best Society & Culture: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Impact & environmental and advocacy.
  • Best Sports Podcast: Local, national & international sports, teams, athletes & fans.
  • Best Storytelling: Stories, storytelling techniques, storytelling for business.
  • Best Tech Podcast: Technology, AI, audio, video, apps, how-tos & video games.
  • Best Travel Podcast: Travel tips, destinations, vacations, reviews & recommendations.

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