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Deadline: July 31, 2024

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Opens August 1 to Oct 1, 2024

Purpose of the Women in Podcasting Awards

The Women in Podcasting Awards are international and open to all English speaking women and non-binary podcasters, broadcasters and expert guests. This is a people’s choice style awards event with visibility and community building opportunities for everyone. Our aim is to elevate women’s voices globally and within the podcasting industry. Awards are one way to do that. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

A rising tide lifts all boats!

Benefits of Participating in Awards

Participating in awards, in general can offer a range of benefits beyond just winning. Even for nominees, it can help with improving visibility, gaining credibility, showcasing expertise, increasing influence within your niche, building a community around your podcast, enjoying camaraderie with other peers & podcasters, attracting guests and collaborators, opening up monetization opportunities, and receiving valuable intel & feedback.

Participating in awards, in general can offer a range of benefits beyond just winning. It can help with improving visibility, gaining credibility, showcasing expertise, increasing influence within your niche, building a community around your podcast, enjoying camaraderie with other peers & podcasters, attracting guests and collaborators, opening up monetization opportunities, receiving valuable intel & feedback, and helping your podcast stand out in your niche.

  • Recognition
  • Media Exposure
  • Social Proof
  • Audience Growth
  • Professional Development
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Building Community
  • Camaraderie
  • Differentiating
  • Attracting Guests
  • And many more!

Overall, the act of connecting, collaborating, and celebrating achievements together serves as a catalyst for uplifting and fulfilling experiences, enriching the journey of podcasting with shared camaraderie and support. Let’s amplify our impact in the podcasting industry together!

Watch our episode about the Benefits of Being in Awards for Podcasters & Expert Guests

How it Works:


  • Nominate Your Own Podcast or Broadcast, or yourself as an expert guest:
  • One nomination per show submitted by the host/podcaster.
  • Or one nomination per expert guest submitted by the guest.
  • Complete the application in full.
  • Podcast descriptions and bios must be 75 words or less. If you need help creating a concise description, GO HERE.
  • We recommend gathering your details before filling out the nomination registration for example the title, description, bio, host names, etc. m. Incomplete applications will not be included.
  • We will ask you to submit your cover art & headshot separately after submitting your application. In the subject line, be sure to include “NOMINEE: [name of your podcast]. Do not just send images with no explanation or we won’t open them.
  • We will need to contact you throughout the nominee and awards process, so please be sure to provide an active email address in your application.
  • Show hosts & guests must submit their application themselves, not through a 3rd party. The reason is because the applicant must personally commit to the requirements of sharing and posting about the event in their socials, communities and email lists directly themselves. Our group is about podcasters connecting directly with other podcasters and expert guests, so we do not allow reps or Vas.
  • Awards will be presented to the show host(s) or guests directly at an online awards ceremony.
  • Pay the $10 fee. One registration per nominee.


  • Winners are based on the volume of votes. The podcast with the most votes in a category will win the awards for that category.
  • Get as many people to vote for your podcast as possible.
  • Share your nomination with your audience during the Voting – Phase #2 from August 1st to October 1, 2024.
  • Provide content & instructions to your audience on how to vote at LINK and explain how the fee works and why we have it in place, to make for a fair people’s choice awards process.
  • Upon submitting your nomination, we will provide images and content for you to adapt & share with your audience and community.
  • One vote per person. It is free to vote.


  • Sharing with your nominations and asking your audience for votes builds your credibility and generates good will.
  • With that in mind, we highly recommend using this as a list building and community building opportunity with your audience. You can offer your audience an extra bonus or other incentives when they vote for you, further building loyalty and community. This is an engagement strategy. It generates interest, commitment & loyalty.
  • We will be providing a complimentary training to nominees who want to learn more about building their list. Even if you’ve never tried it before, this is a great opportunity. Systeme io is a free resource that you can use to start building your list with a very simple funnel.


  • Choose only one category per podcast. Otherwise, your vote will be split. People can only vote for one category per podcast.


  • ONE NOMINATION PER REGISTRATION: If you want to nominate your podcast and also be nominated as an expert guest, you must submit a 2nd separate nomination. Do not select put your podcast nomination and guest nomination in the same submission. Please be aware that if you select both in the same registration, the guest submission will not be accepted. You must submit a 2nd registration to also be nominated for the Best Guest Expert Award.


Nomination Registrations – Phase #1: $10

Nominee registrations are only $10 before July1st. Then, the cost will increase to $20 from July 1st to July 31st.
Sponsor spots are $75 before July 1st and $125 from July 1st to July 31st.

As with most awards, there is a fee to register. Most awards cost much more. We have purposely kept the costs as low as possible to allow as many podcasters participate as possible.

Most awards cost way more than that to enter. I’ve kept it as low as possible, because my mission is to elevate women’s voices everywhere. I’m able to do this, because I have higher prices products and services and I try to keep everything low cost specifically for women in podcasting. I want to help as many people as possible, by removing any cost barriers. We still need to cover the admin costs, of course, because we can’t do this for free. But for the podcasters, I’ve figured out a way to spread the cost out in a community building way, and I’ll explain more about that in the voting phase.

Voting – Phase #2: No fee to voters

Ask your audience to vote for you. It is free for them to vote. We want this to be a genuine community building experience with your audience. Upon submitting your nominee registration, you will be directed to a page with content and images to share with your audience during the voting phase between August 1 and October 1, 2024.

Rules, Requirements & Eligibility

IMPORTANT: Please review the rules, requirements, eligibility, and timeline before submitting your nomination application:

  • Nomination Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Voting fees are non-refundable.
  • Show nominations can be for any active podcast with a minimum of 5 published episodes with at least one episode published in 2024.
  • A show must be hosted by those who identify as a woman or women or non-binary persons to be eligible for nominations.
  • The host of the podcast must register the nomination and agree to the terms of participating in the awards.
  • The Women in Podcasting Awards are International and open to all English speaking women podcasters, broadcasters and expert guests.
  • Podcaster, Broadcast & Expert Guest Nominees are required to share about the awards and ask their audience, colleagues, fans and supporters to vote for their show. Provide them with instructions on how to vote and explanation of the voting fee. We will provide content and images to help you spread the news.
  • In addition…

Podcast Nominees:

  • To submit a podcast in any of the podcast categories, the podcast must have a publicly accessible RSS feed that can be followed/subscribed to. That means that it is hosted by a known podcast host, for example: Libsyn, Acast, Podbean, Buzzfeed, or the like. Your RSS feed is provided by your podcast host.

Broadcast Nominees:

  • There is an additional award category for broadcasts with no RSS feed.
  • If you do not have an RSS feed, there is a separate category for other broadcasting channels, such as Youtube or TikTok.

Expert Guest Nominees:

  • There is an additional award category for Expert Guests.
  • Expert Guest nominees must also be a person who identifies as a woman or non-binary person to be eligible for nominations.
  • One nomination per expert guest, registered by the guest themselves, as they need to agree to the requirements directly.
  • You must have been on a minimum of 5 podcasts as an expert guest. You will have the opportunity to list verifiable examples in your application.


  • One vote per person per podcast.
  • Everyone is eligible to be a voter.
  • All genders are welcome to vote.
  • It is free to vote.


  • Sponsors will be highlighted ton our sponsors page.
  • Special mentions in social posts & emails.
  • Sponsors cannot enter the awards competition.
  • You do not necessarily have to be a podcaster to be a category sponsor. If you have expertise in your niche within a category, you can sponsor an applicable category.


  • Nominees will ask their audience to vote for their podcast, show or as an expert guest. They will share their nomination on their socials, in their communities and through their email lists.
  • They will provide instructions to their audience on how and where to vote, the reasons for the small fee, and any other information applicable to inspiring people to vote.
  • Only nominate yourself if you are willing to share about your nomination and ask for votes.

Not Allowed:

  • Automated programs or technology-assisted voting mechanisms are not permitted. If automated entries are detected, the podcast nomination will be removed.
  • Badmouthing or slandering the Women in Podcasting Awards. Only participate for the purpose and benefits outlined. Only enter if you want to participate in a positive and uplifting awards experience.


Women in Podcasting Network leaders reserve the right to:

  • Remove any nominees who violate the purpose of the awards or use forbidden methods to automate nominations or voting.
  • Disqualify any show or network of shows the committee feels violates the purpose of the Women in Podcasting Awards or brings discredit to the awards.
  • Remove incomplete applications.
  • Remove mis-categorized podcasts.
  • Disqualify any show on the grounds of hate speech or violence. While we strongly support freedom of speech, we will not tolerate hate speech and or violence against others.
  • Amend the list of forbidden activities at any time throughout the awards process.
  • Disqualification will result in forfeiture of the registration fee and lifetime suspensions from future participation.
  • We will attempt to contact you about any of the above situations, so be sure to provide an active email address in your application.


Wow! Thank you for the great response so far with the 1st Women in Podcasting Awards. Yay! Nominations are rolling in. I wanted to address some questions that have come up and provide some answers and solutions:

There is no fee to vote during the voting phase. Based on the feedback from a couple members, we will remove the fee for the voting. Voting will now be free. You won’t have to ask your audience to pay to vote.

The fee was in no way a money maker, it was primarily in place to prevent fraudulent voting. It was suggested as a way of removing the risk of people buying traffic and votes. Instead, we will have to have a double opt-in to prevent it. It won’t reduce the potential risk of voter fraud down to zero like a fee, but the way we’re going to set it up should help to mitigate it, for the most part.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality these day. I just saw this happen in a high-profile voting type event recently, where the leading person got busted for cheating and buying voter traffic. It’s unfair to those who build community authentically. So, we have to have something in place to make it fair for everyone.

The fee wasn’t high, and most weren’t bothered by it so far, but we removed it to eliminate any barriers from participating. As with any awards the nomination fees are still in place, but there will be no voting fees for voters during the voting phase.

Personally, I find judged competitions less collaborative, very subjective, and often political. How can one person judge another person’s art against other people’s art? Instead, we would prefer to use the awards simply as a means of connecting, collaborating and celebrating together. So, we opted for a people’s choice model because it infuses more authentic connections and community building.

It’s an opportunity to work towards excellence while engaging with your audience, making new connections, and elevating women’s voices in the podcasting industry. We have lots of resources in place to help people use these awards for community building.

No, it’s perfect for beginners and seasoned podcasters. That’s another reason why we decided on a people’s choice style of awards, because anyone with any size of audience can use the awards to meet other podcasters and connect with their audience.

For nominating a podcast, choose any of the categories. But, you’ll also see there are two options in the dropdown called Other: Expert Guest and Other Broadcast. Use the Expert Guest one to nominate yourself for the Best Expert Guest Award. The Broadcast one is for those who have a channel or show, but not RSS feed. There are no categories for those 2 this year, like there is for podcasts, but we will watch those categories and expand them next year, if there is interest.

Nominate your podcast, broadcast or as an expert guest here:

This is our first year of doing these awards, so we appreciate your patience and welcome your feedback and ideas. These awards are about YOU. It’s about making the journey more enjoyable and having some fun together.

We welcome your feedback. Reach out with your ideas and collaborations: CONTACT US

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