5 Episodes in 5 Days Podcasting Challenge

5 Episodes in 5 Days Podcasting Challenge



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Start your year out with action!

Level up your podcast, overcome pod fade, get inspired, and be more motivated than ever to reach more people with your message. Meet each day for accountability and encouragement.

In this episode of the Women in Podcasting Show Jennifer Henczel and Jen Hardy chat about this energizing 5 Episodes in 5 Days Podcasting Challenge.


Monday to Friday, January 9 – 13, 2023


11:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Mountain | 1:00 PM Central | 2:00 PM Eastern

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HOST: We are thrilled to have Jen Hardy leading this amazing challenge. Jen loves helping women achieve their best. She is gifted with outstanding leadership and service abilities. She strives to help every woman feel welcome, encouraged, and uplifted.

Jen Hardy, HOST of the 5 Episodes in 5 Days Challenge

Jen Hardy is a podcaster, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Jen was raised by an entrepreneur and started working in the family business at the age of 12. She’s been blogging since 2015; wrote the book, “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again” in 2017; and started the Hardy Mom Podcast in 2018. In 2022 Jen published three 5-year journals; one for business owners to build their success, one for those on a quest for happiness; and one for moms with chronic illness. She also created two private communities in 2022: Hardy Moms online for chronically ill moms; and Space Coast Area Podcasters for podcasters in her area.

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We’re all about connection, community, collaboration and celebration! Our mission is to help women lift their voices everywhere. You can find support and resources through the Women in Podcasting Network. Join our Facebook Group and Linkedin Group to connect with other podcasters and expert guests.

Jennifer Henczel, HOST & Founder of the Women in Podcasting Show

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5 Episodes in 5 Days Podcasting Challenge
[00:00:00] Welcome everyone. Jennifer Hensel here of the Women and Podcasting Show, and I have an amazing guest with me today. We have something very exciting to announce. Jen Hardy, come on up and tell us what we’re up to today. I am so excited. So earlier in the year, someone had posted that they were doing a challenge with other people.
[00:00:32] That was 30 episodes in 30 days, and I missed their challenge. So I challenged myself and I did 30 podcast episodes in 30 days. I added YouTube videos. We’re not gonna do that because it’s, it’s a lot. But if you already do it, then you can, you know, do that with it. But we’re just gonna do five episodes in five.
[00:00:53] Because that is very doable and it’s a great way to start off the year because my numbers, my download numbers [00:01:00] almost quadrupled by the time my 30 days was done. It was amazing. In fact, in one of the lives, when I come in the group, I will show you the graph so that you can actually see what happened. It is amazing.
[00:01:10] So it does a lot of things when you do a series of episode. Day after day, you learn how to get everything you can condense your workflow, right? You can batch. You learn how to batch because you have to batch. It takes so much less time, and you learn the things you didn’t realize. You didn’t know because you’re going at such a rapid speed that.
[00:01:31] you think, oh my gosh, I didn’t know this or I didn’t know that. And like for me, I’m not very good at the visual aspect. You know, work. I have Canva, but it just takes me forever. And because I was doing it this way, I got to go in and work on so many different things at a time. I learned how to be a lot more efficient and a lot.
[00:01:52] Every single thing I did. So I’m really excited to bring you along with me and do the five days so that you can be more [00:02:00] efficient and effective in your podcasting with me and grow our audiences together. Oh, I love it, and I’m so thrilled that you’re taking this on to serve our women in the Women and Podcasting group.
[00:02:11] Thank you so much for doing this. It’s so valuable. So if you’re listening to this and if you’ve experienced pod fade, or if you need motivation, or if you just wanna start your year with action, this is a great way to jump in, meet some other women podcasters, and really learn some new skills like Jen.
[00:02:32] And really start the year out with some action and some growth, because Jen’s gonna show you how her podcast grew within that 30 days. So we’re doing it in five days to have a bite size of that so that you can really start the year out with some power. So tell us what the dates are and what’s gonna take place.
[00:02:49] Every day we’re gonna go into the group live at two o’clock Eastern, which is my time, and that’s 11:00 AM Pacific. So I’m gonna go in there live and if you can join me, [00:03:00] join me. Because one of the things I missed out on doing my own challenge was that I was kind of, Floating alone out there, but we are gonna have the support of each other.
[00:03:07] We’re gonna get to know each other. It’s gonna be exciting cuz we’re gonna come together and we’re gonna share what we learn and share what our episodes are about. And so we’re also gonna be able to start listening to each other, right? Because as we talk about the exciting things we’re doing, everyone’s gonna want to hear it too.
[00:03:22] So every day from. Just January 9th to January 13th. So we’re gonna end on the lucky 13th. We’re gonna join each other, and then you’re gonna post an episode every day, January 9th to 13th, and share it in the group. We’ll have a space to share and so we can really support each other and jump into the excitement.
[00:03:41] And like Jen was saying, if you’re feeling pody, like, do I even wanna do this next? Join me for the five days. See how that goes. Join the excitement, get the support. Because one of the things about podcasting is if you’re just, you’re sitting in your studio or your closet, or your office or wherever you are, by yourself talking to yourself.
[00:03:59] But [00:04:00] this way you’re gonna be coming together with other women and sharing what you’re doing and kind of have accountability partners all over the place. So I really, really recommend that you join us. It’s gonna be so much fun. And five days is very do. It is absolutely, absolutely brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
[00:04:15] I’m so thrilled that you’re gonna be doing this and you know, serving the women in podcasting community because podcasting can be isolating. Having your own business can be isolating, and so this is gonna be really help people to connect with themselves, with others, and with their podcast again. So Jen, what can people do to prep for this challenge?
[00:04:36] Okay. And so prep is a really important part of this challenge. So I would say before the Monday that you start, you’re going to want to know what your five episodes are gonna be. You’re going to want to decide what your titles are. Hopefully get your artwork done if you do, um, episode specific artwork and stuff like that so that it’s done, and record what you can before, specifically the first one, the Mondays.[00:05:00]
[00:05:00] Make sure you have that one done. If you’re a last minute person and you just wanna do them all the night before, that’s up to you. Or you can just have them all done and ready before that week if you want to, and just schedule them to come out. So when I did my 30 days, there were times that I had six done and ready and queued up, and there were days when I was recording and published it in the afternoon because 30 is a long time, which is why we’re doing five.
[00:05:25] Oh, that’s amazing. Great tips. Thank you. You’re welcome. Not only that, we’re starting a leadership team and Jen is part of our leadership team as our part of our core serving the Women in podcasting network and starting out with this challenge. So I’d love for you to connect with Jen because she has so much to offer and so much to bring.
[00:05:45] Now we’re gonna be posting this event so you can r s rsvp to the event and get all the information through the Women in Podcasting Network on Facebook or LinkedIn, or through women in podcasting dot. Website. So you go to the .net or womeninpodcasting.show and you can [00:06:00] get all the information. But Jen, tell us where people can connect with you.
[00:06:04] So people can find me@hardymom.com. And if you wanna talk to me, you can always go to hardy mom.com/contact and send me a message. So, and my podcast is for moms with health challenges or women with health challenges. So if you have a chronic illness or pain, anxiety, depression, anything like that, there’s over 105 episodes on there that you can find to help for almost any issue you’ve got.
[00:06:27] Oh wow. That’s amazing. Yes. I love everything you’re doing, so thank you so much for being part of the leadership team. I appreciate that. And thank you for doing this challenge and wow, what a way to start the year. This is going to just be amazing. So thanks so much for everything you do, and so everyone, I just encourage you to take part in the five Day Podcasting Challenge.
[00:06:49] Connect with Jen and connect with us over in the Women of Podcasting Group on Facebook and LinkedIn, and womenofpodcasting.net and womeninpodcasting.show. Thanks everyone for listening, and we look forward to seeing you in this challenge. Bye for now.

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